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Handle 7.62 Weapons | Best Sensitivity Settings Pubg Mobile

welcome guys my name’s Low end assassin. well we will do all this later but 1st see some clips this is third-person no scope first person no scope scope iron sight red
dot or holographic 2x scope 6x and 3x scope 3x scope 4x scope , Year 2020 favourite well friends these are my best senstivity settings that
I use for my pubg mobile low end device basically I have Redmi Y2
that is 3GB RAM and 32GB Internal Storage and you can see that I don’t use gyroscope.
well this is my sensitivity settings for pubg you can see camera sensitivity third
person first person and you might have seen all the clips if you want to try these settings you can see them from here well main thing and these settings are
for those players who don’t use any kind of FPS tool like GFX tool and basically
for low-end devices this is the best senstivity for pubg mobile low end device Please Share and subscribe

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