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H&K USP 9mm LEM Pistols

Hey, everybody, Ben with Classic Firearms
here. Every now and again, we run across a very
special opportunity and we think we have one of those that we can bring to you today. What we’re going to show you today are some
H&K pistols. These are Law Enforcement Model pistols, not
to be confused with law enforcement trade-ins. These are not trade-ins. These are Law Enforcement Model pistols, brand
new. They were built on contract for a European
law enforcement organization, but the contract for some reason never got filled. We were able to get these handguns at a very,
very competitive price. As a matter of fact, when you see the pricing
in the ad, you’re going to see we’re able to bring them to you well below marketplace
on a beautiful pistol. This is the USP 9. It’s the compact version of the USP Heckler
& Koch. Us country boys in North Carolina say Heckler
& [Kotch 00:00:58]. It’s an H&K USP 9. William’s running the camera for us today. William, come on in and get a little closer
on this thing. I want people to see what they’re getting,
a beautiful, brand new, compact USP 9. Comes complete with two 13 round magazines. Now, folks, this is a double-action only. Once the round has been chambered, the first
round has a very light, I mean very light, that’s less than a pound, very light trigger
pull. Of course, if that were cycling, that really
light trigger pull would remain. Now, even if it’s double-action, the double-action
is very smooth as you can see here. Again, after cycling the round, it’s reduced
to a very light trigger pull. Beautiful USP 9, again, comes with two 13
round mags. Comes in the original H&K hard case as you
see there. I’ll open that back up so folks can continue
to look at that beautiful pistol. The best part of it, well below marketplace. Folks, before I move over to the other one,
I’m a real fan of H&K pistols, particularly the USP, the smoothness of these pistols. Just listening to the slide fall is like listening
to a real high end Mercedes door when it closes. It’s just truly a thing of beauty. I love the tightness. I love how well they work. That trigger pull is beyond [reproach 00:02:33],
really great trigger, 3-dot sight, a beautiful size for carry. If you wanted to carry compact concealed,
you can see how that would work under my shirt so wonderful price at a great H&K USP pistol. We have more of the 9mm’s but along with this
contract, they did have a few of the .40 calibers. This is the P2000 model in .40 caliber. Same great characteristics. You can see that really smooth slide, really
smooth trigger pull in single or double-action. It is a [D-A-A-O 00:03:16] only, but again
you have a very light trigger once the round has been chambered. You can see the beautiful markings on this. Again, it’s a 40 caliber. Comes with two 9 round mags. The .40 comes with different grip panels that
you can put on the back of the grip. Again, you can see the size here as it compares
if you’re interested in concealed carry. Perfect concealed carry piece or competition
pistol, if you so desire. 3-dot sights. William, I know you’re a fan. What do you think? Beautiful, huh? He actually does talk, folks, believe me as
much as anybody in the place. He just don’t want to do it on camera right
now. You can see how they compact in their hard
shell case, even though I let the grip straps fall. Gorgeous pistols, folks. Will, come back to me. We’ll close it out. We have a limited quantity on these, folks. First come, first serve. You’ll see them in your [e-blast 00:04:15]. Priced below market because we got a great
deal on them. Take advantage of them. Folks, we appreciate your business. As always, thank you for being with us at

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