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HCR Guide to Hunting Rifle and Scope Selection

Hi, I am Matt with Hill Country Rifle. Today we are at our favorite shooting facility,
FTW Ranch in Barksdale, Texas. We’re going to demonstrate three different
custom rifle products that we’ve paired with three different Swarovski scopes and talk
about the features and benefits of each one of those builds. Our Sheet Rifle is our lightest weight hunting
rifle that we build. It is designed for any hunt where you are
going to be packing a lot, carrying over rough terrain where you want to keep your overall
gun weight as low as possible without sacrificing any accuracy. The rifle is built on a CNC action. The bolt is still our one-piece bolt, body,
and handle machined from billet. We use a very robust M-16 style extractor. And, of course, the best match grade barrels in the business. Every action is aluminum pillar and glass
bedded individually into the stock. The barrels are free floated. We take some extra care to make sure the barrel
contour really matches up to the gun weight and the scope that is going to go on the rifle. In this case we are running a Swarovski Z5
three and a half to 18 by 44 objective. That allows us to keep the shank short and
the scope mounted low so that you get an excellent cheek weld in the stock. And as always, we guarantee three shot half inch
groups with factory ammunition. So if you are looking for a very durable,
extremely accurate, lightweight hunting rifle, we would recommend the Sheep Rifle. Our Long Range Hunter is our medium weight
rifle designed for longer range shots in the field. This rifle features a CNC machined receiver
with heavy duty eight by forty base screws, a match grade barrel available in several
different contours. As with every one of our rifles, we individually
aluminum pillar and glass bed the receiver to the stock to maximize accuracy. What really sets this rifle apart as a long
range hunting design is the stock. We designed this stock to achieve perfect
prone position shooting in the field without giving up sitting and standing position comfort. It is right-hand dedicated with a palm swell
in the grip and a dish-out for the fat part of your palm. You will have no muscle tension in your hand
as you are squeezing the trigger. The comb height is noticeable when you see
the slot in the nose of comb to accommodate the cocking piece of the bolt as the gun is
cycled. To take advantage of the accuracy this rifle
and the range we have married it with Swarovski’s brand new Z8, eight X zoom 30 millimeter tube
scope. That scope on this rifle, even with the 56 millimeter objective gives perfect comb height with the design of that stock. If you are looking for a tough, rugged, medium
weight gun that will accommodate any shooting position–standing, sitting, and especially
prone–we recommend the Long Range Hunter. Our 338 Lapua Hunter is one my favorite all
time builds. The gun is built on a CNC machined receiver
with six 8 by 40 base screws to make sure the picatinny rails stays tight. We use a medium weight match grade barrel
to keep weight down, a prone position style muzzle break to reduce the recoil. The gun is fully accurized with aluminum pillar
and glass bedded receiver into our stock. And again, our stock is the key. We’ve got the rifleman stock with high comb. It accommodates prone position, sitting position,
shooting perfectly. To take advantage of the long range capability
of this Lapua Hunter, we’ve mounted it with a Swarovski X5 scope with their unique multi-turn
turret. Because this caliber is so accurate, even
in our nine pound configuration, we guarantee a three-shot, three eights MOA group with
recommended factory ammunition. If you are a long range elk hunter. If you need more foot pounds of energy to
really effectively hit bigger game at the distances you are shooting, the 338 Lapua
Hunter is the perfect choice. Remember, as your customer rifle builder,
it’s our job to build exactly what you need. For more information, see our website at We look forward to building the best custom
rifle you’ve ever owned.

7 thoughts on “HCR Guide to Hunting Rifle and Scope Selection

  1. I am a long time Hill Country Rifle customer for two reasons – Exceptional work quality and outstanding customer service that is second to none. They have demonstrated this to me with every interaction I have had with them. I have found them to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and passionate in sharing their experiences around guns, shooting and hunting. They take the time and effort to engage in great conversation. Most importantly, they have earned my trust and respect. This is why I am a lifetime customer. For anyone looking to build or buy a gun, or looking for gunsmith services, give them a call. You will get warm, friendly conversation and great advice on your next project or purchase.

  2. I have purchased several rifles from HCR….They are awesome pieces of craftsmanship! Matt is great to work with, super helpful.

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