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Hands Up Gun – Motu Patlu in Hindi – ENGLISH,FRENCH & SPANISH SUBTITLES! – 3D Animation Cartoon

Hey! Big brother. Hands up! Big brother, what did you do? it seems as if our hands have got stuck in the air, the hands are not at all coming down. Quickly undo this and bring our hands down, Dr. Jhatka. Hey, Motu – Patlu my friends, I have made this hands up gun to make the thieves’ hands up. But we are not thieves Dr. Jhatka, then why did you make our hands up? Hey I am testing the gun.. if I press this red switch then red smoke will come out and automatically the hands go up in the air; when I press this yellow switch, yellow smoke comes out and then the hands will come down. Then quickly press the yellow switch, till when will you keep our hands up like this? Oh! Sorry. Motu, my brother. A thunderous idea is coming in my devilish mind. Dr. Jhatka, help me, bring my hands down, one man is standing outside with a gun. He pressed a red switch on the gun and made my hands go up, you please solve my problem. Hey, John the Don, swear on my patients, I have the hands up gun which I have invented just now; then who is this other person who has a gun like me? Who is he, where has he come from, why has he come, how do I know? But he has a gun just like yours, it has red and yellow switches same as this one. Hands up! Hey, John, you are OK, your hands and legs are fine. Yes, all my body parts are fine and I also have this gun with me so stop worrying about me and worry about yourself; quickly are you going to put your hands up or shall I press this red switch? No, this is cheating, cheating, cheating. Yes cheating, it is cheating, now are you going to put your hands up or shall I press. No, don’t press the red switch, if you want you can take this gun. Thank you Dr. Jhatka Hands up! Oh! My god. I have not even shown the gun to you then too you people have put your hands up, don’t be afraid; why fear when Chingam is here, put your hands down. Sir, hands are not coming down at all or else we would have informed you about the robbery on the phone itself. What happened? Tell, tell me. Won’t leave, I will not leave the robber; I will go, catch him and bring him here right now. It is impossible to get out of Chingam’s web, you people just wait here. Hands up! Hands up! Oh! My God. This is wrong! What wrong things are you saying, John? When a policeman says hands up, the criminal puts his hands up. Wrong! When John the Don says hands up then the policeman does hands up. Oh! My god, what has happened, why are my hands not coming down? My hands are up just like the bank employees. John sir, make my hands come down. No, never! You have made me put my hands up lots of times, you have put me into prison so many times, now roam about like this only. Oh! My god! Motu Patlu, do something, see what John has done to me and my police constables. Yes, Chingam Sir, don’t you worry, we are thinking how to teach John a lesson? What do you have to do? Hands up. Don’t do it, hahaha, John stop this, hahaha or else I will beat you up, ha-ha. Ok, so you will beat me up, hit me, Motu please, please hit one punch. Come, you also try, you are also policemen, and one try is needed. Big brother, what are you doing by hanging upside down? Is this some kind of a posture? Hey, Motu and Patlu, this is not a posture but a compulsion! That John made me also do hands up! That is why hanging this way I am trying to make an antidote for that gun. It means a real powerful gun which will miss its fire and make us all normal again. Hey Motu Patlu my friend, the gun is ready. Udi baba, how will it not be ready, I have twenty years of experience of this work. Very nice! Now let’s go and teach John a lesson. No, not like this, we will go in front of him in the hands up position only. What days have come in Furfuri Nagar. I am robbing the bank in daylight, robbing the people’s houses but nobody is worried. Chingam Sir, Motu – Patlu do something, why are you roaming about with your hands up? Now we have come to pay you back for your deeds John. How? With your feet, come, you are welcome. So you have forgotten about the last time’s wounds no problem, one can get hurt again also, come on start with a flying kick. No, we decide that this time around we will beat you up with our hands only. Dr. Jhatka, this red and blue smoke is turning into a new color smoke. What will happen with this new color smoke? That I don’t know, when John comes out of it then only we will be able to know about it. Hey Dr. Jhatka, what is this? Hey, John my friend, nothing much. With the red smoke. one does hands up and with this red and blue coloured smoke one do legs up. Instead of your hands now your legs are up and now they will stay like this forever. So friends who ever wants to pay back John for his deeds, all of them come in a queue. Hit!! Hit him!! Chingam Sir. Help me, arrest me and put me in prison.

100 thoughts on “Hands Up Gun – Motu Patlu in Hindi – ENGLISH,FRENCH & SPANISH SUBTITLES! – 3D Animation Cartoon

  1. so nice cartoon on the all episodes and so good for child and so good for pass the time and so good people coments

  2. Without John the Don there is no entertainment even his evil ideas are innocent

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