18 thoughts on “HITMAN 2 Master Difficulty – Sniper Assassin, Haven Island, Maldives (Silent Assassin Suit Only)

  1. Ok some explanation:
    – The first kill is simple, just use the vomit gun to make her go to the toilet where she is alone. Make sure to pick the key from her.
    – When you go to the villa, you can bypass the maids by shooting the camera and make them panic. The guard inside will rush outside allow you to run to the home theater room and knock out the guard there. Just leave his weapon in that room because later the guard who escort William will be busy storing it away, leaving William alone for you to lure him to the back side of the room. Escape the villa by using the vomit gun to bypass the pesky guard outside.
    – For Bradley just make sure you stop him with a bullet distraction and let the guard run by him, this way you can hide his body in the bush.

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