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HITMAN 2 Master Difficulty Miami The Finish Line – Sniper Assassin | Silent Assassin Suit Only

let’s choose the tools we need Master difficulty I’m aiming for that wall for distracting the guard Pick Up The “Event Area Keys” I think he looks after some “angry” birds beautiful overturning, exactly how I like it Guards: “let’s rotate, from agent 47 bullet order” The first thing from the Robert Knox bait …bait 1 placed 2 3 4 now he is looking if Sierra it’s not in the sky …at the caliber the Sniper has, I am surprised that the laptop is still on the table… ** Bullet distraction for the guard ** A gift for the guard I placed the gun near my biggest FAN Doors like in the western movies… The first one caught the bait ( Robert’s guard took the shotgun) Coin 1 Coin 2 And that was Robert Knox and his last coin (3) This cameraman is looking for a guard to pick’up the weapon, I will help him now… This is called “confuse the enemy” Finally, the cameraman after his amnesia, returns to his post The Guardian goes after the imaginary weapon… (the cameraman lied to him) However, in order not to disappoint the cameraman because of his visions, I leave him a “small” souvenir Still, I do not want to leave any trace Guard: The first time I walked for nothing, now it’s your turn! Yeah, I Know! Blind guard! Thank You!
Let me know in the comment section the part you liked the most.

30 thoughts on “HITMAN 2 Master Difficulty Miami The Finish Line – Sniper Assassin | Silent Assassin Suit Only

  1. Thoroughly, you wanna be a long range sniper
    It's very very easy that you can do the short range sniper silent assassin challenge

  2. Master of Hitman. Bro you're really the best Hitman player I've ever seen in my whole life. AMAZING. You are also the only reason why I bought Hitman 2 Gold Edition.

  3. Thx buddy. With your "vault from the antenna balconny" I can get a faster "silent and suit only" in master 🙂
    and that with just a gun, a lockpick, a coconut and a fish XD

    I know this video is a bit old, but I want to share it with you

    – start at the dolphins with the lockpick and the fish, then go on the right to grab two coconuts (at the left of the stairs of the tunnel under the track)
    – go on left and open the gate of the bridge above the track, the one on the right of the parking entrance (easier than the other side 😉 )
    – shoot the camera because there is one here in master mode
    – go on the bridge and let the other guy because you're like john cena for him
    – shoot the sierra's car with the gun. it's hard, but it work. more than two try and the following will be harder.. or longer
    – go to the kronstadt center by the gate under the antenna balconny
    – and speed up to the windows on the right. If you lose to much time with sierra, the guards in the corridor will see you
    – climb to the antenna and shoot on the computer
    – go in the room where robert will come and drop your gun near the corridor's door
    – wait for robert, he will notice the gun and the guard will take it to put it in the security room, giving you the time to KO robert with a coconut
    – throw robert over the building and escape.

    you can :
    – vault the guard-rail (thx) and go down the stairs from where you came and exit by the original entrance (watch out, in the tunnel there is a camera, you can avoid it by going on the left)
    – play with the guards and go to the helicopter

    and finaly cook the second coconut with the fish … yummy !

    Maybe you can improve that run by shooting the computer just after killing sierra, but maybe you'll be too short to place the gun.
    I thank you because before I made it by going down trough the window I came from and it was a bit risky because of the guards walk.

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