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Help With Housework: How to Get Your Spouse on Board

Hey guys We’re gonna show you our top three tips for how to get your significant other to help more around house Whether that be doing the dishes more or doing the laundry or even taking the kids while you finish dinner Yep So if you’re tired playing chicken with your spouse about who takes out the trash Then stick with us and please stick with us all the way to the end Because we’re not just going to show you our top three tips But we’re gonna show you the mental barriers and the communication breakdowns the result in you Not working together like the team you are. So here we go Okay, let’s be honest this here could potentially be a controversial topic so we’re not saying who should do what on the house but we are saying that there probably are some areas that either one of you would like some help with You what like some up with exactly and there could be a gazillion reasons why you’re not working together the way that you would like so we’re making the assumption that you’re both physically able and that you are on speaking terms with each other and As awesome as we are we’re not marriage counselors No, but we are very good at helping people have a calm stress-free life through good organizing habits So if that’s your thing then like and subscribe. Step 1, and there’s no way to get around this, you have to talk to each other about the situation Yeah, so for example laundry, I used to do all the laundry in house and it wasn’t something we really agreed on That was my responsibility. It was just somewhere down the line it just kind of became that and it didn’t change until we finally sat down and I said: “Binni” “Yeah?” “We need to figure this out.” “Yeah!” And here’s the thing Maybe I should have picked up on this before you brought it up Because I know that you don’t enjoy doing the laundry as much as for example cooking But I didn’t know and I could have waited around forever with hoping that you pick up on my little hints or little Frustrations along the way and I think it’s very natural for people to do this But if you want results, you really have to talk about it. Exactly so we’re almost ready to move on but there’s one last thing that we want to bring up in this context that I think is very important and that is you have to put yourself into their shoes odds are that your Significant other is doing a bunch of things around the house to try to accommodate for how you’ve discussed doing things or how you want Things to be done or how he or she thinks that you want things to be done And if you go in guns blazing then it’s not gonna end well Number two is aligning on how to do things So when you start helping more with the laundry I noticed that the first thing to do are your own stuff and then you move onto towels and sheets and the socks all the Things that are easier for you to do Yeah, and it’s not because I don’t want to contribute with the rest of the laundry But let me explain what I think is going on here when you’re doing stuff that you’re familiar with Your brain is driving down a highway It’s easy, you just drive, but when you start learning a new skill or figuring out how to do certain chores around the house then it’s like a country road and there are turns and the road is narrow and you don’t know what’s around the corner and That’s just what’s happening. I mean, I’m trying to figure out. Okay, what do I do with these skirts? Do I hang them up? Do I roll them? Do I fold them do it just bunch them together Probably not but and That’s the point if I can do it automatically then I’ll do it But if if it’s more difficult for me to figure out what to do, then there’s a mental barrier there Yeah, and the solution is that you need to massage your significant other. Not literally although that never hurts But you need to go over it a few times. You need to keep working at, it work on How do I fold this or how do I hang this properly? If it be laundry or it could be something completely different. Absolutely. Number three you need to assign things at home within your household So I used to loathe emptying the dishwasher because I didn’t know where stuff belonged. Yes I could put away the plates and glasses but I’d end up with a spatula or whisk that I didn’t know where to put. Now, switching gears a little bit a couple of years ago. We went through the kitchen, decluttered the whole thing and reassigned all of our kitchen utensils a home and Now we can find stuff which is good. But as an Unexpected by-product. We we kind of realized that I’m a lot better now at emptying the dishwasher and I just do it automatically because I know where everything belongs And you need to do the same thing: Assign everything home and you have to do it together That’s the only way that you’re both gonna own the outcome Declutter along the way. There’s a link below to a video Where we do exactly that and if you want to make it really easy on yourself Then we have an ultimate organizing roadmap that will lead you every step of the way in your organizing efforts You can get that by clicking the link below and signing up for our mailing list Absolutely. We hope you’ve enjoyed following us along and we have a challenge for you and that is for you to share in the comments below What are some of the areas were you and your significant other collaborate well in your day to day life So share that please. We’d love to read it and we’ll reply to every comment Toodles, bye bye Can’t remember who’s starting. I’m sorry. I think you’re starting ok This can potentially be a controversial topic. So we’re not saying… did you go in there?

6 thoughts on “Help With Housework: How to Get Your Spouse on Board

  1. Olafur and I have worked together literally for over 30 years. At home and at work. There was a time period where home was work (Airbnb). That is when Olafur learned to do the laundry. He got very good at it. Book keeping we both hate..Olafur does it but I wash the floors instead ..very old school… but it works. After all these years we still get along, most of the time we work very well together. Much has been accomplished. We enjoy being together, but also we have our different hobbies that we either share or do separately. Olafur is my best friend and if anything has helped us get much done, in this life, it is that we have talked things over, until we could close the book, on the same page. Loved your video!

  2. James and I have worked out a pretty decent after-dinner cleaning routine. We do the initial clearing together, then he starts the kids on their bedtime routine while I get a kid-free minute doing the dishes and clearing the counters. This has become some me-time (I know, so adult) as I listen to music and enjoy some time to myself. The next step is to get the kids more involved in the after-dinner clean-up, as they tend to run off as soon as they can, mysteriously disappearing into recesses of the house where they can't hear us calling them. 😛

  3. Hey you guys! This is GREAT and so nice to see a couple talking about this together in a non-judgemental way. Nice work! 👍

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