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HITMAN 2 Introduces New Sniper Assassin Mode

[Meg]: Welcome back to Geforce! I’m Meg
and I’m here with Jacob who is the game director on Hitman 2. I just got hands-on with the game myself
and it is an absolute blast! I got to disguise myself as a flamingo
in order to sneak around. Now, obviously we’ve got a lot of new
things here from the last Hitman game. Can you tell us a little bit
about the story premise? What’s different with this game
compared to the first one? [Jacob]: This time around,
we are first about releasing our — all the story missions at once.
November 13. So, where players can go
through the main story at their own pace this time around
and on the story side, we kind of had the previous game
set up a lot of characters and unusual to a Hitman game,
they actually made it alive through the previous game.
So, this time around we actually have a solid cast
that will continue the story in Hitman 2. The story kind of goes a bit closer to 47,
so it’s gonna be really interesting to see how that thing evolves
moving forward, because there are some interesting events
that’s gonna happen. [Meg]: So, I noticed there were
a ton of different paths that you could take in order to,
you know, play out this assassination. Can you tell us a little bit about
the different choices we have and how they play into the game?
[Jacob]: Of course you need to eliminate your target. That’s kind of why
you are there in the first place and then we try to give you as many ways
of doing that as absolutely possible. I do not know if you made it to the end of
the demo? Where you blew up the race car? That’s one way of doing it,
but you could also snipe it or you could change the race,
so it ends in different ways and that opens up a whole slew
of new ways of getting to her. So it’s about being creative
and reading the environment, but you have to do a lot
of infiltration to get there. You have to kinda be a bit clever
and find the right disguise. You have found the flamingo?
There is also many other disguises: waiters, mechanics, food vendors. So, we kinda go to town on creating
these living, breathing sandboxes. [Meg]: I think that’s really great
because it’s so replayable, like I already wanna go back
and play that mission again and see what happens
if I don’t choose the flamingo and I choose something else.
[Jacob]: That’s awesome. [Meg]: So, obviously you’re playing
as a Hitman and it’s very important to be able to sneak around. Can you tell us
a little bit about the different stealth abilities that we’ve got
available? [Jacob]: Yeah, this time around we kind of
added a new mechanic to the crowds. You can actually dip into the crowds
if you get into trouble and then the gospel moves
through the crowd searching for you and you have a very intense game
of cat-and-mouse of not getting spotted. Besides that, you have probably
also noticed the “Picture in Picture”? Which is the picture
on top of the screen that that shows you when you are getting
recorded by the security cameras, but they also shows you
the consequences of your actions. So if you left someone behind
then they got found, then that will be communicated
with, “Picture in Picture.” [Meg]: So, I heard there is a new
multi-player mode as well? Sniper Assassin?
Can you tell us a little bit about that? [Jacob]: Absolutely, right.
When the game is out November 13, but if you pre-order right now
then you get instant access to Sniper Assassin which
has a single-player mode with 47, but there’s also a new co-op mode
where you can snipe alongside a friend. There is a wedding that takes place
in a beautiful castle in Austria, but then you need to eliminate
a lot of bodyguards and three targets and it’s the Hitman DNA condensed
into a sniper experience and it works really, really well.
[Meg]: That sounds like an absolute blast!

100 thoughts on “HITMAN 2 Introduces New Sniper Assassin Mode

  1. I accidentally knocked out a random lady at first when I played the demo and had to restart. Oops. Hahaha

  2. I've never actually played Hitman but I've heard the variety of options is legendary. Might play the original before I hit this one up!

  3. Looks really neat, I specially like having multiple options for dispatching the target, it's one of the aspects I liked about Absolution; the costumes are as wacky as they've been before, which is great they're keeping to the spirit of the franchise; and the co-op mode sounds mad fun, might finally sharpen my long shot skills. Really looking forward to this one.

  4. never played the hitman games, but after seeing the hitman 2 trailer at E3, im thinking about buying. might see if i can get a friend to play co op

    are the other hitman games good

  5. hitman is nice i love it only the many ways you can kill someone
    you can slap someone with a fish i need this game xD

  6. Hello, I subscribed, left a like on the video. I was gonna get a gtx 1050 but then I saw the RTX 2080, I would be very happy if I won. If I don’t win il still be planning to get a gtx 1050. Thank you!

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