56 thoughts on “HITMAN™ 2 Master Difficulty Walkthrough – Sniper Assassin Suit Only, Miami, USA

  1. Perfect run! Incredible to watch! Keep up the great work! 👍 You might just be one of the best hitman players out there! 🏆is there competitions in hitman? If there is you should think of entering and becoming a "professional gamer" or whatever! 😃

  2. Слишком много лишних движений. Можно было сделать проще:
    1. Доходишь до тарелки, стреляешь в ноут с глушителя, кладёш ствол рядом чтоб охрана его забрала.
    2. Устраняешь цели со снайперки.
    3. Сваливаешь на вертолёте.

  3. First of all class video 🤟now secondly can anyone help me please i need the sniper and i was under the illiusion that after getting to level 5 in miami you unlock it but i never did even tho im on level 13! I dont own the legacy pack just have standard game

  4. Does this method no longer work? I've done it twice now–and I've even knocked out the guard along the railway near the satellite dish–and every time I shoot Robert results in a kill-cam of his body somehow spotted after the shot.

    EDIT: Okay, I see the problem now. There's one guard who hides by the door out of sight, so no matter what I could not get SA rating with these sniper shots. However, I did get the SA rating by taking care of them, so I got both unlocked at the end.

  5. Literally everyone uses the Sieger 300 Ghost while I'm here always dedicating myself to the Sieger 300 Advanced. Sure the scope isn't as clear but hearing Ave Marie more than makes up for it

  6. This isn’t much of a walkthrough. Some commentary would be nice lol good stuff tho. I couldn’t be able to do this on Master level.

  7. Question if I get hitman 2 will I have every map? Please comment and let me know

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