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Harman’s Military Training with Rajputana Rifles Regiment | The General And His Son Episode 10

See you Dad
My my. Where are you off to early in the morning. Since I have some time, I thought I’ll go
to the gym This early? When I used to call you in Mumbai from Chandigarh
at night, you used to say you’re in the gym. How come first thing in the morning? You don’t let me sleep…I’ve gotten used
to waking up early. I like that. At least some good things have rubbed off
onto you, from me. Why don’t we do something together? Yes sure come with me. Let’s go to the gym together. Something besides that. In the gym you’ll work on your abs, a six
pack, gain some biceps and triceps but I’ll take you to a place where your whole body
will get exercised. Okay…let’s go then 
Are you willing to take the dip? I’m willing to do anything 
The Army has its own gym, an open air gym. Open air gym! Something like that
Get ready then, I’ll wait. Right, I’m almost ready. I’ll just put on my shoes. See you In the Army the way a commander needs his
staff, same way I realised that I can’t corner this youngster on my own. So I called upon my friend Col Sant Kumar. He’s an outstanding sportsman. He has represented India at the Olympics in
800m and 1500m events. We suddenly came through the jungles and came to a board which read “Rajputana Riffles Training Area” As soon as I saw that I felt a little scared. I knew there is going to be some trouble and
not something good. Here they are conducting Weapons Training. These are all squad posts. All new recruits are given training about
weapons here. Okay Sir As soon as we entered, it was a different
world altogether. They were soldiers running everywhere. It was like a movie scene as if preparing
for battle. Some were positioned with guns, classes going
on, there was a lot of action all around. I realised that this is what they do everyday
at the training area. The new troops are trained and that is why
the Rajputana Riffles is such a good Regiment. Sir welcome to the Slithering Point. Thank you Sir…How are you?…which unit
are you from? 11 Raj Rif Sir. Very good…wonderful. That is Rappelling and this is Slithering. It looks scary. No its actually quite fun. COMMANDO! Slithering looked really fun. Everybody was like COMMANDO! COMMANDO
It felt like out of the movies, they way soldier get down on behind enemy land from a helicopter. UPSIDE DOWN! He’s coming upside down. Suddenly I saw one guy coming upside down
and absolutely silent. I saw that I was like what a guy, what a player. Wonderful
As I was looking at it I felt why not give it a try man. See you Sir 
Okay all the best. I’m going up
Yes all the best As I was climbing the stairs, the fear was
increasing slowly. Harman was right at top and then even I realised
that Slithering is no walk in the park Stood on the edge of the cliff. I looked down and decided that I have to do
this properly. I didn’t want any support. The harness was there only for safety but
was fully slack. My hands had all the weight. So I said one, two three…. AH COMMANDO! Very well done. I felt it this is all I have to do today then no stress. I’m an inborn Commando anyway. Harman welcome to the Army Gym 
Wow This gym is spread over 1.5 kms. Slithering was just a starter, main course
was yet to come and the main course was the Battle Obstacle Course. Once you do all these obstacles, which you
can do in 10-15 minutes, your whole body, cardio, agility everything is tested. Shall we see the demo once. Yes let’s see
Raj Rif Centre is known for the toughness and strength. These soldiers are some of the toughest Infantry
men. In the sweltering heat, the sun right above,
they’re ready to perform the Obstacle Course. Start
They’re climbing a straight ladder but it does a lot of hand strengthening. The most important thing to note is the way
they roll on top. As soon as the soldiers started, I realised
that they are so fast. They just sprinted to the first one, done
in two seconds. Sprinted to the second one, in one second
they were across the rope. Sprinted to the third one. I mean they were
so fast that I was just in awe of them completely. Oh they’re back so soon
They’re here…they’re here. 2 minutes 35 seconds
Wow They did seven obstacles. Very good time 
They’re really really fast. I thought they’ll take at least 5-10 minutes
but…2 minutes 35 seconds. Thats because these guys have a lot of practice. Yeah
Would you like to do it? We have seen it. That’s enough 
What happened? You didn’t even flinch there, what are you
scared of now? I’m not afraid per say, they’re soldiers, I
can’t compete with them. You’re scared of competition? No but I’ve never competed against soldiers. Compete with yourself then. Give me two minutes. My dad is a fifth generation soldier in the
Army. All the generations have done this training,
all have seen wars. I could feel the weight of that somewhere. I didn’t feel that I should tarnish that name. My fear was that suppose if I don’t do well
or fell down from top, everybody will laugh, it will be embarrassing. That’s why there some a certain apprehension. Dad 
Shall we head back or you want to try a few of them? You want judge me right? It’s not like that. These guys are professionals. After a year of training, they have been absorbed
as instructors for some time. Do you want me to do it? I want you to experience it
Okay We will not time you also if you want. No time it. OK 
Let’s do it. What say Col Sant
LET’S DO IT Dad made me realise that I’m only competing
with myself and there’s nothing to be afraid of. I guess I have to do this now for anyone else
but myself. ARE YOU READY! YES SIR! I can now feel the heat in you. Ready…Steady…Go The first obstacle was all about speed. So I the quicker I went up, turned around
and came back down the better. From there I ran straight towards the rope
and out of nowhere just before the rope I slipped. For one split second I thought I was about
to fall the whole game would have ended. As I was climbing the Tyre Obstacle I felt
it was quite difficult. I started to feel a little tired near the
top. The balancing beam is a very tricky one. It looks easy but the beam is only this wide. I got on that and was stumbling across but
towards the end I just had enough to cross it. Finally I reached the net. It looks fun but it’s very complicated because
you have to get your footing right and the critical point is when you have to cross over. You can’t just roll over, you have to grab
your hands and throw your legs on top. Come on Harman. Good excellent. Put your all in effort. Wow well done. Get him some water. I think I have some. How do you think you’ve done? I don’t know. Not too good. How long do you think you took? You tell me. Maybe 5 minutes
five? Yes
You’ve done wonderfully well. 3 minutes 47 seconds. Excellent. Good Harman 
3 minutes 47 seconds. I was really happy when I heard that because
I didn’t expect I’ll be able to do it quickly Very good. In such a short time with such little training
still you have done a commendable job. It’s great. Thank you so much Sir. You never realise what you’re capable of until you challenge yourself and face your fears.

100 thoughts on “Harman’s Military Training with Rajputana Rifles Regiment | The General And His Son Episode 10

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  3. you did really well Man ! and the best part of this video(or you) is that, through out the video you have never tried to pose like a hero… you didn't act ! at least, it wasn't seeming like you are acting anything. that spontaneity is really admirable (Y)

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  7. I've grown up in a naval base in Mumbai and did 4 yrs course of Sea cadets Corp and most importantly I love our forces and there extreme sacrifice I'm proud of it, but after growing up I'm not get my hands on these sort of obstacles or which I miss a lot, kaash ek Civilian ko bhi chance mile…. To show passion for our country

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