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H&K .40 Caliber Pistol Use : H&K USP Compact .40 Caliber Parts

In this clip, we’re going to go over the nomenclature
for the H & K USP Compact 40. What we have is your basic pistol. However, you have a
Palomar frame. You have a slide. You have the magazine release, and the magazine. Now,
one other thing about this firearm, you have an ambidextrous magazine release, so this
magazine release is on either side, for either a right handed or a left handed shooter. The
firearm also has a slide stop and a safety or, and or a decocker, which can decock the
firearm. You also have the barrel. You have the spring guide rod and spring. You also
have your sights, your front and rear sights, to this firearm. With this firearm also, you
have the hammer, an exposed hammer, and again, that is the nomenclature for the H &K USP
Compact 40, Smith & Wesson.

24 thoughts on “H&K .40 Caliber Pistol Use : H&K USP Compact .40 Caliber Parts

  1. so if you're carrying it concealed and have to draw it from underneath clothing, there's less of a chance it will snag on anything.

  2. 500 damn that means 1000 in american money u getting played my friend we get those for 100 2 190 depends on upgrades

  3. It actually wouldn't cost that much in America. Depending on where it can range for as low as 400 to 500 dollars

  4. I bought this expensive fuck last year!I got a S&W 40. aweek ago for $300 new and it shoots just as good or better that the h&k

  5. "H&K .40 Caliber Pistol Use: Using words an 8 year old would know"

    You made an error on the title. i thought i'd help 😀

  6. BASIC PISTOL???? RLY? RLY? you dont tell us the model of the gun, RPS or even the basic history of who invented it??? 1:13 of my life wasted i'm going to hooters

  7. you know whats Bullshit… a NDP ad on a FUCKIN gun video.. like come on… gun owners Have only one way to vote… CPC

  8. can you tell me why this is on youtube. hk are very expensive guns and inexperienced people do not buy it. take it down its really insulting.

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