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Hatchet Revolver Update

Hey guys, wccc here again, today demonstrating
the revolver, similar to the last carbine video I made. Probably being uploaded to youtube
due to mic/file size and generally about something I finished meshing. Before we get going I
wanna quickly emphasize that this was a real pain in the butt to mesh, actually using some
of the experimental techniques we’ve been employing with some of the weapons in Hatchet.
This is formerly I think only minorly played around with with melee weapons and using the
glock, with the reflex sight for a better level of luminosity and also being translucent.
But, it’s very interesting that the cylinder with all the various individual bullets, or
shells, I guess maybe depending on the reloading state. And the actual hands, muzzle flash,
and the main body of the revolver are actually done separately. And in addition the revolver’s
actually meshed in really complex animations due to the nature of the gun and how thoroughly
I did the motions. So, it was a headache. I spent about 3 or 4 days modeling this and
I had migraines, and was swearing like nobodies business throughout. It is actually for a
revolver it’s not speed-loaded, and a lot of mainstream games or even just games in
general choose to make revolvers speed loader’d. That is a pretty reasonable choice for general
use but I kinda like realistic tastes, so in this case there is not a speedloader, but
higher or even lower quality weapon it can affect the reload speed individually, per
every shell. And you can interrupt the reload sequence as you wish, so that’s not so bad.
But the main thing is that this is a “holdout weapon”, and should not really be used for
more full frontal assault. And what I’m probably about to demonstrate in a couple minutes here
is a TERRIBLE exception because these are enemies that do not have a body armor system,
and little know fact, nsf terrorists actually only carry about 75% health relative to most
normal pawns. As a matter of fact, most of the thugs you see around here who are carrying
crossbows actually have 100 health vs these guys so if you ever notice that “wow those
guys seem a little tougher”, it’s because they are. 33.333333 etc % so. Anyways, its
quite nice and was able to do all the shells individually and I’ve got a bunch of testing
ammo, like incendiary armor piercing or exploding hollowpoints or stupid sh*t like that. But,
the main event, mostly standard ammunition, and has a considerable amount of stopping
power and is actually more accurate than some semi-automatic handguns, but also considerable
drawbacks in that its a lot heavier recoil when handling, I’m surprised it isn’t recoil
heavier right now, speaking of which. And it’s not bad. It’s definitely worth saying
that because, once again going to touch up on this one last time that the speedloaded
effect isn’t present, this is usually a bad weapon to reload, or even its usually a pretty
bad to reload a weapon in hatchet due to the danger level that’s usually present, to reload
at all, usually you have to switch to another weapon these weapons have higher stopping
power by nature and short of pulling various things like your damage absorption you tend
to be pretty vulnerable. And yea… you don’t have time to “fussle”(Fuss and hustle?) with
your gun… what? fussle? that’s not even a word! But as I’m quickly demonstrating,
especially vs these unarmored targets, and this higher quality gun, exploding hollowpoint
is completely overkill. But, sometimes, standard is still pretty powerful. The main issue is,
particularly with the body armor system, a lot of the enemies prove themselves to be
several, several times tougher and this is actually because of the body armor, not only
is it similar to enhanced health, but it can have various effects on how well certain damage
types are received, such as incendiary, taser effect, hollowpoints, and armor piercing actually
only does anything vs heavy armor targets. But otherwise isn’t bad if you’re expecting
heavy resistance. So, because of this, it actually has a totally different system than
deus ex, it’s not just extra health, it handles damages differently, and generally, having
it so you actually have to go through the armor, kind of like, I would say, something
like about doom or half life, kind of situation where the armor is handled rather separately
and produces a lot of issues otherwise. Because, you know, you can’t just sit there and go
“hey, let’s shoot this guy with a whole bunch of standard bullets”, no, you’re gonna need
something a little heavier punch, you know, you might wanna bring explosive armor piercing
or high velocity hardened or some other crazy, extravagant, or maybe just, you know, a really
big-arse gun to the fight. And I apologize in advance for those who weren’t informed
this is (minorly) not safe for work due to my stance on actually swearing this round.
As I was saying, if you go into the fight and you have hollowpoints or low quality,
or even low caliber weapon, or should I say low damage-per-second weapon. Because, you
know, if you have a low caliber weapon but it shoots fast it can really make a difference.
And as an immediate effect it kind of ends up being desirable like higher punch weapons,
but even with higher punch weapons, you have a tendency not to get your “magic one shot
kills” sort of zone. With armored targets. I’ve had fights where I fought some outrageously
armored guys, and although they were kinda really reaching towards the higher end of
the theoretical system, they proved to be extraordinarily tough and I stood there and
had to unload something like 8 shots into their head, explosive armor piercing ammo
out of this .45 and dude’s slowly going down. And it’s quite interesting, I’ll finish my
various curb stomping about here I think. Yea, here’s nice. Alright, anyways, that’s
all for about today, hopefully more people start getting into the curve of watching the
videos I upload, the last one didn’t have a lot of views, I think actually, less than
our number of trackers, but, honestly… I’m modest. I don’t care about this, if people
are interested in this and they can get entertained by it that’s a plus, but otherwise I’ll just
sit back and enjoy my “Gregory House” complex, as I call it, with coding. And generally enjoy
making things because it’s a puzzle and not because people go “oh you’re amazing” or anything.
Anyways, see you guys next time.

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