36 thoughts on “HITMAN™ 2 Master Difficulty – Sniper Assassin, Mumbai “Chasing a Ghost” (Silent Assassin Suit Only)

  1. FYI: Use a high powered sniper rifle like the ghost. Anything else won't work due to weaker firepower from those sniper rifles, it won't push far enough so you can't hide the dead bodies. Edit: Make sure to eliminate Vanya Shah last because her bodyguards will start searching for her after they noticed she has been missing for awhile.

  2. I noticed on Master Rangan acts like he has body armor if you shoot him in the chest. So either high powered rifle or get headshots quickly I found.

  3. You can actually hit Rangan with the pistol if you crouch behind the stack of pipes on the small bridge by the tractor. Wait till he stands on the ledge and aim for the head.

  4. Hey dude, that shots you missed on Vanya Shah it was because you saw people that could see her body if you kill her, or you tried to shot on the gas tank ?

  5. Nicely done dude . I've been doing a different strat for sniper assassin SASO . I used to hide the bodies in the foliage but was getting bodies found. So I went out of my way to hide them in crates or cupboards, I was unseen nobody found no bodies , done the strat numourous times but no matter what I do I still get bodies found , it's proper bugged . So annoying I've stopped playing the level. I'll give your strat a go tho . Nicely done !

  6. Do I just wait for the guards to stop randomly firing on the outpost near the beach? How do they know where I'm at using the silent Jaeger

  7. If you meant this as a tutorial vid it would have slightly nice if you slowed down before the clock starts. Christ are you a speed freak. Otherwise rock on

  8. I remember in the original Hitman 2: Silent Assassin you could hardly ever run cause if you did your suspicion meter of the enemy would rise and that was more entertaining.

  9. Sniper assassin isn’t registering on my classic completions list, done this like 3 different ways still not giving me the lockpick or briefcase

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