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Hands-On Review of the Mossberg Blaze-47 AK-style .22 Rifle

– Hey guys, James again for TFB TV. Today, I’ve got the Mossberg Blaze 47. Which is an AK style
semi-automatic 22 rifle. And I have to apologize, you know, we’re out here in the Louisiana swamp. It’s hotter than hell
and it wont stop raining. (rain falls) So I might have to take
some cuts here and there. I also, before I get into this review, want to give a big shout out
to Mike at Ventura Munitions, who’s one of our new sponsors. Mike, thanks a lot, and
thank you Ventura Munition for sponsoring the program. The Blaze 47 is obviously
a 22 caliber rifle that’s modeled after the AK-47. It comes with wood
furniture, such as this one. Or, you can go synthethic and get either fixed or adjustable stocks. The difference being it’ll
save you about half a pound to go with the synthetic. Whereas, the wood, obviously, is heavier and more expensive. It’s about 30 to 40
dollars more expensive. And that’s kind of a funny thing that I want to jump into with this rifle. This wood, the wood on these stocks, is actually really nice. It’s much better than what you’d get like with a WASR or any of your comparable surplus AK’s. I mean, the furniture’s amazing, but, then you look at the receiver and the entire thing’s plastic. It’s all plastic. And the juxtaposition of this handsome wood furniture, with this almost toy like receiver, it’s a bit of a contrast. Now, that said, I’m not sure that there are better options, in terms of, metal for your typical 22’s. You know, you might have a Zinc gun. This, certainly, the polymer, is going to keep this gun lighter and cheaper. So, there are some benefits but, it really is sad to have, you know nice solid wood stocks and like an Airsoft receiver. And to another similar
feature of this gun, you’ve got these really nice … These really nice fiber optic rear sights. And you’ve got an on sight blade which really isn’t that bad. But one thing that I discovered whenever I was messing with the gun. There’s a little allen screw that you might be able to see here. And, I took that off thinking that maybe there’d be threads underneath this thing, which would be awesome because you could … You know, hopefully, they’d be half by 28 and, hopefully, you can put your suppresor on there. So, I removed that. Turns out this piece of plastic, it’s the entire front sight base. So, I actually knocked off my point of impact, my point of aim whenever I messed with that allen screw. So don’t touch it. But, you know, it’s also another drawback. You got one screw holding your entire front sight in. But, then again, we’re talking about a 22 caliber rifle here. Now, other features, you’ve got an ambidextrous safety, thumb safety, which is a really nice feature. It comes with 25 round or 10 round magazines. And, I got to tell you, these 25 rounders, even though they’re plastic, very impressive, very impressive. I’ve got a short little clip here of me feeding some rounds into the magazine. The thumb stud on there, it’s a textured thumb stud. It’s a 16 1/2 inch barrel, with a 13 1/2 inch length of pull. Street price, I’ve seen on the synthetics, between like
250 and 270 dollars. And then, like I said, another 30 or 40 bucks, if you want the wood stock. Which is a really nice touch. I could go on and on about the aesthetics of this gun all day, but really what matters is how does it shoot? It is accurate? Is it reliable? And, we’re talking about a 22, so is it fun? (gun fires) So I’ve had the Blaze 47 for a couple of weeks now and taken it to a couple of range sessions, put a few hundred rounds through it, and it’s been 100% reliable, so far. I actually went and read other reviews out there. Not that any of those are relevant compared to The Firearms Blog. It seems like other people had the same experience I did, in terms of, reliability. This seems to be a pretty reliable 22 caliber. And, I feel bad earlier for making fun of it for looking like an Airsoft gun. I mean, really, I can’t say that I like the plastic receiver, but it’s lightweight, it’s inexpensive, it’s got the cutest little rock and lock magazine, with the cutest little paddle release, and a teensie little charging handle. And I did just notice that … You’ll catch it on the video, that narrow thumbscrew will … That will catch your hand if you do a magwell hold on this gun. Not a big deal. Not going to chop your fingers off or anything, but, you know, whatever. And I got to tell you, so far, I mean this things been a blast. It’s like shooting a laser gun, there’s no recoil. (gun fires) Not bad, pretty fun. Before I get to my final thoughts about the Mossberg Blaze 47, I want to say first, thank you TFB TV viewers and subscribers. Second, thank you to our sponsors, Grizzly Targets, the toughtest steel targets on the market and Ventura Munition. Now, as to my final thoughts about the Blaze 47. What did I like about it? Well, it was fun. It was accurate. It’s got a good price point. It’s lightweight, it’s about 1/4 or a 1/2 pound lighter than your standard Ruger 10/22. Or if you’re a fan of the AK-47 and you just simply wanted an AK-47 style 22, the Blaze 47 is the way to go. As far as, what I didn’t like about it. Like I said, I didn’t
like the plastic body. The furniture was great, now, that wood furniture. But the plastic receiver kind of cheapened it a little bit. It’s a really good gun and I would have even thought that maybe making it a little bit heavier and making it out of metal would have improved the aesthetic a little bit. That said, it’s going to be corrosion resistant, it’s going to be lightweight, it’s going to be cheap. So, you have your trade-offs there. All in all, there are a lot of good 22 auto’s on the market. I can’t tell you that the Blaze 47 is a must buy, you have to get it. But there’s really nothing wrong with it. And if you want an AK style, auto loading 22, that’s the way to go. In any case, thanks again guys. Thanks for watching. See you next time.

88 thoughts on “Hands-On Review of the Mossberg Blaze-47 AK-style .22 Rifle

  1. Not much new here, remember mossberg's AR look alike in 22? thats just their 702 plinkster in a stock kit, this uses the same action if i remember right.

  2. I'm Louisiana based myself, and every time I watch these videos I find myself asking where you are shooting. Where are you shooting?

  3. Yeah, the receiver does look a bit lackluster to me.  Really, one of the signature things about a classic Kalashnikov rifle is that giant ass safety lever, which this doesn't have (the receiver is quite like a classic AK receiver). 

    I've fired an AK-type .22 LR semi-automatic rifle once.  I don't know the model, but it did have that safety lever along with bolt hold-open (probably on the 24-round magazine).  That was pretty fun, but was also probably more expensive than this. 

    Nonetheless, Mossberg's rifle seems good for the most part.  Although, I think I'd still go with a 10/22 and the huge market that surrounds it.

  4. If you want a .22lr as a cheap practice alternative to your AK, you're probably better off just getting a 10/22. The mags rock in, you can run the action much like you would an AK, and the 10/22 is going to be much higher quality. Plus, you can't forget the availability of mags and aftermarket parts.

  5. So,do you have the same opinion on all the other"plastic" pistols and revolvers out there too? Come on, it's under $300, realistically you cant expect all steel construction, can you?.  This gun functioned 100% that's better then many "steel" rifles.

  6. So question, is this ACTUALLY an AK on the inside, or did Mossberg stuff a plinkster in there like their AR .22 look alike?

  7. You've got the best reviews out there, and I watch them all.  No nonsense and always on point…thank you for the videos.

  8. A Thing that fades with time, i don't think that this rifle will shoot in 20 years from now, those stuffs have a shelftime.

  9. This would have been really cool if it had the same fire selection switch and you could rack it like a real AK. Without those two defining platform features it falls short on replicating the experience even if it's contour is that of an AK47. Just spend a couple of bucks more for a AK and enjoy the real experience.

  10. "an airsoft receiver" you can get one of the new E&L aks, with full steel externals produced with real AK tooling, the wood stocks and they even come with cleaning rod, the stock cleaning kit and everything… for around 300$ and buy 5000 bbs for around 18$… and of course you can also play airsoft with it… to me, it's a no brainer

  11. I cant help but feel like they should have tried harder to distinguish it from a toy. It would be silly to say to make it seem more like a real firearm but thats precisely what i mean. With all these realistic toys its probably best not to make the real deal not toy like. At greater cost or not it could spare a tragedy.

  12. Not sure how I feel about an all plastic polymer AK style 22 rifle.?.?. It's definitely an interesting rifle but to me part of the reason AK's are so attractive is the heavy duty wood and metal on them. This just screams made by Crossman BB gun company or something like that. What do you think?

  13. How was the accuracy and crown of your rifle?  I had to re-crown my barrel straight from the factory for any acceptable accuracy.  See my review on my channel for the issues I came across.

  14. Prohibited in Canada as a AK47 variant, the regular Blaze being non-restricted.

    Brought to you by the brilliant minds at the RCMP.

  15. So is it possible to add a suppressor at all? For some guns, you can buy a slip-on thread adapter…….so is that even an option for this or no all together for suppressors? Or could you take that sight off (because you said it's part of the end piece also) and then either put a slip-on adapter OR have someone add threading at that point? I need to know because I'm thinking about geting one of these but I'm not at all interested if I can't mod it like that.

  16. I hate how its a plastic receiver like the Mossberg 715 t same deal.and it's prohibited in canada because it looks. Like a AK stupid rcmp.looks like I'll just get a gsg mp44 then its metal and i can owm that one

  17. He didn't mention my biggest issue with the gun- the lack of options for optics. As of right now, there's no way to mount a scope or any other accessory, and there's no commercially available rail piece you can attach to the rifle (like you can with real AKs). I know, it's a .22, but I still like to have that option. Maybe Mossberg or another manufacturer will make an attachable mount. That's really my only issue with this gun. It doesn't feel to bad, despite the polymer (which has advantages and disadvantages), and it pretty accurate.

  18. AK style??? I think not. To me, that would imply a gas-piston operating system. All this is, is a blaze covered in something that's supposed to look like an AK.
    Occasionally, if you do a lot of shooting, the weapon needs to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Why do none of these reviews mention what a joy that is on these things?
    No thanks. I'll stick with my 10/22's for .22 lr fun. And real AK's for AK fun.

  19. My only complaint is the safety. The whole reason I would want this rifle is for it to be a youth trainer. I don't understand why someone would want an AK replica with a different manual of arms. It still looks pretty fun though.

  20. Wow what a shame read down the post looks like most of the poster are too dumb to even be allowed real firearm , stupid off the wall questions DUH it's not a real AK it's a p[polymer reviewer look alike fun accurate plinkling gun . not made after the 702 Plinkster thats made in Brasil this gun is made in the USA

  21. some of the more high end airsoft guns have better receivers than this considering brands like real sword.. but that's bb pellets meant for sport and roleplay/cosplay

  22. James said it had a "airsoft receiver" what he doesn't know is that almost all airsoft guns are made with either aluminum or metal only the 10 to 20 dollar airsoft guns use plastic


  24. Did you really just insinuate that smaller channels who do reviews are inferior to tfb? You at tfb take money from sponsors up the ass and say whatever they want you to say. Why else would a savage arms logo pop up on every video, why do you constantly push Ventura munitions? There's a reason you lost your 2 most popular guys, alec and Patrick, and that's because you no longer cared about putting out real gun reviews and started just pushing products down peoples throats. It's like every gun you get your hands on for a review is better than anything else, and all you do is try and sell products. You can thank yourself for the loss of my subscription James, because what you just said at 4:03 in the video is fucking bulllshit

  25. Man, .22 rifles can be so lame. The 10/22 is a classic and nothing is wrong with it, same with the youth bolt action 22s… But these things are so lame. Holy crap

  26. Price really jumped on these!? $400 now …. I was going to buy one, even with the Poly rec. but not at the current price! Not even at $300!

  27. Piece of shit that Mossberg. A shame for Mossberg.
    Held today an Armscor AK style shotgun in my hands and lots of plastic and thin metal. Magazine seemed softter Plastik than Tupperware. What a piece of junk.

  28. I stick with my ap80 steel aluminium and wood its a old made in the 80s but for only £195 well worth it it was the only 22lr ak copy i liked the look off well built in my opinion better than the mosbreg and gsg any way

  29. Dude I love my GSG AK 22lr. It's a blast I can hit my spinning pinker at 50 plus yards all day long!! I got the wood version and when I got it home I took some red oak wood stain and stained it then coated it with polyurethane and it looks way more authentic now. The wood looks identical to a real AK

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