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History’s Deadliest Weapons – The Khopesh | Man At Arms: Art of War

I’m Chuey Martinez movie fanatic And this is Erich Allman, combat Medic EMT and DMT, with 20 years of experience Join us and our team of weapon experts As we analyze the demonstration of the world’s most lethal items from El Rey’s Man at Arms: Art of War hosted by Danny Trejo Right here on… History’s Deadliest Weapons. Which weapon is the deadliest? Let’s learn a little history about the Khopesh. The khopesh is the symbol of the gods and symbol of the power of the Pharaoh. You’ll usually see the Pharaoh holding the Khopesh aloft as he’s destroying his enemies Or you’ll see the gods offering their khopesh to Pharaoh as a symbol of this transition of power. They were not very long swords. Bronze is very heavy metal the longer you make your swords the more of a tendency for it to bend. The Khopesh combined the cutting ability of the slashing axe with the penetrating ability in one weapon, that point that’s in line with the wrists allows for the penetrative thrust. Alright today, we have the Khopesh, an ancient sword from ancient Egypt I think I need one, brother. Yea, it looks pretty dangerous like a curved machete It’s got a long curved blade that’s going to give them more time to just keep going and following through with the slice. Have you guts hanging out, have extra muscle hanging out. Pretty gnarly. Yes, sir. Let’s see this thing in action! Those are some pretty movements. Right in the ovary, look at that, right in the ovary. Is the ovary up there? Just yours. Okay He got the arm. Yup, he sliced the arm. Ooo Yo! Oooh! Damn! Well, that went across his throat. That was great! Right across the carotid. Yea, that’s a Mortal Combat finishing. Alright, so now, we’re taking a look at the Khopesh versus Mummy Slash across the chest could you survive that Erich? Yes, its not a death move. Now look at all the blood coming out. Look at all that blood. Niagra Falls. That’s hitting right around the diaphragm. We need our diaphragms right? Yes, sir. We need that to breathe. You’re not going to have to use your arms. It’s going across right there, that would kill your arm. What kind of damage are we dealing with? Obviously it’s an efficient weapon, it did a lot of damage. That’s his hitting right about the diaphragm, the stomach area and if that was lower, under the rib cage It could hit your kidneys, hit you in the back where your spleen’s at. You’re able to get up underneath. yes. So that’s a lot of damage. He hit the neck obviously the carotid Yeah You see someone’s throat open, so that would be fatal. Alright, Erich, final thoughts about the Khopesh from ancient Egypt. You want to chop somebody’s arm off or decapitate them, not so good. But a big curved machetes it’s gonna give them a lot more Surface area to keep going cutting through the flesh. Yeah. I’d say, it’s pretty good weapon. Stealth killer for Shelf filler, my friend? You know, considering the blade is sharp, It’s curved. How much you can use it with the other hand and then that tip that extra hook on it looks pretty nasty I think I’m gonna have to go with it being a stealthy killer at this time. I agree with you 100%. Hey guys, I’m your host Chuey Martinez and make sure to check out more videos from Man at Arms: Art of War and history’s deadliest weapons on the right and hit the subscribe button on the left

100 thoughts on “History’s Deadliest Weapons – The Khopesh | Man At Arms: Art of War

  1. What the fuck is a DMT? I’ve been a paid EMT and volunteer firefighter for over 8 years. Never have I heard of an DMT.

  2. "Movie Fanatic" and a flat-brimmed hat is all the credentials it takes to get a job these days?

    Here I was going to college and getting up a degree.

    I have a B.A….

  3. maybe use gel? the paper mache crap seems stupid. just my opionion. u guys seemed cool untill i saw that lol… hows that informational at all?

  4. Nothing against the movie fanatics out there, but why is a "movie fanatic" the host for a "History" show?? This aside can we get a movie fanatic who doesn't sound stupid??Some of these weapons were the pinnacle of technology for their time, and lets be real, in the proper hands they were ALL KILLERS!! Some more so than others true. I came looking for some historical insight, and got 20 seconds of wikipedia at the beginning and the rest was garbage. I love the Man at Arms shows but this was a HUGE letdown.

  5. Slashing ax? WTF does that mean, ax's dont slash. The tip isnt in line with the hand. They hit paper dummies when there was a carcass. wtf is this?

  6. Sorry fellas – try watching some Skallagrim for some ideas on compare/contrast testing with regard to weapons and period armor along with their effectiveness against each other.

  7. 0:51 that is not a Khopesh, that is a throwing club/stick, they are common in parts of sub-Saharan east Africa, that scene is from the marsh scene of Nakht or Nebamun.

    The Maasai use one called a Rungu.

  8. The biggest advantage this weapon gave its owner is that when your opponent would try to move away from you or dodge an attack it would change their momentum and pierce directly into them while a sword would slice them rather than turn them onto your blade

  9. Summary: hitting dolls with sharp objects cause the dolls to fall apart. If dolls are filled with fake blood, it causes lacerations, to everyone’s surprise. Also, diaphragm.

  10. They need the guy who does the you tube channel metatron on there to explain the ancient weapons. These guys have no clue on body parts, go into depth about the weapons.

  11. Their way of determining a stealth killer is kinda fucked tbh I mean it's a knife you could just slit someones throat or stab them through the neck with it…

  12. And to think I assumed it started out being for cutting wheat and they happened to need a weapon as the wheat fields where ambushed.

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