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HK MR556 Modifications and Upgrades – Are these Heckler and Koch rifle upgrades worth it?

I still remember the feeling I had the first
time I saw the HK 416. I loved it. Sure, it looked just like your traditional
ARs with a few subtle changes, but I’m an HK Fanboy so it was a big deal to me and the fact that it was a piston driven system made it all the more special. So, imagine how happy I was when they announced that they would be releasing a civilian version called the MR556. Sure, I could spend less money hiring Nathalie
Emmanuel to give me a bubble bath wearing a Pew Pew life shirt, than I could for a MR556
but my inner tactical hype beast had to have it and I have a hard on for HK products much
the same way Chris Harris drools over anything Porsche Makes, especially the GT3. More importantly, what I was most excited
about was taking my HK MR556 and making it look and feel as similar to the HK 416 as
possible minus the fun switch of course. What you’re looking at now is what was supposed
to be my MR556 / HK 416 Clone project, but somewhere between getting the barrel cut down
to 10.5 inches and becoming bored with the idea I decided to turn it into something else. Instead of an HK 416 clone I turned it into
an overpriced, mall ninja, tactical douchebag AR-15 SBR and I freaking love it and apparently
so does everyone else because I got more request to do a video on this particular gun more
than any gun I’ve ever owned. So, what did I do to my MR556 and why? Right off the bat I knew I had to SBR it. So I filled out the insanely moronic obligatory
paper work at the same time I sent it off to have the barrel cut down to 10.5 inches. That’s about where the 416 likeness begins
and ends. Hell, I actually think the 416 is shorter
than 10.5 but you get my point. When I finally got it back I had to do something
about the hand guard. I always felt the quad rail was a little too
bulky for what I thought should be a more streamlined looking gun. The quad rail also made the rifle look a little
dated. The Geissele Super Modular Rail was a no brainer
for me. This Rail single handedly changed the entire
look of my MR 556 and instantly made it look 5 years younger. It also dramatically Improved the way the
rifle felt in hand. Quad rail felt like a handshake from an Olympic
power lifter, the Geissele rail feels like a hand shake from a beautiful female corporate
executive a beautiful balance of soft and firm. To be honest, I think this rail makes this
entire gun that’s just opinion. When you’re into HK Firearms you tend to
do some very stupid things with your money. Things like spend $119 on a stock that looks
exactly like the stock that came with the gun only slimmer. So why did I do it? Well Because I think the slimline profile
fit’s the gun better and it weighs less. I will say, the original stock has a better
cheek weld, but the cheek weld on slimline stock is livable. So if the stock and rail didn’t give it away,
I wanted to make this rifle as streamlined as possible and I feel the Aim point T-2 does
just that. Besides, I think variable powered scopes look
weird on SBR’s. And Eotechs are little too bulky and the MRO
I love but looks weird to me on this rifle for whatever reason. I thought about running an RMR but once you
throw the high-rise base on it, it just looks weird to me as well. Honestly, I put way too much on how the optic
looked on my rifle versus their functionality, but I am also only considering red dots and
it’s not like I’m deciding between a Trijicon MRO and Chinese knock off special. All of the optics that I had at my disposal
are good in their own right. Ok, so this Steiner laser is by far the most
poserish component of the gun. It’s not even sighted in, I got it purely
for looks. Now, if I’m going to be honest, it’s actually
no longer on the rifle, I put it on my PWS MK114 where now it serves a purpose in that
it’s sighted In. Honestly it just added to much unnecessary
weight to the rifle and like I said before I’m going for a streamlined setup. However, once I sell enough of my organs to
by some nods it’ll go right back on MR556 SBR thus turning this into my stealth setup. You know, for all of those late-night ops
to the CVS. Without a suppressor, this rifle is mind numbingly
loud not to mention the brake doesn’t do any favors with mitigating the concussion. But man, without a can this rifle has the
most perfect proportions and is balanced beautifully. I just can’t live with how loud this thing
is unsuppressed, so a suppressor was pretty much mandatory. I almost exclusively run the SilencerCo SAKER
556k can. Even suppressed though, the sound is noticeable
considering I’m still dealing with the crack of the 223/556 round breaking the sound barrier. As much as I love the proportions of the gun
unsuppressed, with the 556k ehhh.. it’s still pretty compact, but in terms of weight
it’s obviously on the heavy side, but it’s more the rifle than the can, there’s just
no getting around it, this thing is freaking heavy. I love Geissele triggers. A huge percentage of my guns have Geissele
triggers in them. So, when I found out Geissele made a specific
trigger for the MR5556 it was really a no brainer for me, at least I thought so. Usually when I drop a Geissele trigger into
a rifle it’s like going from watching tv with the TVs internal speakers to watching
the same TV with a Bose sound bar. In the case of my MR556 the Stock trigger
is actually pretty good. So you’re starting with a top end Bose sound
bar and the Geissele trigger takes it to 3.1 Martin Logan Ethos Electrostatic panel speaker
territory. Most people will be Impressed with the Bose
sound bar but the audiophiles of the world are willing to pay a premium for that slight
improvement that to them means a world of difference but for everyone else it’s not
really worth it to them. I’m the audiophile in this case. The stock trigger is great but the Geissele
trigger is better in that the trigger breaks cleaner than the stock trigger. There’s a slight amount of mush right before
the breaking point of the stock trigger. You literally have to have candles burning
and your eyes closed as you squeeze the trigger to notice, but it’s there. When you put a suppressor on this rifle it’s
already front heavy so the last thing I wanted to do was put on mammoth sized torch light
to add to the front heavy tendencies of this rifle when it has a silencer on it. The problem is I tend to hold my rifles like
a Chris costa disciple and c-clamp the hell out of my rifles and this rifle is no exception,
so I was clearly going to be running a pressure pad. So, to keep weight to a relative minimum I
went with the Sure fire M300 Mini Scout Light. No, you’re not going to light up the night
with this light but it’s 300 lumens is more than enough for what I need it for, which
I’m not really sure what that is yet. I love this handgrip. It’s modular and durable as hell considering
it’s made out of aluminum. The problem is, it’s made out of aluminum
so it’s on the heavier side. As I keep saying, this rifle is heavy enough,
so I’m going to put this handgrip on a rifle that doesn’t have these problems and put
a polymer handgrip on this one. I came across the Hayley Strategic D3 Sling
while attending Travis Haleys carbine vehicle darkness course, which you can watch here. I thought it was a single point sling and
then a second later it was a two-point sling. I was intrigued, so I asked him about it. He said I could run it for the remainder of
the course, but my plans were a little more ambitious. Let’s just say, he ain’t get this sling
back. Let me just be frank. The Magpul MBUS Pro back up iron sights are
annoyingly expensive. I don’t recall the last time I used iron
sights to shoot this gun. So, paying close to $200 for a set of iron
sights is like I said, annoying. However, I can’t go back to anything else. Flat out, these are my favorite flip up sights. They’re high quality, lay extremely flat,
and visually stay out of the way. I forget I even have them on the rifle. All the reasons why I love them so. The Raptor charging handle is easily my favorite
charging handle and I’ve tried a ton of charging handles. Charging handles don’t really mean much
to you until you take a 3-day rifle course shooting over 1000 rounds and have to use
your charging handle more times in that 3-day course than you ever have in your life. Like I said, once I get some Night vision
I might change how this rifle is set up, but for now, it’s setup exactly how I want it. I keep entertaining the idea of sending it
to Investment grade firearms to have them re-profile the barrel to make the gun a little
lighter and I think I need a new gas block that’s ported because this rifle is horrendously
over gassed, especially when suppressed and cause accuracy issues with heavier grain bullets
loaded hot, but with all things considered I am in love with this rifle.

100 thoughts on “HK MR556 Modifications and Upgrades – Are these Heckler and Koch rifle upgrades worth it?

  1. Looks good. I just got done building a pistol version of the Spike's Tactical Compressor in 5.56. I put a barking spider muzzle brake on the end with the CQB end cap. 8.1" of awesomeness!!! Love your rifle and I'm a little envious. Lol

  2. Colin, I disagree with your sponsorship with the nra because they usually foster in compromises on 2a rights we shouldn’t be making and I wish you would partner with the goa and other 2a supporting groups. But holy shit you are the most thorough and sophisticated gun reviewer at the moment. Keep putting out the amazing content.

  3. Could you plug any more irrelevant stuff? I thought I was watching a video about guns but it turns out it’s also about Bose and MartinLogan speakers and overpriced Porches.

  4. What grain of bullet are you using for this rifle? Suppressed and not suppressed? I'm kinda interested in this gun. Currently have an Adams Arms 16" AR thats piston operated and absolutely love it. But, its my wife's.

  5. I love the HK 416 but the civilian MR556 the barrel is not chrome lined so I dont recommend it unless you wanna clean the rifle more than usual than a chrome lined barrel to prevent corosion

  6. Do you have any videos explaining bullet grains and over gas rifles and the connection between the two when it comes to accuracy

  7. I want someone to explain to me what other reasons (besides home defense) are guns needed. Just looking for serious answers.

  8. Great rifle. Marines dig it it's reliable.
    As a Marine I'm glad we use it now.
    (Special ops community)

    Perhaps the Marine Corps will also get some H&K side arms too? HA "pipe dream"

  9. Why are you an HK fanboy, are you overwhelmed with incidents of home intrusions? You a retired soldier? Fucking Americans…please stay south of us in Canada. If you folks put as much money and effort into your education systems and communities, ya'll might not need firearms. And your vocabulary ain't impressive either. 'Cause, cuz; if you were discussing potato chips or Christmas decorations you would be less verbally articulate. Fuck Russia and the U.S.A. Proprieters of violent earth.

  10. Not even that much into guns but your videos are so good man! Love all the references and your graphics and voiceover are absolutely amazing. You seem like a very cool and smart dude too, keep up the good work!
    /Swedish guy

  11. They are overgassed on purpose to up reliability for dudes who abuse them. I.E. it's about the same as the 416 on which it is based. But if you don't plan on swimming with it Changing out the block ain't a bad idea.

  12. I can never find the SBR version. All i ever see is the full length and occasionally a short barrel upper on gunbroker for like 3k+..Never the less, i still want one

  13. I got one, and had to sell it. It was just too heavy. And I’m an H&K fan boy too. Replaced it with an LWRC, piston driven too, but much lighter.

  14. Dude which pants u wearing in this vid? and can u tighten up the pants legs, got a mr223 a3 with 11" Barrel and i love this gun, sorry 4 my bad english, greetings from Germany

  15. I'm sorry, but if you know you are spending too much or not the most efficiently, and you don't care, then, so what? Do you like it? Do you derive enjoyment out of using it. Is the amount you spent to obtain that equivalent with what else you spend money on? If it is, who gaf? You-do-you, sir.

  16. Hey Colion. Where did you send this to get the barrel changed out to make it an SBR? I’m picking my rifle up in a couple weeks and want to do the same. Thanks!

  17. Broke down and bought an 416 upper for my 556 lower so I didn't have to cut the barrel down. Us H&K fanboys are a sick sick bunch!

  18. mall ninjas…are still deadly ninjas…everyone is a mall ninja before they join leo or military..remmember that my firends…

  19. 0:57 What your looking at now… is an overpriced, overbuilt Gas Piston AR15 that can't even accept Pmags. And it weighs 8.6 lbs empty!!! I feel so bad for anyone thats has been suckered into buying an HK MR556. If your looking for a high quality gas piston AR.. look no further than a LWRC and save yourself some money. HK does not give a rats ass about the civilian market.

  20. Great video man. Definitely getting the Geissele trigger. Keeping the handguard, buttstock and Troy backup sights. Thinking about the Aimpoint CompM4S (I have an Acog on it right now). Probably will get the Surefire break for my SOCOM 762RC2 suppressor.

  21. I just found out about this gun about a month ago and this AR is officially my fav gun I wish pubg put this in the game

  22. You obviously have good solid muscular arms. Why don't you quit BITCHING about the weight of the gun all the fucking time!!!! It's not like you have to carry this in addition to a 60lb pack on your back in combat!!!! You are a fucking civilian that will probably NEVER see combat on the streets of America. Especially prolonged combat where you have to keep your rifle up and point at all times.

    The only ones, in my book, that have a right to bitch about gun weight are those soldiers in combat carrying 60+ pounds of extra weight for long periods of time. Every other person should go to a fucking gym if they are gonna bitch about a 2 pound handgun or a 5 to 10 pound rifle!!!! Hell even cops who have rifles as a secondary weapon are NOT carrying them during their 8 hour shifts. They have a work related reason to carry them but again it's not their primary weapon.

    So if your rifle is just for plinking at the range and doing your tacticool running around as if you are practicing to fight off 100 invaders, just set up the fucking rifle how you like and deal with the weight!!! If you want to cut the weight then don't put any bullshit on the rifle like a 10 year old during christmas shopping shouting "I WANT IT!!!" over and over again.

  23. If you haven’t already look at You’re welcome. also oss suppressors will help tremendously with the gas blow back no need to make ANY adjustments.

  24. Talks of these things being considered over gassed anyone think a 16 inch barrel could be cut to 12.5 and still use the 14.5/16 inch gasblock?

  25. i never gave it much thought, but for the first time now finally i thought "bro, you'r descriptions are beyond this world"

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