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Holley Sniper EFI 4150 Dual Quads

Nothing says muscle on an engine like dual
quads. Since way back in the ’50s, the big three
have been stuffing dual quads on factory hot rods. They’ve always oozed the essence of performance
but have always been a bit tricky to tune. Introducing Sniper EFI’s dual quad throttle
bodies for dual carbed engines. And whether you have a big, blown, supercharged
engine or a naturally aspirated one, Sniper’s dual quad throttle bodies will give you all
the benefits of EFI with easier starting, tuning, and drivability. And we didn’t leave any of the performance
out of it. With Sniper EFI’s proven self-tuning capabilities,
you can expect a great driving experience. The Sniper EFI’s rear-mounted throttle body
handles all the engine sensors and inputs outputs while the second front-mounted throttle
body is loaded with injectors only. Two versions of Sniper EFI dual-quads are
available. Sniper EFI dual quad is available for naturally
aspirated engines while Super Sniper EFI dual-quad is for draw through forced induction applications. Both Sniper EFI dual quad systems can support
up to 1250 horsepower from the 8 100 pounds per hour injectors. With the USB to CAN tuning cable, included
with the Super Sniper EFI dual quad, you can download Sniper software to get you the same
advance fuel, ignition timing, and nitrous control features found on Holley HP and Dominator
EFI systems. Using the handheld touch screen monitor, you
can even program and set target air-fuel ratios per boost level. A 2.5 bar map sensor tells Super Sniper dual-quads
how much boost that you are making and monitors up to 21.5 pounds of boost pressure. For nitrous racers, it supports wet or dry
nitrous applications. It also features a built-in single stage progressive
nitrous controller that allows you to set-up a lean-rich air-fuel ratio cutoff point for
your Sniper or Super Sniper dual-quad. Timing retard can be RPM or time based, all
controlled from the handheld touchscreen controller. Like the original Sniper EFI, the dual-quad
version has five ground triggered outputs for controlling accessories. Super Sniper EFI dual-quad even adds more
outputs along with three 0-5 volt inputs, allowing you to monitor additional sensors
such as fuel, oil, or pressure sensors. Setting up an installation is the same and
just as easy as the original EFI, as a matter of fact, you get the tried and true self-tuning
ECU which creates the basic calibration to get you running after you answer a few basic
questions on the touch screen display. Just like the original Sniper EFI, you can
keep your ride old school with Holley EFI analog style gauges or you can deck it out
with all the killer Holley EFI digital dashes available. It uses the same 41-50 dual pattern mounting
flange so making the switch from dual carbs to Sniper EFI dual-quad is super easy and
by using OEM style TPS and IAC sensors, you’ll get years of dependable service. The Bosch wideband oxygen sensor provides
real-time fuel map learning, keeping your engine happy for more driving enjoyment, even
with changes in altitude and climate. Both Sniper EFI dual-quad and Super Sniper
EFI dual-quad are able to control timing when used with a magnetic pickup distributor such
as an MSD pro-billet or a Hal Effect distributor like Holley’s Dual Sync. Both Sniper EFI and Super Sniper EFI dual-quad
are compatible with CD ignitions such as MSD’s 6 series and Holley’s Hyper-Spark ignition. By controlling the timing, you can set the
rev limiting capabilites on the touch screen display. Sniper EFI dual-quad is compatable with CD
ignitions such as MSD’s 6 series or you can use a stand alone coil by installing a Holley
Coil Driver, which is not included. Get that look and drivablilty that you’ve
been looking for in your classic hot rod with Sniper EFI dual-quads. Thanks for watching, for more information
on Sniper EFI dual-quad throttle bodies, visit our website at

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