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Henry Golden Boy 22 Magnum Lever Action Rifle Gun Review

Henry Golden Boy 22 magnum lever action rifle Henry Repeating Arms hi it’s AlaskaGranny today I wanted to share one of my Henry Lever action Golden
Boy rifles smooth American walnut stock 22 magnum rimfire and has a very smooth action lever action this particular Henry’s golden boy lever action Rifle was manufactured in Bayonne
New Jersey the barrel is 20 inches long the barrel is octagonal has a very smooth action doesn’t have the additional pin that you would see in historical guns very smooth and I can even work the action the action with one hand which I can’t
do it a lot of historical guns the action is just hard
but I really like this one I like that this has a brass ring around
here makes extra pretty when you want to load your Henry’s rifle you release your pin pull up the rod load this gun it holds 12 of the 22 long rifle magnum bullets they are longer bullets in size and long rifle and so it only holds 12 in here this gun is
very popular it’s fun and easy to shoot and it’s very
affordable if you have never tried a Henry’s lever action you need to get one because they’re lots
of fun to shoot they’re light weight they’re easy they have a
nice smooth action on them and very nice sights so I recommend having fun with Henry’s Lever Action 22 rifles please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

13 thoughts on “Henry Golden Boy 22 Magnum Lever Action Rifle Gun Review

  1. for gun ppl these are a great gift, I have a .22LR and a .44mag big boy henry, worst part is they are so pretty you are afraid to shoot it or even TOUCH it lol. currently waiting for my gun shop to get the mare's legs in so I can get my .44mag henry mare's leg (an obsession I blame you for AG with your chiappa video!) maybe I'll show it off In a video response when it comes in

  2. I enjoy your videos and appreciate the love you show for firearms…cowboys guns in particular…also, you are one beautiful granny!

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