100 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: Need ban on assault rifles

  1. 1.seeing Hillary and hearing her makes me sick 2. She’ll never be president 😂 3. She needs to be arrested 4. She stupid to think there will be gun laws to take away our guns.

  2. All the people clapping in the audience are traitors to their country and deserve to be imprisoned and beaten senselessly, never to be able to return to society

  3. Gun control is does nothing but kill more people and increase crime. Deeper background checks are a more reasonable solution

  4. It’s not a assault rifle and assault rifle anyways goes fully automatic not semi automatic semi shoot one per trigger pull and fully automatic you can hold down and bullets will keep firing until there is no more bullets and that is semi auto magic so it’s not classified as a assault rifle

  5. the most ignorant aspect of her statement was the implication that gun rights exist just to encourage hunting, which belies a total ignorance of both this nation’s history and its governing legal document. The Second Amendment exists not to put a target on the backs of deer and rabbits, but to give notice to tyrants, whether they hold government office or hold people up at ATMs, that violent consequences may await those who would deprive others of their rights.

    By focusing on magazine size instead of ways to stop active shooters you jeopardize everyone’s safety.

    Hoping to limit murderers by limiting magazines is irrational and hoplophobic.

    Why have people picked a ten-round limit? Why not two?

    Are they saying it’s OK to only kill ten people? That makes no sense.

    Would you make police obey the same limit? Why not?

  6. Ya know, most school shootings are from a semi-auto pistol and NOT from an ‘assault’ rifle. Good god, Libtards are so fucking retarded it actually makes me not want to live on the earth anymore. This is why the aliens don’t wanna come here, isn’t it?

  7. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    If you are too stupid to understand these words then let me explain.

    My firearms ensure your freedom from an overzealous and tyrannical government and law enforcement police state. I have the absolute right to execute anyone who attempts to violate my constitutionally protected rights. Banning firearms violates my second amendment… that means i have the right to execute those who attempt to ban and confiscate my firearms.

    Semper Fi Motherfuckers.

  8. This shit is dumb I grew up around guns and good parents who are appropriate I’ve shot automatic sub machine guns but ok automatic ars age band so…… ccn use is dumb af 🤦🏼‍♂️ don’t think getting rid of guns is the right way to go we need to make it harder to by gun and every pawn shop or gun shop should make u prove ur age and that ur sane😂 and one thing my dad says about the bs with guns is it’s not the gun killing it’s the person using the fire arm

  9. Oh yea what is the second amendment u Democrat fuck tards u have the right to keep and bare fire arms. That’s real mother fucken history u can’t change history u fucken idiots I’m so disappointed with the way America is acting we are a free country and it is our right to own and bare a fire arm I might be young but I hunt and use fire arms with my friends and family there a big part of our lives so fuck off u dumb ass Democrats ohh sweet Jesus I rest my motha fucken case

  10. as The nra says the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a guy fuck Hillary Clinton go to hell bitch

  11. Oh Hillary thank you for being the crusader like your husband in 1994 when he passed the same bill well it didn’t work. well automatic weapons take the highest and most difficult license to own most of Americans will never own.

  12. Fun fact according to FBI statistics in 2017: 403 people died from rifles, 1591 died from stabbings, around 700 were beat to death with fists, and according to the National Security Council 40,223 people died in motor vehicle accidents. You're 3x more likely to be stabbed and 99.82x more likely to die in a car crash than be shot with a rifle.

  13. Very very small group of people hillary is talking about is govenment that is armed to teeth but stops good guys from having a gun?

  14. I hunt with a AR and you can sit there and say it needs to be banned because it’s a huge round but it is actually a small round and I also hunt with a 270 that is way bigger and it still might not kill what you shoot depending on where u shoot

  15. Tbh guns don't kill. people kill but can't really ban people not like the guns grow leg and arms and shoot people lmao

  16. I agree people should not own Barret .50 cal or Barret M99 with that much power that is to much power for no reason

  17. Automatic weapons aren't even legal in the United states! Hillary's guards have guns! How about she be a example and have those guards hand over their guns! But nooooo she's not going 2 do that is she!!!

  18. If guns are banned it’s called BLACK MARKET and smuggling guns into America we have a RIGHT to own a gun we are protecting ourselves against people like YOU Hillary

  19. DEMOCRATS! Your being lied to. I will start listening to Leftist arguments once they do some research. We have background checks, and no citizens can buy a full auto weapon without specific authorization. Any law abiding Americans can buy a semi auto or double action or pump action, BUT We can’t own fully automatic weapons.
    Semi auto: one trigger pull, one round fires.
    Full auto: one trigger pull, multiple rounds will fire. Until you release the trigger.

  20. Students should be able to carry a firearm, I'm only 15 but I have been trained, and compete in competitions all the time, I am prepared for the worst but I need a gun to do what I am trained, fuck the liberals

  21. People have been trying to regulate the black market by regulating the legal market for a LONG time. It hasn't ever worked

  22. Gun laws are really about black powder, not them guns themselves. For example there little if any laws air powered rifles, even cannons.

  23. I love Hillary she is such a humanitarian and everyone should donate to her foundation! Also anyone who disagrees is a misogynist!

  24. Ok if you ban assault rifles then that will just start a black market of gun sales to where homeowners can't protect themselves against armed people braking into there homes. It's like people of want to get rid of police. And if both of those passed then if someone starts shooting what do you do, sit there. You have no way of protecting yourself and you have no way to call people to protect you.

  25. Fiona Gregory Guns don’t cause people to kill each other. A murderous heart does. Murderers use many different methods. Vehicles kill people as well. Restricting an object because a few out the many use it improperly is ridiculous and does not work. Illinois and California being two great examples of how restrictions on guns is not working. Just as DWI laws don’t stop drunks from killing people.

    In 2018 (in the USA) Robbery offenses decreased 12.5 percent, murder and nonnegligent manslaughter offenses decreased 6.7 percent, and aggravated assault offenses declined 2 percent. Rape, however, increased 0.6 percent. So, if we are to blame the instrument for the crime, we must now give Penectomies and Castration to all males and and force all women to have their vaginas and anuses sewn shut. After all, if removing guns is the answer to murder then that would be the answer to rape. Removing the tools. And we have to ban cars. We cannot have them killing people. And knives, fists, blunt objects, narcotics, poison, water (people drown people), etc. oh yes, and pillows, people smother people.

    The fact is, people intent upon murder will find a way. People intent on rape will find a way. Nothing you or I can do to stop their intentions except protect ourselves. Your safety is your responsibility. And, quite frankly, police will not save you when an intruder breaks in. You can phone 911 so they can arrive later and call the coroner. But if you are facing an immediate threat the police are just the clean up crew.

    And, as someone who has experienced a violent crime, I will protect myself with a gun. And, if they ban them, I will do what the criminals do and arm myself anyway. Better to be judge by twelve then carried by six.

  26. My family is liberal and they always spew this type of shit to me. My grandfather who is the smartest and most intelligent man I know is the opposite. His favorite saying is “if guns are outlawed then only outlaws will have guns” and it is true. People are ridiculous for believing this anti gun anti trump bs it’s absurd how many people are this ignorant and it is people like the wicked witch of the left (Hillary) that are shoving down their throats. Just watch when war comes it’s gonna be us that grabs our guns and mans up. It’s like a trend to be anti trump so us young republicans are a dying breed. Please be smart stay safe and teach your kids the truth

  27. Im 12 and i have 3 guns in my room and if what this woman says is true

    Why havent i commited a school shootig yet
    I mean the problem isnt guns themselves its 0.0001% people who have guns that ar insane

  28. Bitch loves israel mora than she does the usa…remember the uss liberty..the lavon affair and 911…israel colluded..not russia

  29. Is a Ruger 10-22 an assault weapon because it’s semiautomatic and high cap magazines are available for it

  30. Lol I own more than "10" guns and 6 of which I built. Didn't have to register the 80p ones so I'm building more.

  31. Omg go fuck ur selfs assult rifle means armorlight u dumb fucks ar15 is a hunting rifle what about uzi and full auto oh wait there dimicrats so they want anything banend that kills look at the 2nd addmendment and ar15 is semi auto

  32. Do you think reinstating the assault weapons ban would help.
    Crooked Hillary: YES

  33. "We need laws that prohibit such atrocities" Yes. Because the biggest problem facing this country is definitely a disregard for the law and therefore passing new laws will not make a difference for anyone except those who already follow and are not a problem. This woman has no idea what an assault weapon is. I guarantee you she couldnt tell you what the "AR" in AR-15 stands for. I bet you she couldnt tell you the round that it fires. And if she could, i guarantee you she wouldnt know that 5.56 is metric for .224. .002 calibres higher than your standard .22LR. ARs shoot a high velocity .22 round. The only difference between a .22LR and a .224 is the amount of grains and the slight difference in thousandths of an inch in diameter. I bet she couldnt tell you that 7.62 is metric for .308. Only difference is grain. Or that a 9mm and a .38 is the exact same bullet except a 9mm has a bigger cartridge to hold more grain. In all reality, these rifles shoot your everyday average bullets. But the media isnt going to tell you that your .223 bolt action is essentially a sniper rifle. Or that your .308 bolt action is essentially a sniper rifle. And they only have a problem with these rifles when they shoot multiple rounds at a time. You know what else shoots multiple rounds in a semi auto fashion? YOUR STANDARD ISSUES SEMIAUTOMATIC HANDGUN. Yeah, but i dont see those being attacked. Its very clear to me that the people passing these laws have no idea the cause of these shootings. Nor, do they have any idea how to stop them. They have not one idea as to how these guns operate nor, their purpose. I know very well how they work, and their purpose. Which is why you will have to pry them from my cold dead hands before ill hand them over. For "the patriot who sacrifices his liberites for security, deserve neither" -Benjamin Franklin

  34. Around 2% of all gun related deaths in the country are caused by rifles. And AR-15's account for small fraction of that. Maybe .5%. And it's the most common rifle in the United States.

  35. God, this woman has a voice! Sorry, I recall China (Having Gun Control) having 1 school shooting in 1 year. America? 300+!

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