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Hellriegel 1915 (Secret Weapon)

The Hellriegel — 1915 — Secret Weapon The Standschütze Hellriegel M1915 was an Austro-Hungarian prototype submachine gun developed in 1915. Little is known about this weapon. What is known is that the weapon fed from either a 160 round drum magazine or 20 round stick magazine and was water-cooled using a leather covered water jacket. It is believed it would be employed as a machine gun for the Standschütze — the Austrian Home Guard. It would be capable for sustained defensive fire in a fixed position and would still be light enough to use walking fire in an advance. It is speculated that the weapon functioned by direct blowback and had a rate of fire between 550 to 650 rounds per minute. Pictures of the testing showed a firer wearing a thick belt which may have helped with walking fire. It would be followed by an ammo bearer who would carry extra ammunition on a wooden carrying case on his back. It seems that the drum magazine may have had reliability issues due to its design and was meant for stationary firing while the magazine was in a cradle. The stick magazine would be meant for walking fire. While the weapons seemed to have a lot of potential, it seems all development of the Hellriegel ceased after 1915 as no further information has come out. Watch our other videos to learn more. Get your copy of Simple History, World War 1. Available on Amazon now. Thank you for all your support on the Simple History YouTube channel. If you enjoy the channel, please consider supporting us at Patreon.

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