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Holley Sniper Hi-Ram Fabricated Intake Manifolds Sheet Metal Overview Tutorial

So you like the tricked out look of a fabricated
intake but can’t afford the tricked out price? You and your engine can breathe easily. Literally. Holley’s latest offering includes our Sniper
fabricated aluminum intake manifolds. Choose from carbureted and EFI versions designed
to fit the popular GM LS, Ford Mod Motor, small-block Chevy, and small-block Ford engines. Whether you’re a Ford or Chevy owner, with
over 45 different variations, Sniper has an affordable intake for you. Don’t settle for a cheaply constructed sheet
metal intake. Sniper intakes are constructed of heavy gauge
eighth-inch wall T6061 sheet aluminum and use rigid seven-sixteenths-inch mounting flanges
ensuring a leak-free seal to your cylinder heads. With Flow-It TIG-welded seams, Sniper intakes
will provide you years of trouble-free performance. And check out the Sniper EFI logo embossed
directly into the top of the intake. Want a modern engine with the classic old
school look? Sniper has carbureted intakes designed to
fit both the GM LS and Ford Mod Motor platforms. We even offer a version designed for late
model engines, which allows you to run a single throttle body or even a pair of throttle bodies
with multipoint injection. Small block Ford and Chevy owners can choose
a single point, fabricated intake in either single or dual quad design. These intakes will accept carburetors utilizing
our popular 4150 bolt pattern. Here at Holley, we know you like choices,
so we offer our Sniper intakes in your choice of either silver or black anodized finishes. EFI intakes include our fuel rail kit which
contains a pair of Sniper black anodized fuel rails along with four matching AN style fuel
fittings, a prebuilt crossover line and mounting brackets with hardware for attaching your
rails to the intake. Sniper EFI intakes utilize a tapered runner
designed to increase the intake charge velocity and more evenly distribute airflow to each
individual cylinder. Choose from a variety of intakes with openings
ranging from 90 to 130 millimeter depending on your application. Sniper has an intake to fit most any throttle
body in the market today. All Sniper intakes include detailed installation
instructions, color-matched vacuum fittings, and with our LS and Mod Motor intakes, we
even include eight, high-quality O-ring seals and mounting hardware. Thanks again for watching. Sniper intakes and intake accessories can
be found anywhere Holley products are sold.

6 thoughts on “Holley Sniper Hi-Ram Fabricated Intake Manifolds Sheet Metal Overview Tutorial

  1. What kind of numbers can I expect from an ls3 headed 6.0 w cam and 3k converter while running the sniper as opposed to hi ram? Probably run on street also so I'd like trackability and also be capable of running on street.

  2. Has anyone dynoed these things? I'm especially interested to see the carbed Coyote manifold as I'm planning a turbo coyote build for a drag car.

  3. I have a few questions, I am building a nitrous 5.3
    Okay, would you even suggest this for a nitrous 5.3 in the first place?
    and how much power would I expect to gain, by replacing the stock 5.3 intake with this?

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