100 thoughts on “H&K VP-70M: Polymer Framed Cutting Edge Machine Pistol from 1973

  1. I bet they didn’t sell well cause they make so much rattle-ing noises when they have that stock on. I swear everytime you move the gun it makes so much noise, Leon Kennedy would never have been able to sneak past a Licker with one of those things.

  2. I'm not sure I understood how in burst fire mode the finger at the back of the pistol translates the information about the shot counter in the stock to the actual firing mechanism. I guess that for once I'll just have to watch the video a second time and listen/watch with renewed attention…

  3. Yeah I imagine Leon's first day if the T-Virus incident didn't happen: "So you've brought an obscure german polymer pistol from the 70's as your service firearm? Are you kidding…wait, I think we have the burst fire conversion stock for that one in the basement".

  4. So the stock is a holster! You have to manage your storage space in resident evil 4. If you could put the Matilda and the red 9 in there stocks when not in use it'd save so much space! Someone mod this please!

  5. All these casual scrubs that only talk about "the Matilda from RE4 and RE2 remake", when it was already called by it's real name in the original RE2 smh

  6. It can have a stock only on the millitary version to give a 3 round burst or keep it at semi-auto, a extended mag (thou it doesnt have one even if it did) incase your gonna use the stock or just have more bullets before reload but can it have a muzzle just like in RE2 or naaah

  7. This guns name : Grandpa Whats the name of the gun thats right behind his head? That things looks so bad ass.

  8. If you can't resolve the "civilian situation" with 10 rounds down "range" then you are in the wrong situation. And its time to bug out. If its military? Then I hope you punched out all the rounds and got home.

  9. The maltilda from re2, i.always thought these had internals like the Walther PPK 9mm, one of my fav guns for concealed carry , alongside my .38 speical. My Walthers hammer wont catch which sucks cause if i did go out with it (this just happened recently, not sure why) and have to fire i would need to take the safety off, pull back the hammer, and let it drop on its own, Something i can see as super dangerous on a few levels, and Aim wouldnt be ideal especially with the meh sights on the PPK. SORry to ramble in the comment. I appreciate the video!!

  10. am I seeing that correctly? The mag release is on the bottom of the grip? If that's the case, I no longer want one of these.

  11. they should somehow incorporate a shell feeder from the stock to the bottom of handle, for it to be legendary.

  12. Before the wonder-nines of the mid 1980s if you wanted a 9mm this was the holy Grail. The Hi Power was around but, the VP was cool and the 18rd mag helped boost it's appeal. You could buy them in California over the counter Lol.

  13. 1:Further proof that absolutely nothing about glock is innovative.
    2:A high point made by H&K is still ugly.

  14. All the people here from REmake 2… I'm here because I loves mah Gun Jesus, and because of course, RE4.

  15. I ‘member this from Gunsmith Cats, also had a friend/associate who carried one sans buttstock, cool lil tool.

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