10 thoughts on “Hawaii gun laws

  1. Guns are NOT dangerous…..its the people behind them that are dangerous!! Without the person….the gun just sits there like a paperweight.

    Dont punish the 99% of law abiding citizens that own guns or are gun enthusiasts by making laws more strict. Instead eliminate the threat. Enforce CAPITAL PUNISHMENT and DEATH PENALTY and watch crime rates drop drastically!!

    The state of Hawaii wants you
    to get killed by someone with a knife or get beat to death by a bunch of guys trying to take what you got. This state offers you no way to defend yourself or your loved ones. This is not the Hawaii from 30 years ago. We got plenty dummies from the mainland here now along with some of the highest meth use in the nation. They were saying random crimes don't happen ?
    How about all the people getting stabbed for their purses/bags in down town. We need consealed carry and I'm voting for whoever proposes to help make this a reality

  3. I know only certain sissies would be behind a gun for something dumb, but the one in front of the gun lives forever!!! For us true locals! Our fists is our real gun!!! We live to fight another day!!! Well… I can't really say anything cuz… I haven't got into a fight before! I would only fight for the right reasons!!! Aloha and God Bless!!!

  4. Nah no need strict gun laws. People need strict parents and less protection when comes to discipline. Active shooter drill in school damage children that never knew guns existed. They learn shooting at people part without the responsibility part first. Nothing about hunting or sport just guns used for people.

  5. Out of the last four gun crimes, how many of them were legally registered firearms? How many NRA members are ever involved? But, uh… 🦗 cheep cheep cheep (cricket noise)

  6. Really? I don't think people who are intoxicated or high on drugs are thinking "Hey, it's illegal to be in possession of a gun while drunk/high, I should definitely rethink my life choices".

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