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Hi-Point Pistols: Ultimate Tactical Test and Operation

This is my Glock 40. This is my problem solver right here. What’s up my TNP dudes. This is Mattv2099 And we have been fortunate enough to be blessed a new firearm for the Mattv2099 project I was at the gun shop yesterday and my boy T-Dizzle showed me this new sweet gun they got in And I was able purchase it before it hit the showroom floor. It was $79 out the back door. Have you ever bought a gun for $79? Well I haven’t This is a Hi-Point CF380 It’s chambered in 380 ACP And rated to accept +p ammunition popularized by it’s sleek lines. devastatingly handsome looks. and popularity in the gangsta community compact, single stack magazine and it has a polymer frame, this is a zinc alloy slide. with a steel breech, chamber and barrel I’m rocking a plus two extended clipazine model gangster edition this right here is the first shot. ever BREAK YOURSELF FOOL!!! WHAT UP SKEETER? BREAK YOURSELF! oh. we’re out of ammo drop free mag. well almost drop free mag didn’t drop free. that’s OK. as you can see the thing runs flawless from the factory. first shots ever not even a problem load our second clipazine power stroke. and we’re ready to go back into combat. this gun is 29 ounces. which makes it a tad heavier than a Glock brand Glock but you really wouldn’t notice if you are not a manlet. if you are 6’7″, 380 pounds this thing will disappear in your waistband. no problem. It’s even considered to be drop safe. let’s check it out totally drop safe. this thing is hot, chambered. totally passes the test we are going to drop our clipazine here. BREAK YOURSELF SKEETER. Oh there’s a magazine disconnect. manually unload it. maintenance is as easy as spraying WD40 on it. every 1,500 round give it a shot of wd40 we’re golden Now I’m going to demonstrate the ballistic capability of the amazing 380 ACP bullet cartridge. oops I dropped it. but I don’t even care. It’s only 380. that stuff is so cheap. let’s take a look at our TSA spec ballistic gelatin. this gel was donated to the Mattv2099 project by The Wound Channel former swat operator for the chicago TSA. The Wound Channel He got out of that tyranny city and now operates in a free state the gun is freshly cleaned. we are going to chamber a roundazine most people criticize the 380 round. but let’s take a look at our ballistics gel here as you can clearly see, the 380 was able to penetrate. you can see there’s some holes there Here’s one of the bullets still in the ballistic gel. it penetrated about 6 inches. we shot in that corner clearly that’s a deadly round there’s three of the bullets I would say, scientifically speaking, that 380 will indeed damage you you don’t want to stand in front of this we’re going to end this video with a test that every operator needs to know. will plastic cling wrap disable a hi-point? the magazine dropped free We’ll be auctioning these bullets off on ClipBay. starting at eleventeen dollars each So now we are going to wrap our hi point which is the operator standard for torture testing new firearms this test is conducted with safety in mind. I’m following the four rules of firearm safety I am a trained youtube operator. I’ve been doing this for three years and have produced more than 300 videos Therefore I am 100 percent qualified do not try this at home. this gun is hot make a finger hole there. finally. will saran wrap disable a hi-point? BREAK YOURSELF saran wrap will indeed disable a hi point pistol lets see if we can power stroke this thing this is a type 17 malfunction what you do is go like this and like this. grab your glock knife slice that stuff. power stroke. oh snap. double feed. what do I do? I don’t know. go like this slap that mag back in. oh snap that’s a cool failure check this out. it is totally stuck in there. I always have an AK on me I will use my AK cleaning rod this is excellent training that round was in there backwards. it fired. didn’t eject and on the manual and tactile manipulations this thing was able to flip turn upside down and go in the chamber backwards preventing subsequent rounds from chambering and exploding the gun the firearm performed as expected our other saran wrap tests yielded similar results this is my hi-point review. my first impression are that this thing is gangster totally worth the money it’s really heavy. you can tell it’s just a solid combat pistol it’s got that weight. you just know this thing is tough. just how heavy it is look at those sights. you can totally see through them for $79 probably the best deal in firearm history mattv2099 out. thank you for watching

100 thoughts on “Hi-Point Pistols: Ultimate Tactical Test and Operation

  1. "6'7 380, this will disappear in your waist band" the irony lmao, I'm 6'9 320, when buying my first pistol I mentioned I wanted to carry and the guy said "well you could conceal a desert eagle

  2. after watching this I want to kill myself BC ik I will never be a operate as you and you are like the Youtube Rambo

  3. That's a "Sling Free" Mag! The Gangsta provoking language is incomparable! Both you and your Hi-Lock are hot Bro! Definitely would scare the shit out of the average gangsta! Definitely a keeper, my CZ is going to the Gun Shop to trade first thing in the morning!

  4. lol, these are made in my home town. buddy of mine worked there for years, said they would get drunk and test guns all day, everyday

  5. Do you HAVE to put "-azine" and "clip" after everything? It stops being funny after the 200th fucking time.

  6. mattv2099 is a genius. The misuse of words and saying stupid stuff is meant to trigger all you retarded glocktards. you fucktards obsess over the dumbest shit.

    I love this shit, more operations please.

  7. can you really spray the gun with wd40? just got my first gun and I've never seen anyone do that is it effective?

  8. my brother had a Hi-Point pistol and it had the nickname The Ghetto Glock because it looked like a Glock but jammed like crazy

  9. I'm pretty sure Matt is joking when he calls this a Glock 40 because the Glock 40 is a 10mm version of the G19 but there's this gangbangy dude who called this a Glock 40 that had one.

  10. Yeah that is about right, a squirt of ol WD 40 will solve just about any problem. I can imagine how many trolls bitched about the WD 40 on a gun. Great vid !!! KEEP MAKING VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. the saran wrap part is kinda dumb. I mean, its a blowback design 9mm. not only does the saran wrap prevent the slide from actuating, but it also prevents the spent cases from ejecing properly. I mean, How the hell could any semi auto properly feed a 2nd round? or at least, eject the first?
    Sure you could have a 40 or 45 call blowback that will shear through the saran, but its a 9mm.
    What exactly is it testing?

    Lol. Good video though, enjoyed it. The first youtuber whos idle commentary doesnt annoy tf outta me

  12. I've seen people put these things through some insane tests in an attempt to destroy them, only for them to perform flawlessly
    It reminds me of the Top Gear videos where they try to destroy a Hilux truck. Only for it to keep on operating with no problem whatsoever.

  13. Where did you buy for $79? good gun and cheap……I will buy for a truck/home guns..Thanks for funny video

  14. Never use WD40 on a firearm, not even a Hipoint! That stuff will gum up and cause all types of problems, trust me I know from personal experience.

  15. b4 u do a vid on a weapon know how 2 operate it it has a slide hold didnt need to empty mag to hold it open to clear jam cause by empty case having no place to go 2 make room for fresh round

  16. One of the better, because is so not better, watches that I have wandered into this day, thanking you for the painful smiles.

  17. I hate that I could never just watch one of these. I had to re watch others just to fulfill my operational science needs

  18. Ppl talk shit about the high point but fear to get shot by one any gun can destroy you even a 22 its not about the kinda gun it is what matters is how good can you shoot it

  19. The high point, was basically design off the colt 1903, if high point, can change their magazine,s. And magazine well , to take a glock magazines, people will buy them like, hotcakes

  20. Odd thing is over last few years had many ask .e about first gun and after asking few questions I tend to recommend Hi Point as they are inexpensive, reliable unless having actually issue out of the box, awesome warranty and service and literally indestructible. I saw a guy buy a locked tackle box. Had some weight to it but didn't rattle. After picking lock he found one of these in either .40 S&W or .45ACP. called company and they offered to give it a check out but he didn't want to ship it so they sent new spring kit and couple other things they figured he might need oh and rear sight as original was broken but not gone.
    He did the battery charger, water and baking soda derust trick. Installed some of the springs, used his kids rock tumbler to polish bullets from magazine and they all fired, gun functions and he is happy.

  21. If the juvenile lingo wasn't enough, he has the balls to wear turtle beach gaming headphones to irritate the gun lovers even more xD love this guy

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