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Henry Golden Boy Lever Action .22 Long Rifle Gun Review

hi it’s AlaskaGranny I love lever actions and this Henry Golden Boy Engraved Edition is one smoothest actions of any gun I have ever owned so smooth I can work the action easily with one hand it is very very
nice this particular gun shoots 22 long
rifle rim fire ammunition this one is manufactured in
Brooklyn New York some of them were made in Bayonne New Jersey but not this one this one is beautiful I love the engraving it has brass here has the
brass down here I was a little disappointed
that it had a black band around here you think this would
have also been the brass for the finer more expensive firearm this one has an octagonal 20-inch barrel and it weighs about 6 3/4 pounds when you want to load it you need to first make sure it is already empty you don’t want to be loading more in it if it isn’t then you come up to this loading rod there’s a little pin here you want to
rotate it until the pin is clear and pull the rod up until you see the orange and then you
know that there’s this spot that is where you would load your 22 long rifle ammunition and this will hold 16 bullets push this back in and just click that
back into place you’re ready to have fun this gun is very popular it is fun to shoot easy to shoot it’s lightweight and nice smooth action I enjoy Henry’s Lever Action very much and I recommend them to you please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

8 thoughts on “Henry Golden Boy Lever Action .22 Long Rifle Gun Review

  1. if you call henry they will send you a brass front ring to swap out, I've heard they do it for free. email the customer service manager off the website, they are always very accommodating

  2. very nice rifle . i was thinking of getting one 22 lr. about  the barrel band , you may be able to have that brass plated . easy to take off. look around if anyone does brass plating in your area.and if they can plate that for you. 

  3. by the way, finally cooling down here in Virginia (cool is 70's lol) and having your foil smores as dessert tonight. on another note, hope Santa's bringing you a pallet of aluminum foil for Christmas lol

  4.     Looks like you have an early presentation grade Rifle. MSRP $999.00 in 2005. CaChing. Very nice.

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