57 thoughts on “HITMAN™ 2 Master Difficulty – Sniper Assassin, The Bank, New York City (Silent Assassin Suit Only)

  1. For this sniper challenge, just get to the vault the same way from the previous video. Then you need to get the document and give it to the reporter and then go all the way back near the interview room to wait for your target. Once she comes out it's an easy kill, just make sure you close the door of the interview room since you don't want the npcs inside to see you.

  2. Man, you're a great assassin. Do you want to work with my agency? Haha. Great work bro, I love your stealth videos.

  3. Did they change it? Can some bodies be found without loosing SA? I know accident kills don't, but knockouts?

  4. How does Diana see what 47 is doing? Is she a fragment of his imagination? Does he have a body cam? Is he an android and was never a clone?

  5. A small note, if you shoot at the door of emergency exit with the sniper to kill the target you can escape almost immediately as it is very close to the firing area, a greeting and GG

  6. did you know you can do the same BUT instead at the start run to the bathroom to your Right and grab the fire extinwisher and put it next to someone and wait a minute until Atena Comes up to the window and shoot the fireextinwisher and wait until it explodes and then shoot her and then get the and money van keys and put the core in the suitcase

  7. Help needed>>>>>After the update the bank and newyork is showing GET ACCESS. But i have purchased all the packs. Even the links to playstation store shows i have purchased but the game does not recognize the purchase

  8. I really like your videos but I hope you use the 47’s suit more often it’s much more basass and feels like a real hitman gameplay

  9. You can just spawn into the entrance and sniper her through the clock and immediately leave for SOSA. I was wondering why you were going through all this additional leg work.

  10. How entertaining is the video when you’ve mastered the map, have everything timed perfectly, and beat it flawlessly. Post a video when you played it for the first time.

  11. No need to infiltrate the office area. After securing the core, go to the lobby entrance and snipe the clock panel. Go back to the vault and grab the van key from the sleeping guard. Then extract from parking lot. This approach is faster.

  12. I played it earlier today and shot her with the striker through the mirror LOL. There was a lot of screaming people and uneasy guards.

  13. I literally subdued all her guards and just randomly shot her with the sniper rifle in her office lol

  14. I just tested this out on PS4 Master difficulty as of August 5th when the guard finds Athena's body I lost my "no bodies found" and lost Silent Assassin ranking. I can also confirm that at this time using the chloroform in the AC vent when all 4 guards are in the guard center by the vault results in a body found and loss of SA ranking as well. AJ shot this like 2 updates ago and he was on PC so those are the variables between his run and mine, but as of today this method does not work for PS4.

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