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Hobo With A Shotgun – Five Fun Film Facts

Hey guys, Jake here with Dead Horse and this
is Five Fun Facts about “Hobo with a Shotgun.” It’s a 2011 exploitation action dark comedy
thriller made in Canada and it’s definitely not for the feint of heart. The premise is exactly what it sounds like,
a homeless man turned vigilante finds himself in an urban town ruled by crime, corruption,
prostitution and drugs. After witnessing the brutal nature of what’s
actually happening around him, The hobo takes matters into his own hands the only way he
knows how… With a Remington 870 shotgun. Fact #1 The film actually started out as a fake film
trailer created by director Jason Eisener made for only $150, most of which was spent
on pizza and cigarettes. It was submitted to a fake trailer contest
that was being used to promote Quentin Tarentinos horror double feature “Grindhouse” which
was also co-written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. Hobo with a shotgun ended up winning the contest. With all of the positive feedback and growth
in popularity through youtube, they decided it was time to turn it into a feature length
film. It wasn’t the only fake grind house trailer
that ended up actually getting produced, Machete and Machete Kills also found there way to
the big screen. Fact #2 The film had a very limited release and was
premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival almost 4 years after it’s debut in grind
house. It was then featured in a few select theatres
in Canada and the US eventually making it’s way to OnDemand services like iTunes and Playstation
Network. After being released on Netflix, the film
gained a cult film status and now you can even get a special collectors edition on blu
ray with loads of special features and a digital copy. Fact #3 One of the cooler features exclusive to the
deluxe blu ray edition is the Shotgun Mode. When activated in the menu it basically turns
the film into an interactive experience full of behind the scenes clips containing interviews
with the cast and crew along with splatter effects tests and wardrobe fittings along
with much more, totalling over 40 clips throughout the film. These interactive sessions are prompted by
a little target popping up once in a while followed by the viewer spamming their remote
until it starts. Though, if you don’t feel like watching
the whole movie again, there’s also a feature that allows you to watch all 106 minutes of
those clips back to back. (Which is actually longer than the film itself) Fact #4 The unnamed hobo in the film played by Rutger
Hauer originally didn’t want to be in the film at all even after his first read through
of the script. He was eventually convinced to do it and even
though he pulled it off really well he wasn’t the directors first choice for the role. They wanted to get David Brunt, the actor
from the original trailer to reprise his role but he didn’t feel confident enough in his
abilities to lead an entire film. Although Brunt does make an appearance in
the movie as one of the dirty cops and even has a few lines. Fact #5 Early in the film, the character Logan (Who
you might recognize as Ricky from Trailer Park Boys) is decapitated in a pretty gruesome
manner. This includes a sequence in which a half naked
women dances in the shower of blood spewing out of the freshly decapitated mans body. One of the extras on set that was playing
a bystander was actually previously blind and had only very recently gotten corrective
eye surgery so this whole sequence was one of the first things he saw with his newly
gained vision. That’s all for this week. If you liked this video be sure to subscribe
for more five fun facts. Thanks for watching.

7 thoughts on “Hobo With A Shotgun – Five Fun Film Facts

  1. Wow! I can finally s- Sees a hooker dancing in a shower of blood from a decapitated man Take it back. I don't wanna see anymore.

  2. Another fun fact: The "It's a beautiful day for a skate rape" line apparently had everyone on set cracking up. I heard that the director wanted the actor to say something crazy but couldn't quite think of anything crazy enough so he (the director) basically told him to say whatever came to mind and that's what he came up with and it is fantastic lol.

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