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Holley Sniper EFI Firmware Update

Here at Holley, we’re continually striving
to upgrade our products and firmware upgrades are no exception. They are a key part in making sure that your
EFI performs at it’s best. Today I’m going to use this to upgrade one
of these. let me show you how to upgrade your Sniper
EFI. First, turn the key to the accessory position. From the home screen, select file, then select
global configs. On the saved GCF screen, press the download
from ECU icon, this will pull up a screen and prompt you to save your file as a generic
name, simply press OK, or if you wish to rename the calibration, press save GCF as. Then use the keyboard to delete and rename
the file. It is not necessary but we recommend that
you rename the configuration for easier identification. When you are finished press ok. You should now see a downloading progress
bar and the calibration is going to be saved to the list. Then return to the home screen and remove
the SD card from the Sniper hand-held. Insert your SD card into the appropriate slot
in your computer or laptop, or you can use a USB adapter like one of these. Locate your SD card in the file explorer,
open the Holley file, as default, the file should appear as FW0100, click on this file
then the saved GCF file and your saved calibration should appear. If you already have a good working calibration
that you’d like to save and re-use, follow the next steps to save your file. Simply right-click the file that you’d like
to save, select copy, and then paste to your desktop. Now, whether you saved the calibration or
not, go back and click on the root folder of the SD card, highlight the files, right-click,
then select Delete. Confirm by clicking yes to permanently delete
these files, you now have a clean SD card. Next, you will have to download the latest
Sniper firmware from our website. Go to, click on the support tab
at the top, then click on the EFI software tab. Now in the Sniper EFI folder, select and download
the Sniper EFI SD card contents, you will notice a .ZIP file appears in the bottom left
corner of your screen, drag this file to the desktop. Then right-click the .ZIP file and hover over
open with tab and select Windows Explorer. A new window will open with the .ZIP file. Now open the card contents and copy the files
by highlighting and dragging them to the window containing your empty SD card. This may take a while to copy, but a progress
window should appear. Once the files have been copied over, close
the window we copied the .ZIP files from and verify that you have a .FWU file saved to
your SD card.Your SD card should now be configured with our latest Sniper firmware updates from
Holley. If you previously saved a calibration and
you would like to reinstall it, you will need to double click and open the Holley file,
then open the new file, FW0101, select the save GCF file, now you can copy and paste
your saved calibration back into the save GCF file. You can now remove the SD card from your computer. With the key off, install your SD card into
the Sniper hand-held, now turn the key to the accessory position to power up the hand-held
but do not start the engine. Wait for all three updates to load then remove
the SD card and immediately reinstall it. You should now be at the home screen. Select the file icon, then ECUHW/FW icon,
then press upgrade ECU firmware and a progress bar will appear. When the upload is complete, click OK. Now return to the home screen. You will need to re-run the wizard by answering
the questions and following the prompts. If you previously saved a calibration, you
can skip the wizard process and instead, select the files icon, then the global configurations
icon. Your calibration should appear in the box,
you now need to upload the file to the ECU. Select OK and wait for the progress bar to
disappear. Then press OK and turn the key to the off
position for at least 4 seconds, after 4 seconds turn the key back to the accessory position,
but do not start the engine. Congratulations, your Sniper firmware update
is now completed. You can now start the engine. I hope you enjoyed the video, for more how
to and tech support videos, visit our website at or visit the Holley Performance
channel on YouTube.

14 thoughts on “Holley Sniper EFI Firmware Update

  1. I like this guy, he explains this very well, and speaks clearly, and he uses no extra stall words like "uhhhhhhh" and "um" like so many other youtube people. Thanks

  2. Why does the base stock cam tune vs wizard stock cam tune have different compensation limits and table resolutions

  3. I see alot of people kinda asking this same question but I am curious. I believe I have a older sniper efi onr thats 2 years old. Works great should i download this update? Also is there a way i can just update the ecu by just connecting to the laptop or do i have to do it all with the sd card

  4. So my screen said to update. I cycled key and it booted up fine. Then drove to store and it was fine. Got back to shop shut off car. When i went out to car to leave the hand held would not light up. I also tried using a separate touchscreen to trouble shoot the issue and it was the same nothing lit up. I have checked for power and ground and everything is fine but it seems to not be communicating to the with the touch screen.

  5. I got my Sniper XMAS 2017 version 1.1.04 I believe. I am just going to get a loaded SD card from EFI System Pro online store but can you confirm the version I require now that we are 8/18/19 Their Drop Box Selection shows 5 different version…I assumed I needed (as on screen their site) Says
    HANDHELD 1.1.7 / ECU 1.1.1 but there are four others in the drop box choices confusing me a little…Well A Lot LOL The very first choice on the drop box selections is…HANDHELD 1.1.29 / ECU 1.1.16
    One Last thing I am wanting to go with the Progressive Linkage kit the way I understood this change is the rate at which the secondaries open will be or can be 39/40% to 50% causing the secondary spring not to open till later in the throttle throw as opposed to the front and rear springs opening at the same time.. So this change makes it feel like a traditional carburetor with mechanical secondaries do? I want this so I can get a softer part throttle pedal feel like when in stop & go Situations …Well I think you understand My mom is 69 she loves the Sniper but not the harsh launch due to the heavy pedal I bought the lightest possible return spring it helped a little but not enough one was so light it wouldn't fully we are talking light so I went to the next one up . Are there any CAVEATS to doing this? We have a stock 87/95 350 700R4 Trans Thanks for your continued help goes a long way with the brand I have grown to trust you guys at Holley ROCK…Jeff

  6. My unit is new and doesn’t get passed ‘searching for ecu ‘ on the handheld , will an update fix this ?

  7. Just did install of updated file, Truck would not run and have had a lot of issues since installed a year ago. First test drive seems better that it has since new.

  8. Followed the directions step by step and when I click on the hand held to download firmware a screen pops up and says
    Folder not found
    I have tried several different times and same results every time

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