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Holley Sniper EFI – Affordable Carburetor Replacement

What if I told you there was an economical
way to put an end to cold start issues, hesitations, vapor lock, and even flooding? And what if
you could get all the benefits of EFI and still have money left over to upgrade
your ride! Now you can! Check out the new Sniper EFI
from the team at Holley performance. And for those of you that thought you had
to be a computer wiz just to get EFI, well you’d be wrong! Heck, you don’t even have to own a Computer
to use Sniper! Set-up is a breeze with the included 3 1/2”
touchscreen color display that also doubles as a digital gauge monitor. Simply follow
the prompts and answer some basic questions about your engine setup and the Wizard creates
a base calibration for you. Want to make your ride stand out? Upgrade to our 7” digital
dash, or try our analog gauges for the classic look. Both are plug and play using can-bus connectors!! Does your driving include drastic elevation
changes or temperature fluctuations? Sniper EFI includes integrated Manifold Air
Pressure and Inlet Air Temperature sensors, automatically adjusting for these conditions
and eliminating the need to install additional engine sensors. The Sniper kit includes a
wide band oxygen sensor with a convenient no-weld stainless steel mount. This sensor
allows the system to fine tune your engines calibration while you drive! The team at Holley designed Sniper EFI with
a dual pattern mounting flange making the switch from a carburetor to EFI quick and
easy. The compact design allows it to be used on most dual quad intakes on the market today. I told you it was going to be easy! Who can
argue with only 4 wires to connect! Simply connect the corresponding leads to
your positive Battery post, negative Battery post, a dedicated 12 volt Switched ignition
and a source for RPM signal. It’s that easy! Sniper’s ECU is convinently hidden in the throttle body,
no more struggling to hide all those unsightly wires. And you definitely won’t have to
drill any holes in that new paint job just to mount an external ECU. Our Sniper 4 injector model is perfect for
engines making between 250 and 650 horse power. But if that’s not enough for you! We also
offer an 8 injector version capable of supporting up to 1250 horse power. We also offer Sniper in a master kit which
includes our Sniper fuel system (part number 526-7). This master kit includes a fuel pump,
fuel filters, 40’ of supply and return hose and necessary hose fittings. We even include a bulkhead
fitting for your fuel tank return line. With our Sniper throttle body there’s no
need to purchase an external fuel pressure regulator. We’ve incorporated a preset 58.5psi
regulator directly into the unit, saving you time and money! Do you have a forced induction engine? Sniper
EFI comes with a built in 2bar map sensor capable of supporting up to 14.7lbs of boost
right out of the box. Another great feature of Sniper EFI is the
ability to control ignition timing. Sniper is capable of controlling timing when used
with Magnetic Pick/Up distributors like our MSD pro billet or with hall-effect distributors
like our Holley dual sync. If you plan to drive a stand-alone coil such
as the MSD blaster, you can use a captive discharge ignition box like the MSD
6AL units. If you don’t have one or don’t plan on buying one, Sniper EFI makes it possible
to fire your stand alone coil without purchasing a CDI box. Simply install the provided
coil driver. Sniper EFI gives you the added control that
you need! There’s a convenient fuel pump output wire with a built in relay. So you can directly
power your fuel pump. Plus Sniper’s 4 injector units has 3) ground triggered outputs. you can use
these outputs to control accessories like cooling fans or air-conditioning. They even
included 2 additional ground trigger inputs. Our Sniper 8 injector version incorporates
an additional connector with 3) 0-5 volt inputs allowing you to monitor additional sensors
like fuel or oil pressure. And 3) additional Pulse Width Modulated ground outputs, to handle
power adders like boost control and progressive stages of nitrous. Both the Sniper 4 and 8 injector versions
have rev-limiting capabilities which you can program using your handheld touchscreen. Sniper EFI throttle bodies are available in
your choice of a shiny aluminum, black ceramic finish or if you’re looking for a nostalgic
look we offer our new Classic Finish which is sure to compliment any engine bay. Thanks for watching! For more information on Sniper EFI please
visit our website at

35 thoughts on “Holley Sniper EFI – Affordable Carburetor Replacement

  1. If I have the fitech command centre will I still have to drop my tank for a return line? Does it handle boost and nitrous at the same time

  2. Available in shiny aluminum…. Or you know, we call that polished. I can't make too much fun, you should hear how I trip over some terminology on my channel

  3. Problem is with most older cars you have to A. buy and external fuel efi fuel pump. B. Then find somewhere to run a return line too in the tank. C. And ofcourse run the return line. D. And then put the O2 sensor to the exhaust.
    Meanwhile I have an electric choke 670 Avenger [400ci] with a Crane ign box and triggering it with points. [Electronic would be better] And here in Oz it starts and idles already, that on unleaded.
    Colder climates it may be an advantage.
    In theory the MPG should be a bit better but on a lazy old Ford 400 cruiser there would be no real advantage.

  4. I saw on an episode of engine masters that the terminator efi did not run well with a dual plane intake. I have a weiand stealth and would like to keep it since it looks original on my 340 but would like efi. will the sniper work good with my intake or not? or will I need to machine down the divider. thanks

  5. Holley you are so full of shit that set up is one big pain in the ass. Just give me my $600.00 carburetor. You guys are liers it is not a affordable carburetor replacement if you are not rich. Only the rich can afford that set up and I am not rich like you kind of people who were born rich. Rich people make me sick. You rich people would start out poor you would know where IAM coming from. When you are born poor you never get rich it doesn't matter how hard you work. Believe me I have worked so dam hard. I have worked with depression anxiety stress my whole life I also have a bad back particularly amputated left thumb open heart surgery I have seizures. When you are born rich you don't have to go through anything like that.

  6. how about running e85 vs regular fuel. would there be a performance gain with e85 and this setup or just stick to strate gas

  7. How comparable is this system with cars that have an electronics controlled transmission? I'm using a 4l80e and have a tps that bolts onto my carburetor. Will I beable to keep using the tps setup that I have or would I have to change it?

  8. well. . . . i know for a fact i can get a 750cfm or 800cfm et etc. . . but how many cfm is the sniper and the Terminator. . . . and further more. now i feel like jeff goldblume in Jurassic park. . . just sitting here talking to myself. CUZ YOU CANT EVEN ANSWER OTHER PEOPLE'S QUESTIONS!!

  9. Will it work with my stock 90 350 or will I have to change the intake or can I just take the TBI off and replace with the sniper

  10. Im about to order one of these for my sbc. But im building a twin turbo setup for this engine. Can you replace that 2 bar MAP sensor? I'd like atleast a 3 bar MAP on this 🙂

    Thanks from Sweden 🙂

  11. Everybody likes to show you how easy it is to bolt it up to the engine and dial in the controller and off you go. My concern is with the fuel system. I drive my classic ride a lot and I am always going on trips that exceed 5-600 hundred miles. I need a reliable set up. Does the inline fuel pump offer this kind of reliability or should i go with an in tank unit? I really want one but don't want to lay down $1200 and it not be reliable.


  13. I just got done with this swap on a mild build 396 ss chevelle. Im having one problem…. When i stab the gass it boggs down. I havent driven it 500 miles but i wondering if theres something wrong. I have the version that supports upto 650 hp. I dont know if im lileing it. Will see. I do have to say it fires right up. No problem there.

  14. I just bought this master kit (550-510k) but I got only one O2 sensor!!
    What’s going on???
    Somebody tell me I got wrong kit for my v8 or they forgot to put it???

  15. In the video you say, its compact to run on a dual-quad setup. I have yet to find where you sell a dual setup. Is this available?

  16. Good TBI, clear instructions, but the rail mount fuel pump sucks, get the in-tank. I made a mistake of using the external fuel pump and I couldn't hear myself think for the loud noise coming from that thing. I had vapor locking issues with it so I ordered Holley's 12-303 in tank to drop in my original tank. Finishing it up now, then off to test drive to see if any more problems arise.

  17. Can you help me I have 2.5 v6 and I want to keep it N/A but with NX nitrous oxide. I Would like to have 600 whp without Nos but I can't decide carburetor or the duel injection

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