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Holley EFI Sniper Stealth 4150

If you’ve been holding out on getting a Sniper
EFI, let me help you make up your mind, check this out. Sniper Stealth EFI, yes, finally a throttle
body EFI that looks like a carburetor. Sniper Stealth EFI looks just like our Holley
Ultra XP carburetors. The overall dimensions are very similar, even
down to the fuel bowls. The same drop base air cleaners that work
on Ultra XP carbs will also work on Sniper Stealth. This is the throttle body injection that you’ve
been waiting for, best of all, you’re getting the tried and true features of Sniper EFI. Sniper Stealth is for naturally aspirated
engines making between 200 and 650 horsepower. For those of us looking for more power, Super
Sniper Stealth comes in 650 and 1250 versions for naturally aspirated and forced induction
engines. A true bolt-on replacement for any four-barrel
carburetor, Sniper Stealth bolts onto any 4150 flanged intake. With Ford and GM transmission kick down brackets
available, installation and set up is just as easy. Sniper Stealth creates a basic calibration
after answering a few questions on the touch screen display. The Bosch wideband O2 oxygen sensor delivers
real-time fuel map learning for pure driving enjoyment. It uses OEM style TPS and IAC sensors for
proven reliability. Sniper Stealth is also able to control timing
when used with a magnetic pickup distributor such as MSDs Pro-Billet or even a Hall Effect
distributor like Holley’s Hyper Spark. Controlling the timing allows you to set up
rev limiting capabilities on the touch screen display. Sniper Stealth works with CD ignitions or
you can use a stand-alone coil by installing the Holley coil driver. For forced induction applications, advanced
users can communicate to the Sniper EFI ECU with the optional dongle, giving you access
to the same advanced boost control features available on Holley HP and Dominator EFI systems. After the initial set up, the built-in boost
control is done through the handheld touch screen monitor, allowing you to retard timing
based on boost. You can then program and set target air-fuel
ratios per boost level. The built-in 2.5 bar map sensor monitors up
to 21.5 pounds of boost pressure. For nitrous users, it supports wet or dry
nitrous applications. Also, set up through the EFI software at first,
the built-in single-stage progressive nitrous controller can be adjusted through the handheld
touch screen. Easily set up lean, rich AFR cut off points. Timing retard can be RPM or time based, all
adjusted from the handheld touch screen display. Sniper Stealth base kits include 2 ground
inputs and three ground triggered outputs for controlling accessories such as cooling
fans or air conditioning. You also get access to all the Holley EFI
gauges like our digital dashes or keep it classic with our plug and play analog-style
digital gauges, and if that is not enough, Holley offers and eight injectors Super Sniper
Stealth for up to 650, 1250 horsepower. Super Sniper Stealth also adds more inputs
including three zero to five-volt inputs allowing you to monitor additional sensors such as
fuel, oil, or pressure sensors. When you take pride in what’s under your hood,
make sure that you’re packing a Sniper Stealth EFI. Find out more about Sniper Stealth at

3 thoughts on “Holley EFI Sniper Stealth 4150

  1. I’m in, I need to price out the complete install on my 401 Javelin Amx. But that’s definitely the look I want. 🤘🏻

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