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Has Sig FIXED the P365??????

Is smaller actually better? Y’all see my fingers Board it down No matter what women say, smaller is never better. The ladies want that King Kong. Go big or go home. That’s why I carry an AR-15. That’s also why I’ve surrounded my house with explosives. The P365 was first introduced in 2018 and when this gun first came out, I really thought it was a piece of *** but one of my awesome YouTube subscribers, Lewis, allowed me to borrow this gun to create this video and Man, am I hooked You got me Sig. You got me. Here’s my 500 bucks. Just take it. I need this guy. Do I really need another carry gun? No, no. Am I gonna buy one anyway? Yep! The grip on the P365 is really small. Now when this gun first came out, you know, I really didn’t like how small this grip was But this gun has been sitting on my desk for the last couple weeks. So as I’m working, I’ll stop and play with it. The gun is what I’m playing with but you know, whatever So and the more I handle this gun, the more natural it kind of feels in my hand. Now I wouldn’t say that I have big hands but the guy Lewis that owns this gun, he is a massive dude. Just picture a big ** biker guy from Sons of Anarchy. That’s Lewis. Now one complaint that I hear a lot is that the trigger Kind of feels like a toy. When I’m dry firing it, It kind of feels like two pieces of plastic rubbing together. In France, they call that a menage In America, we call that a good time. I, personally, don’t really like the way the trigger feels why I’m dry firing it. However, when shooting the P365, the trigger is amazing. The pull is very short and it’s smooth. The break is crisp and clean and the reset is really, really short. However, beware the P365 is a feisty little thing. I know the type. I recently met the love of my life in the parking lot of a Sizzlers. Everything was going great until she sprayed me with mace and stabbed me with her keys. It ended well in the end. I mean I did get her number. It was her license-plate number. I wonder if she likes cats. I was talking about the recoil, Johnny. How are you not in prison? The P365 does have a decent amount of recoil. However, it is nothing like shooting a Kel Tec. If you’re a brand new shooter, just make sure you have a really good firm grip and it won’t be that big of a deal. Now, most brand new firearms have their share of problems. But the P365 has had a ton of them. Three issues seem to stand out above the rest. The very first problem is primer drag. Now, due to the extremely small size of the P365, when the firing pin hits the primer, the gun begins to recoil Before the firing pin can retract into the slide. This causes the firing pin to drag across the back of this primer. Sometimes causing the firing pin to break. No, I’m not worried about it breaking. Doctors say that I have that so many STDs that they kind of cancel each other out. You guys can edit all this out right? I mean, is that cool I got something for a little extra I’ll I’ll chip in I mean, maybe I’ll let you guys use someone get some free discount codes at my new clothing line. Mostly for the ladies, but I like to test it out on myself, you know, we’re pretty popular with prostitutes, Porn stars, strippers, you know stuff like that. We’re hoping to go mainstream in the follow, baby Good The second major issue is the trigger return spring breaking. Now, due to the massive amount of energy and such a small gun, the trigger return spring will actually drag across the back of the magazine. Now that could potentially cause that spring to break rendering the firearm useless. In a self-defense situation, that would be horrible. Now, this gun is one of the newer models. You cannot see any type of dragging across the back of this mag. So it sounds like sig probably fix this issue. Now other problems include light primer strikes, barrel and slide painting, consistent double feeds along with the whole host of other things. Again, most brand new firearms have their share of problems and I have full confidence that sig is going to address And fix every single one of these issues — if they haven’t already. How does that P365 compared to a real man’s gun? Like the Hi-Point. I want to know. That’s a lot, lot easier doing the movies. I have so many questions for you. But no, I’m not gonna compare a Sig to a Hi-Point. That would be like comparing Heidi Klum to Rosie O’Donnell. Use means because one of them’s a feller So no, we’re not gonna compare a Hi-Point to a Sig. But we are gonna compare the P365 to some of the most popular concealed carry firearms on the market today. Now, after Sig release the P365, Glock had an epiphany. Glock quickly went to work developing a brand new pistol. Now, they took the already Wildly successful design of the Glock 43 and they tried to make it a little bit more competitive to the P365 What they developed was the Glock 43 X. It has the exact same slide and thickness of the 43 but a longer grip so that it contains 10 +1 rounds just like the P365. Now, you can see that the P365 and the Glock 43 are almost the exact same thickness. The only real difference is that the slide on the P365 is just a little bit shorter and you can see the frame on the Glock 43 X is a little bit longer. Now on the Glock 43 I have to be really cautious that I don’t have too high of a grip. It’s really easy for my thumbs to accidentally press down on the slide lock lever Preventing the slide from walking to the rear on the last round. Now, Sig. They did a really good job. I can have a really high grip on the P365 and my thumbs are nowhere even close to that slide lock or slide release. But I’m saying that just to piss off you trolls on YouTube. Now, both firearms feel pretty good in my hand. However, the Glock 43 X is just a little bit too big in the rear. Now the Glock 43 X comes with the city plastic sites from Glock. Why Glock still does this just totally shocks me The P365 comes with these bad ** x-ray three day and night sights. The front sight is green for fast target acquisition during the day and at night they glow very bright. Now price is probably where Glock has the biggest advantage. Now, I found this Sig P365 for as low as 469 online whereas the Glock can be scooped up for as little as 369. Now, to be honest, with the Glock you got these bad sights you’re easily gonna spend a hundred and fifty dollars on new night Sights, so it’s almost the same price anyway. For decades, one of the most popular concealed carry firearms has been the Glock 26. Now the Glock 26 does have a ten plus one round magazine, which is awesome however The grip is really big thick and it just does not feel natural in my hand. This piston-like motion sends a shock wave of energy rub the body of tasty goodness I reckon, that’s cuz you got one of them little pencil bits You ain’t used to having a real man’s piece of meat between yo hands now is you Buck, will you shut up? Get a job, man. hillbillies Now for years, one of the most popular concealed carry firearms in the United States has been the Smith & Wesson shield. Now the shield comes with two different magazines. A seven plus one mag and an eight plus one mag. Now that’s pretty good, but it is nothing compared to ten plus one rounds out of the Sig P365. Oh wait Did I mention that you can also get a 12 plus 1 round magazine for the P365? Your mind is probably blown. You know that kind of reminds me of that time I got a BJ from a lady with no teeth It was magical. The shield is thin and it feels perfect in my hand. Now the shield has had its share of reliability and recall problems since its release in 2012. But today, this shield is arguably one of the most reliable Firearms that you can buy and did I mention that you can buy a Smith & Wesson shield 1.0 for as low as 250 dollars? Oh, that’s incredible Thanks, darlin. Now most firearm manufacturers today have put the serial number on the plastic frame of the gun. So that means this piece of plastic with no internals — this is considered a firearm. Sig decided to follow the path of the outrageously successful Sig P320 which put the serial number on the internal parts instead of the exterior plastic. The really badass thing that this does for you the consumer — is it allows you to swap out this firearm and put it in multiple different size frames. So this way you’re saving a lot of money and technically you only have to buy one gun. You can then put the serial numbered part in a subcompact, compact or even a full size frame. Sig deciding to do this tells me that they are planning on producing multiple different frame and slide Combinations for P.365 owners. Giving us endless possibilities in the future. Yes! Did you get another gun? Technically, it’s not a gun because it does not have a serial number on it. Really? Are you trying to be smart? Is it your special time of the month? Hey, sorry to cut this short, sheepdogs. Stay safe. Stay dangerous. That’s probably cuz you’ve got one of them little pencil You ain’t used to having a real man’s piece of meat between your legs Swinging flopping around when you’re walking around. He’s got his little thing Alright walk straight walk him straight lines walk sideways Incredible, okay, but the point here part of the story is

37 thoughts on “Has Sig FIXED the P365??????

  1. Johnny Fingers is sick as fuck n Buck is just funny๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ. How does Tiffany feel about living in the same house with them๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. That's an awful lot of problems for a gun you seem positive about
    I feel like if this were a Taurus or Kel tec, it would be mercilessly scorned.

  3. ahahah brooo that was funny AF. anyway my Sig was born Feb 19 and so far no problems. Also carry the Shield 9 sometimes. both are great carry guns.

  4. Funny and well produced video- thumbs up on that! I'm really disappointed that you didn't do any fact checking- you just repeated the debunked, false causations of the resolved p365 issues- which were broken strikers, and dead triggers caused by dislodged trigger return springs. The broken strikers were a result of a bad batch that were brittle/ defective metallurgy- primer drag wasn't the cause. That was resolved over a year ago.
    The problem of trigger return springs coming loose from the trigger bar was also resolved over a year ago. That problem was specifically identified as a batch of springs being cut too short on that end, and coming unhooked as a result. Any scratches on magazines weren't related, but were simply a result of a very tight space between the mag and the end of the CAPTIVE trigger spring. Some pistols had a TR spring with a tiny burr on the end that could cause mag scratches, and if one took a small file to the burr to remove it, that cosmetic problem was fixed.
    In closing, the broken strikers were defective, it had nothing to do with primer drag marks, which are normal in very small pistols of Browning Tilting Barrel design. It was never a problem of broken trigger springs, it was an issue of improperly cut springs coming unhooked. Any magazine scratches are only cosmetic and aren't relevant to the trigger issue.
    The above facts were arrived at by a bunch of very curious and dedicated folks at Sig Talk, a few other forums, FB owners' groups, and here on YT. On the 'net there are pics of the improperly cut trigger springs next to properly cut ones.
    It's unfortunate that a very large YT channel made early assumptions about the causes of the broken strikers and dead triggers- because many people still think his now debunked assumptions are actually true. It would be nice if he made a new video correcting that bad info, but I don't think that's ever going to happen. Ironically, it appears he's EDC' ing a p365XL, despite his hate for the p365!

  5. Good video, the stout woman chasing you down the road cracked me up. As for the Sig P365, it 's the best subcompact on the market. All other subcompacts including the Glock 43 are now obsolete.

  6. Dont forget the 15 round magazines sig now makes for this gun,along with the new sig p365xl just released. A 12 round 3.7 inch barrel,optics ready gun with the xray sights. Love the channel and enjoy the facebook sight also.

  7. LOL great video! How fast did this one get demonetized? Do you really trust the Sig P365 after all of the issues it had? I heard they had accidental discharge issues from dropping as well.

  8. I thumbed up but I really hesitated due to the side skits that made me cringe. Some of that was over the top for me and I didn't find it funny. Keep up the good work you provide a lot of valuable information on gun laws and guns themselves but try to keep the humerus stuff in better taste. Respectfully.

  9. I have owned this gun for a few months now and use it for my carry but keep in mind if you are going to carry the P365 you will need to log in lots of hours at the range to get used to this gun. The size and the kick takes some getting used to.

  10. Funny sh#! Brother. I do hope Sig has gotten it all figured out. In the market for a 365, but waiting to see what this new P365 SAS is all about?

  11. Loved the parts where you are actually talking out of characters. Then it got to the point where I was like โ€œANOTHER SKIT? STOPโ€

  12. Bro you are nuts.Thanks for putting the time and effort into making monotonous and typically otherwise repetitive reviews fun and ….interesting to say the least ๐Ÿ˜€ lol

  13. You're too much, sheepdog. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    But on a serious note, in terms of the sights, just as an example. do you believe Glock takes its customers for granted to some extent?

  14. My dude what the hell, you are way too qualified for these vids man. I was literally dying at the intro and you had me rolling throughout the whole vid. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm subbing ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  15. Came for a gun review, but with some weird ass clips with a tiny bit of gun review. Canโ€™t finish the video. Not worth skipping through all the bull shit

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