100 thoughts on “Heavy Hitter Shotgun Slugs with Incendiary/Exploding Mod

  1. Ok, i was actually very entertained.. This is one of the best gun channels out there. You've earned a subscriber

  2. Haha, I freaking love it nice shot once you know your projectiles function just saying hi and to the left! A projectile pipe bomb! You got to love it!

  3. Get that "fun" round perfected and it would turn a 12ga shotgun into something capable of taking out a light armored vehicle.

  4. F111 fairings, huh? Back in the late 70s my dad was a flight surgeon stationed at Cannon AFB which was primarily an F111 base at the time. He told me that, from a trauma surgeon's perspective, they were absolutely terrible planes. I recall that one Saturday he and I were about to sit down to lunch, when he got called out on an F111 crash. When he got back some 12 hours later he was just about green. He said it was the worst thing he'd ever seen. That's pretty strong coming from a guy who had been a trauma surgeon for years, working all over the country. He said that some mechanical failure caused the aircraft to lose power. The pilot and nav made the decision to stick with the plane until they got it past a residential area and then eject over desert so they would not kill anyone on the ground. And that's exactly what they did. The F111 was unusual in that the pilot and nav did not eject independently in their seats, but rather the entire crew compartment would eject as a single "capsule." It did not work as advertised much of the time. In this case the pilot and nav ejected with plenty of altitude for them to clear the aircraft and have the 'chute deploy. Alas the chute did not deploy as it should have, but instead deployed when they were less than 100 feet altitude, so they impacted at almost terminal velocity. All my dad would say is that it looked like a compact car with passengers inside got sent through one of those car crushers at a junkyard. It was just a packed hunk of jagged metal with blood oozing out all over the place. Of course he had to be on hand while they cut and sawed the thing to pieces to try to recover the remains of the two air crew. All they got was pulped flesh and shards of bones.

    And thanks to the manufacturers of that shitty aircraft, you get nice hunks of aluminum to shoot at. Which is probably a much better use of it than the job the F111 was originally designed to do.

  5. You have exploding slugs but don't shoot them at anything flamable?? Slap yourself in the face for not shooting them at a can of Lysol or a jug of gas

  6. Hi,I have a question for you guys, How's long is efective range of an 12 gauge of an standard slug.

  7. Jeff @ Taofledermaus responds to me! I like him. He's cool. And Greg is a gas! Best cop ever! Total sport, even though Jeff makes him suffer a little bit with the heavier ones.

  8. Okay I've seen several videos on these heavy hitter slugs but not one of them says what the slug is made out of period other than it's got a copper band in the middle. But what's the rest made out of?

  9. Would be awesome to see Mr. Paul Harrel do one of his famous and highly scientific meat sack tests with the "fun" variety of these slugs. I clicked to get the bar to pop up to check how much time was left at 7:42 and saw there was over 11 minutes of video… i smiled. I enjoyed this video, thanks

  10. Wish you guys would take a large lead slug, hollow it out, fill it with black powder and top it off with a primer.
    That would look awesome in slo-mo.

  11. hmm, real explosive shotgun shells are nowhere near as impressive as their fallout equivalents. i was expecting it to be like shooting a tiny grenade at something.

  12. As an ex-F-111 armorer, I derive a certain satisfaction from the last shot, with the detonation, and pieces/parts flying in slow motion. "I need a sheet metal assist on tail number 2400, please!"

  13. I would love to see Ya'll do a video on the .357 bulldog airgun. To get your take on the best rounds to use. I love your video's . Keep up the awsome work .

  14. Ya bunch of corset wearing lap dancers. 10 ply you ask me. Love the work! Don't know how I missed this one. Awesome science experiment.

  15. With the card sticking to the back of the slug would it hurt to make a small hole some where in the card to insure separation? Just tossing it out there..I know nothing about ballistics

  16. ok,,,,, as much crying and belly aching officer gregg about recoil lets get a go fund me page going and buy the cry baby a recoil pad,,,LOL,,,,, JUST KIDDING GREGG,,,, your ok in my book,,,, i know some of those rds has to hurt,,, your a lot tougher then i am,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you can send that lead disk in a flat rate box,,,,,, i will email you my addy,,LOL

  17. Love your whole channel, Taofledermaus! Compliments to you all. Greetings from Vienna/Austria

  18. I reload rifle and pistol cartridges. I have drilled out hollow points and put magnum rifle primers in the hole. The only difference I could tell was that the bullets mushroomed on impact and didn't penetrate very far at all. I was always afraid that the primer would go off while the bullet was still in the barrel.

  19. Man you should swap out the black powder in the explosive round for ground up match heads. That’d be cool to compare

  20. The OCD in me goes nuts watching projectiles tumble.. however, seeing the explosions totally made up for it.

  21. Maybe instead of a Nitro card you should cut a circle of carbon fiber pick up between the slug and the gunpowder it's got to be strong but then it's got to fly away make sure it's fabric carbon fiber not hard plastic carbon fiber with the resin that has been set into a solid plastic I think you should use carbon fiber fabric something that strong that can take the impact but that will fold was it hits the air and flies the hell out of the way peace out have a great day

  22. Back that target off to 30 yards and use a rifled barrel. No sense wasting rounds due to inefficiency if they can be properly heaved at something with a greater degree of success.

  23. Magnesium doesn't ignite like that,it needs a few seconds of temps exceeding 860 degrees to ignite.
    The round is striking the target at a fraction of a second.
    And most likely disintegrated the shavings but didn't ignite them.
    You would have better luck casting napalm pearls and firing them in buck shot form.
    I won't get into that though..not in public anyway

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