5 thoughts on “High School Student Accused Of Making Online Threats

  1. In my opinion, what kid hasn’t hated school at one point or another? But, to threaten to harm people is just that- a threat- that must be taken seriously in lieu of the new trend of teenagers shooting up schools now days.
    If you can write profanity and threaten to kill people, then you are aware that this leads, many times, to an actual attack in schools. As a teen that sees what’s going on, you have to be disturbed to not know it’s going to call attention to you …..
    Or is that really what these kids need?!
    Attention and help.
    Something is happening in our schools and locking kids up is not the solution. First, we have to find the root cause.
    What’s making these kids so filled with hatred?????????

    As for Discord- No, discord is a platform and it is not BAD… the users may or may not behave badly.

  2. Fun fact hes going to jail and he can be charged I saw the fb video of the cops going to his house to pick him up

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