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Hi-Point Trembles Before The Internet – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, ARFcom gets new owners,
3 million shields, and the rise of the YEET CANNON! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. Shoutout to anyone that just bought their
first gun in 2019. Welcome to the freedom club. Now how about some news? We have to talk about the Yeet in the room. What the heck does that mean? Last week, the gun community joined together
in a way that’s never been done. Was it to bring down unconstitutional gun
laws? Nope, they got mad about the naming of a gun. Allow me to explain. Earlier this year, everyone’s favorite whipping
boy Hi-Point firearms announced that they were releasing a new pistol for the first
time in decades. Yes the C9 is really that old. Fast forward to June 6th and they announced
their Name the Nine contest where folks could submit names for the new gun. And being that the Hi-Point has sort of become
a living meme, the internet went to work on it. About a week later, Hi-Point released 4 of
the top-voted names. From bottom to top, SOTG which was obviously
from the Student of the Gun crew, then you had Problem Solver or PS9, followed by WLS9
from the we like shooting degenerates and then at the top with 556 votes, Yeet Cannon
or YC9. It was at this point that in complete disbelief
that such a glorious name might exist, the internet latched on. It was as if some prophecy was fulfilled. That was until about another week later, Hi-Point
decided to post a completely different list of names for final voting, which did not in
fact include yeet cannon. The internet was pissed. They had convinced a gun company to give a
new gun an absurd name and then it was taken from them. This is where things got interesting. Within hours, THOUSANDS upon Thousands of
people were not only leaving posts about it on every social media platform available,
but the meme game was strong too. It got to a point where other companies started
to realize this was a thing and jumped on board. HK’s social media girl even jumped in and
stirred the pot suggesting that they would make a MK23 as a Yeet Cannon 45. It was completely ridiculous. And then seemingly the flood gates opened. Manufacturers with their finger on the pulse
took advantage making their own Yeet guns. And then we got this post from Hi-Point. Essentially saying that they hear the cries
and the winner of the poll with the super lame names will go head to head with YC9. Hi-Point was literally the whipping boy of
the entire gun community a few years back and now suddenly thousands of people are going
to bat for them and demanding a specific name to their gun. And the best part is that Hi-Point gets it. They know exactly what’s happening. We actually had Dave Kiwacka from Hi-Point
on the TGC podcast last week talking about all of that. Link in the description to listen. I think the most interesting thing about all
of this is that we can not get people united on any front to protect gun rights. The best we can do is getting people to sign
petitions that only placate the masses and don’t actually affect change. But somehow, a gun named Yeet Cannon was the
thing that did it. I’m not sure if the industry is just that
boring right now or if the meme wars have grown to proportions that are unforeseen. I know one thing, when that YC9 drops probably
later this year or early next, I’m absolutely going to buy one. What do you guys think? Will you be lining up for a Yeet Cannon like
its iphone release day? Sound off in the comments and let’s talk about
it. And because this week is light on news that
matters, we are going to blast through our next stories rapid-fire style. First up, a company called 2nd Adventure Group
has purchased the gun forum giant known as Arfcom has actually been around since 1996
and because of that is a gigantic community full of super knowledgeable people. The kicker? 2nd Adventure group is owned by Pete and Frank
Brownell. Yup, the very same. That 2A group is the parent or holding company
for brands like Brownells, Sinclair, Crow Shooting Supply and a few others. I am very curious as to the plan behind this
move and as per usual time will tell. Next up, Smith and Wesson has announced that
they have officially sold 3 MILLION m&p shields. That is absolutely staggering and speaks volumes. The shield was originally introduced in 2012
and in 2015 big blue announced that they had sold 1 million shields. Fast forward 4 years and they’ve sold ANOTHER
2 million. Keep in mind, there are like 20 different
variants of the shield so the numbers are spread out just a touch. Either way that’s incredible and I know that
a lot of brands are envious of those numbers. Our friends over in New Jersey are finally
getting a small taste of freedom. According to a letter from the NJ State Police,
residents can now have something like this Modmat SBF from Modern Material. The long and short, is it is a non-NFA firearm,
has a bunch of nice parts like a ballistic advantage barrel, Magpul grip and SB Tactical
brace, along with a host of Modern Material’s own parts. Pricing on that starts at 1295. And rounding us out, the national rifle league
has made a change that is well, full of air, compressed air to be exact. They have a subdivision called NRL22 for rimfire
matches that have 4 current classes to compete in. Open, Base, Ladies and Young Guns, and now
they are expanding on that with an Air Rifle class. Air Rifles are extremely popular worldwide
and I think this is a great opportunity to see that community blend and grow with our
rimfire shooting community. Our Guntuber of the Week hails from about
20 minutes down the road from me. I had no idea that such an awesome resource
was nearby let alone making content. To give you guys a little background, you
may be familiar with the Vickers Guide series of books, several of the guns in those books
were actually from this next group of folks over at Legacy Collectibles. Now it’s important to note that these guys
are fairly new to making videos but the knowledge and passion they have is incredible and I
know you guys will geek out just like I do every time they post something. There is a link down in the description for
you guys to head over and get subscribed to their channel and when you do, be sure to
to them TGC sent you. This week our questions are coming from the
gun collective facebook page. To be honest, I’m not sure a gun like that
exists right now. Gun companies are smarter now and will likely
soak up and much money with remakes long before the value gets substantial on older models. I guess if I had to pick it would be a pre-remington
Marlin rifle. The answer is absolutely. People love that sort of thing. I mean hell that’s one of the reasons I love
the desert eagle so much. I bought it as a combo and I can shoot 44
and 50 out of it with minimal parts swaps. Being able to do that with AR’s has been a
thing for a while of course but with handguns I’d love to see it more. Well I think there are a couple reasons. Number 1, gun groups are not funded by ignorant
filthy rich benefactors and therefore our events have less paid attendance. And secondly, gun rights groups have a really
hard time coupling their legit factual statements and appealing to the emotional side of humans. Our opposition operates entirely on emotion
because it works. We haven’t figured out how to do that besides
the use of fear mongering. The tactics we need have not been utilized
properly on our side yet and I think that is one of the largest inhibitors right now. If you want to ask a friendly fire question, send it to me over on! That is it for this week’s show. Guys, be sure to check out the TGC Podcast over on the TGC Surplus Channel, link in description for that. if you disliked this video, hit that button, if you liked it, hit like, get subscribed
and consider supporting us via the links in the video description below. We have a new amazon affiliate store and a bunch more links for you to check out! And as always,
thank you all for watching, we’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “Hi-Point Trembles Before The Internet – TGC News!

  1. Pretty dope, but can we get a rail gun named "SHHHHHOOOP DA WHOOOP" willing to settle for a rediculus and cheep rifle also made by HIPOINT.

  2. So my personal opinion on not having a round in the chamber is that it is a bad idea. When it comes time to use your firearm under stress, chances are you wont remember to put a round in the chamber. In that few seconds of shock and going to rack it, the threat may have already shot you or be on top of you. But if you have a round in the chamber all you do is pull and shoot. Chances of a pistol going off in your pocket or holster are VERY slim.

  3. Ex-IDF here: we carry our main arms without a round in the chamber. It doesn't really affect in terms of draw time or anything like that and it is absolutely safer.

    And i want a yeet cannon.

  4. Yes it is safe but just like every other mode of carry, you must train that way. You WILL fight like you train so make sure draw and charge is how you train.

  5. If you think this is bad, ya'll must of missed the time when McDonalds opened up the chance for people to create and name a new burger for their menu…

  6. I know what it is the United States is full of spoiled children that will only Unite if its behind a computer screen or their phones sad!

  7. Save to carry without a round in the chamber? Sure, if you train regularly such that chambering the round before shooting is a reflex for you. It'd still be slower then disengaging the safety or pulling through a double action trigger. This all assumes a semi auto pistol of course.

  8. For those of you that hate the name “YEET CANNON”… we’re you planning on buying a new hi-point anyway? The absurd name is probably the biggest selling point for the gun.

  9. What does yeet mean…? I dunno don't care…. just make sure the feed ramp is polished and the mag spring is optimized.

  10. I bought 3 ha,

    Thank you my lord my letting my daddy walk across the border and carry me in his nuts into the U S OF MUTHA FUCKING A YEEEEETHEFUCKHAAAA

  11. I challenge the gun collective to jump on board, show us their resolve and re-name their channel the Yeet Cannon Collective…

  12. Yeah…I'm gonna get one JUST to tell my family…"why yes, that is the tactical Yeet-Cannon YC9" Impressed yet?

  13. 10:27 Oof. Super loaded question with some built-in BS – but not a good response, either. To say that gun group events don't get funded by filthy rich benefactors is inaccurate and highly misinformed at best, and to imply the other mentioned groups have any significant amount of paid attendants at their events is just fake news – don't fall for it. They care about their issues, you care about yours, I care about mine – nobody's paying any of us – but if the event is attached to any legally recognized advocacy group (gun rights, gay rights, or otherwise) you can be sure there's money involved in the organization, venue, materials, and possibly advertising. For the record, I've seen lots of reasonable discourse about the second amendment from folks in the gun community – everywhere from here on youtube to booths in my hometown diner. I'd like to see more support of the second amendment that leaves out the kinda culture war froth – it's got no value and only serves to help our common enemies. Let's stick to advocating our rights and responsible ownership. For clarity this is friendly criticism – I enjoy the show and think you guys do an awesome job. If I didn't respect you and think you did good work I wouldn't take the time.

  14. I own four Glocks. 6 Springfield XD's 1 high point jhp 45. I do not carry it .but I take it to the range. And it never disappoints me. It's kind of like having a fat girl. They work just fine. You just don't want to be seen with one. And your friends secretly laugh at you for having one.

  15. If you don't feel comfortable carrying with one in the chamber start carrying a different pistol these things happen fast and even 1 second can save a life.

  16. Ummm…duuuh its unsafe.
    Dont you know that the bad guys always let you cycle the action before they attack you?

    Complete nonsense. No way it could succeed. It wish I'd bought stock in TMNT back in the 80s because they've made billions of dollars. Still absolute nonsense. Never argue with your customers.

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