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Hanna shoots the AR15 (turn down volume)

“Here’s the one that didn’t shoot.” “You not figured it out?” |Gunshot| “What’s the problem?” “What’s the problem?” “The Bolts Slippin.” “What?” “I Thought that was gonna be louder.” | Inaudible | “It is now.” “Now that i’ve took the Mag out.” | Inaudible | | Click, Click. | | Inaudible | ” Ranger! ” |6 Gunshots| “I Don’t think you know what you’re doing.” “You gettin’ frustrated?” | Inaudible | “I’m scared now.” “After you shot it like that, it scared me.” “It’s just loud, it’s not scary” “It’s an AR.” “Oh okay.” | Gunshots| “That’s why it does not work in Black Ops.” “It’s something you’re doing.” “Are you hitting the safety mid-stroke?” |Click-Click| | 3 Gunshots | “It’s something you’re doing. it’s not the Rifle.” “Yeah, but it’s loud as shit and my ears are ringin” “Mine have been all day.” | 10 Following gunshots | “It’s you, it aint the rifle.” “I Think you’re Bumpin’ the damn safety when you’re doin it.” “Keep your hand on the trigger the whole time, and squeeze.” “Yeah, it’s a sweet one.” | Inaudible | ” And i think she’s damn hitting the safety as she squeezes the trigger.” “Say what now?”
“It’s ready to go.” “I Don’t know how to hold it.” |Gunshot| |Gunshot| |Gunshot| “You’re shakin the trees over here.” |Gunshot| |Gunshot| |Gunshot| “My hands really shaky because how loud the noise is, but it’s okay.” “He’d fall over.” “Hanna, that thing weighs more than he does” “Did you get any pictures?” “No.”

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