32 thoughts on “HITMAN™ 2 Master Difficulty – Sniper Assassin, Hokkaido, Situs Inversus (Silent Assassin Suit Only)

  1. The sniper assassin only require us to snipe Yamazaki. You dont have to snipe Sato's heart tho. If you get to his heart in person, it would've been a sniper, suit only, and silent mastery all in one.

  2. AAH, Sniping the heart! Ofc! Thanks for the help, I had already killed Yuki using the sauna oppurtunity, but I just couldn't figure out an angle to get Erich Soders at! Thanks! Finished the mission in about 6min thanks to that! 😀

  3. Holy shit how did you get that items I finished Hitman 2 in different difficulties Casual,Professional And master and I don’t have so much items. How? But in PS4

  4. The way I did this in 10 min was: 1. Same start (grab cigarettes) 2. Place cigarettes in sushi bar (easy) 3. Go to garage & snipe heart (same as in video) 4. (save) Grab wrench in garage and go upstairs 5. Evacuate hot pool area with wrench + KO guard 6. Snipe Yuki from pool when she smokes on balcony 7. Escape on snow scooter outside garage

  5. I do not know why, I do exactly what you do in that gameplay, I score the same silent assassin, but the game does not count the sniper challanges. I did all it again, but instead of shooting the heart with a sniper, I shooted with a pistol, so I got it all challanges remaing.

  6. Would be cool to see a video on how to get Sniper SASO without mastery level 20… great video tho

  7. Uve got to be kidding me. I thought that glass would be bullet proof. I tried everything to try and get those guards to open the door so I could shoot the heart but this whole time I could actually shoot through the glass…

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