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Henry Long Ranger Lever Action Rifle – We love the Henry Long Ranger Lever Action Rifle

Welcome back to Clarksville Guns and
Archery Plinksters Pick of the Week. This week we’re going to be looking at the
Henry Long Ranger. The Henry Long Ranger came out about two years ago. If
you’re familiar with Henry Repeating Arms you may recall that 99.9% of their
rifles have a magazine tube right in the front of the rifle. When the long Ranger
came out it kind of hit the market by storm
because it has a removable detachable box magazine.
This particular model in front of me is chambered in .243 However they do also
make one in the multi caliber .223 / .556 and also the 308.
You can place four rounds into .243 and also the .308 model but the .556 / .223 model will hold five rounds. Henry currently makes two
different models for the Long Ranger the one in front of me is chambered in
.243 and it has a rear and a front sight. However every Long Ranger is drilled and
tapped on top of the receiver where you can mount a scope. They all have walnut
furniture with very fine checkering and a rubber butt pad right on the rear. This
will help save your shoulder on those all-day shoots. As for accuracy out of the
.243 and .308 I consistently get a one MOA group at 100 yards. However with the
right anno out of the.556 and the .223 I have achieved less than a half inch
group. Whether you’re looking for a really cool traditional lever-action rifle to
shoot long ranges or if you’re looking for a lever-action big-game gun you may
want to consider the Henry long Rangers. Thank you very much for watching Plinksters Pick of the Week and we’ll see you next time

6 thoughts on “Henry Long Ranger Lever Action Rifle – We love the Henry Long Ranger Lever Action Rifle

  1. I have the same rifle, iron sighted 243 long ranger. Topped it with a Bushnell elite 2.5×10. My go to deer rifle

  2. I am going to buy one of these in .308 as soon as I can cough up the money. Mr.GunsnGear got some very nice groups also and WOW is this rifle gorgeous.

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