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Holley Sniper Stand Alone Shift Lights

Are you tired of getting beat because you
missed a shift point again? Snipers new standalone shift light gives you the advantage and helps
you hit your shift every time. Our stand alone shift lights utilize 7 high
visibility LED’s mounted in a durable billet aluminum housing. Choose one of the 5 settings
to dial in the perfect intensity no matter what the light conditions are. The smoked
front and side display lenses provide a stealth look when it’s powered off. There is an easy to read digital RPM display
and easy to use buttons located on the side of shift light which allow you to fine tune
your shift points. We even added a built in maximum recall feature to help you track your
engine’s rpms. At only ¾” in diameter and 4 ¼” long
the Sniper’s compact shift light design and multi-position mount offers you the flexibility
you need and provides endless mounting location options. Get your shift light housing in black or silver
and choose from the three LED colors, including red, yellow, or blue, to personalize your
own combination. The Sniper stand alone shift light is compatible
with all gas and diesel engines up to12 cylinders and works with any ignition system. Hookup is quick and easy and doesn’t require
the use of a tachometer adapter. Choose either the OBD-II style connection
with 8’ cable or our 4’ direct wire version with non-terminated ends. Pick up a Sniper shift light today and eliminate
the guess work! Thanks for watching! For more information on Sniper stand alone
shift lights visit our website at

2 thoughts on “Holley Sniper Stand Alone Shift Lights

  1. i must of bought this as soon as it came out! only making a video now! still waiting in mine to get shipped here but so far this seems to be great!

  2. man that obd feature is nice! beats cutting into wires and losing screws from the dash lol wish they had green to match my svt like glow green dash

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