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Hidden Life of Snipers – Sniper Planet

The Sniper is native to almost all world continents. It’s a powerfully built black, green, brown
and grey animal creature with a small head and stocky body with a great camouflage, which
helps him to merge to the environment. Adult individual is characterized by high-precision
rifle and optics. It is not a social, burrowing animal that
lays during the day in one of several setts in its territorial range. It lives a lonely life. It communicates through the transmitter only. Sniper is practically invisible, but sometimes
it must exercise, because of extended periods of laying on the ground. At this time, the sniper is the most vulnerable. It has no natural enemies. Its only enemy is the man. Sniper attacks only when feeling threatened. Although it is very peaceful and kind, it
can shoot long range ballistic bullets which might be deadly. It builds its nest close to the ground in
the overgrown bushes. Carrying in fresh bedding and they defecate
in latrines strategically situated around their territory. They mark their territory thoroughly. Snipers can reproduce any time of the year. There is subtle precopulatory display; the
male lures the female until she submits to him and copulation begins. Litters of up to two cubs are born already
camouflaged. The young are very playful. They differ from adults by the color of their
weapons. The cubs are allowed to leave the nest when
18 years old. Though classified as a carnivore, except for
sausages the adult sniper also feeds on a wide variety of beers. The diet of the cubs consists mainly of various
sweets as chocolates, biscuits and sweetened juices. Sniper’s food consists of what he finds
in the nature, often articles left by tourists. He stores the sustenance in a removable hump
on its back. In periods of hunger it moves closer to human
settlements. Because of the civilization spread, recently
a rapid decrease of its natural environment was noticed. The winter fur is white, soft, silky, but
relatively short. Sniper changes its fur shortly after the winter. Thanks to its great camouflage, it’s hard
to see it. Therefore, be careful not to step on this
creature and definitely do not disturb it to avoid the fatal injury.

70 thoughts on “Hidden Life of Snipers – Sniper Planet

  1. only point of issue: Snipers often work with one other person, the spotter. They have similar fur and diet to a sniper, but lack the rifle in favor of range finder and a close range weapon.

  2. I laughed so hard I had to stop the video several times!!! AWESOME!
    Send this to ALL of your Militia friends! 👍👍👍

  3. I'm going to have to disagree with this documentary. Earlier documentaries have already established the main food supply of a sniper is delivered pizza 🙂

  4. great video, but I'm sad to see that you didn't mention the severe effects of natural selection of snipers, as the species often struggles to cohabitate alongside species such as the "cheater", the struggle to adapt its camouflage to new environments and, in some tragic cases, just not being that good at being a sniper

  5. Hah , stále sa mi nechce veriť že takýto kanál môže existovať v mojom meste a natáčať na mojom sídlisku .

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