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Handguns From Africa to Texas

– [Announcer] From Careco TV, one of the longest
running outdoor programs on television today. (gun firing) exploring the
country and the coast in search of adventures. From the mountains of
the great Northwest to the shores of
the Atlantic Ocean, this is Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin. (playful music) This week on Americana Outdoors, it’s all about handgun hunting. We join a variety of folks as
they share their experiences in hunting with a handgun. (guns firing) Let’s begin with
our special guest from Smith & Wesson
Performance Center, Tony Miele. We invite Tony to go
rattling for whitetail at a deer camp down in
Brackettville, Texas. – So last year was the first
time I actually did rattling and try to take a whitetail
with a handgun while doing that. It was really exciting,
and Wade brought in a bunch of different animals
at different times, but it’s fast and furious. You don’t have a lot of
time to make a decision whether it’s the right
animal to shoot or not. Wade hits the antlers,
and next thing you know you got a deer standing
in front of ya. They’re blowing at ya,
they’re taking off, it’s really cool. (gun firing) – You know I hunt with all
different kinds of handguns, 460’s, 500’s. I’m using Performance
Center 44 Hunter. That’s probably my favorite
gun, especially for whitetails. You don’t anything really
larger, I mean you could hunt with a 460 or 500, so that’s really my go to gun,
especially comin’ out here. I used the same gun last year, and if I get invited
back next year and we’re gonna
do some rattling, it’s gonna be the same gun,
I can guarantee ya that. That Hunter, it’s a seven
and a half inch barrel. It’s got a compensator on
it so less felt recoil, so you get back on an
animal quicker too, so if you have to
have a follow up shot it’s just that much easier. It’s got a Performance
Center action job, so you can expect about
a three and a half pound, single action trigger pull and double action
you’re about 10 pounds, so it’s a lot lighter than
our standard production guns, and that’s what Performance
Center guns are all about. And another nice feature, the fact that it’s
gotta integrator rail. It’s not bolted on,
it’s part of the barrel, so it’s rigid, you don’t have
to worry about it loosen up. You put your optic on it,
whether a red dot or a scope, and you pretty much know
it’s not gonna move. (gun firing) (somber music) – [Announcer] It’s a little
more drizzly in the morning, and it’s suppose to be
windy in the afternoon, so Tony and Wade decided to
go rattling in the morning before the wind picks up. – [Wade] Probably
go fairly slow, but I feel like all those bucks
we saw will be back in here. I know that’s
where they all bed. – [Tony] Okay. – [Wade] So gonna
be on that side, so. (antlers rattling) (mysterious music) – [Man] And on the
way up the road, lo and behold
guess what runs by, a whole bunch of pigs. (intense music) (gun firing) (laughing) – I tagged that one. – [Man] Little bit of
trackin’ not too bad, didn’t go that far at all. – [Wade] Some big
tusks on this one Tony. The ole’ 44 put the
smack down on him. You looked like a
cowboy movie up there. (laughing) – [Tony] Another pig in the
freezer for the game dinner and back to rattling. So packed the pig up
and down the hill we go. He says, “I got an idea.” He says, “There’s this field.” He says, “I’d
really to try that.” He sees a lot of
deer in that field, it might be a good opportunity. We get down to the
bottom of the hill and Wade said, “Let’s take
a little walk over here.” He glasses the field, he says, “Yeah, there’s a couple
nice deer in that.” He said, “We gotta give
it a shot down here.” So we set the stakes up,
pretty much on the fence line, and he starts rattling, and we get a little four
corn come runnin’ over, another one jumps over the
fence, takes a look at us. Nothin’ really big yet, but
the big ones we can see ’em. So he says, “You know,
we’re gonna move up “just a little bit more
and see if we can get them “to pay a little bit
more attention to us.” We get up there and he
starts rattlin’ again, and our little buddy out
in the middle of the field decides he wants to come over
take a look at what’s goin on. His mistake. (intense music) (gun firing) Oh. – [Wade] Good job,
he’s goin’ down. Yeah, lay down right there. Lay down right there. Good shot, good shot, good
shot, good shot, good shot. That’s an old buck. That’s a good ole deer. – Yeah, yeah. – That’s what you wanna shoot, that’s a good ole deer. Good shot.
– We put the smack down on that one. – (laughing) Good job. That’s a good shot Tony. A great one to take. A great one to
take with anything. The rattling with a handgun. – [Tony] The right gun,
rattlin’ with a handgun. Yeah, yeah, it’s fun. – [Wade] That’s even better. He’s got some
damage right there. I guess he’s got an
impacted tooth right there. – [Tony] Well, he won’t
have to see the dentist now. – [Wade] Naw he won’t
have to see the dentist. He’s gonna be cooked. That’s kind of cool right there, that little extra tine
comin’ off his main beam. Good stuff as always. – [Tony] Thank you. – [Wade] Enjoyable, good job. – [Announcer] Well
coming up, Wade Middleton goes hunting in Africa, and of course he takes his Performance Center
460 magnum with him. – [Announcer] Americana
Outdoors, presented by Garmin, is brought to you by Garmin Xero, leave
the guesswork behind. Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s,
your adventure starts here, Thompson Center,
America’s master gunmaker, and by Performance
Center by Smith & Wesson, performance, when
it matters most. (intense music) Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. We’re in Limpopo
Province, South Africa with World Class Fishing
and Hunting Adventures and Kuche Safaris, where Wade
and friends are on a safari. Well, it’s cold this morning
and as part of this trip, Wade has asked to experience
a variety of hunting styles to include sitting over a
water hole and feeding area in a permanent hunting hide, to see what he might encounter. – I’d say really middle
of their fall right now, going into their winter. Leaves are starting to fall,
and it’s pretty cold out here. We’re gonna do targets
of opportunity. Hope to come up
on something big. I’m gonna grab the big 460. I’ve been dreamin’ of
kind of getting over here and huntin’ with it. I’ve got a Trijicon sight on it, so I should be able to
acquire targets pretty fast. In this thicker country, we’re more in a
mountainous area today. Everybody has a list,
but I think it’s better to just keep an open mind. You can see the terrain here
has got a lot more trees, lot more diversity,
you can actually see the leaves are startin’
to fall off these trees, so we should be able
to see a little better as the day goes on. (mysterious music) – [Man] The one on the right. – [Wade] Good. – [Man] Go ahead,
right by the shoulder. (mysterious music) (gun firing) (mumbling) – Had an impala come in
pretty quick right there. Really don’t have a clue. We got a round into this impala. We’re gonna go up here and
see if we can’t find him. I was on his shoulder. Now just as soon as
I pulled the trigger, I lost everything. He’s bleeding good. See all the blood right
up here on the rocks. Got ’em, got ’em up here kid. When you said guts,
I was like damn, I don’t think I hit
him in the guts. Aw, that’s awesome,
check it out impala. High on my list. Was able to take him with
a Performance Center 460. That’s awesome. – [Guide] Good shot. – [Wade] Thank you sir.
– [Guide] Good shot. – [Wade] Thank you.
– [Guide] Good job. – [Wade] Appreciate it. – Beautiful impala. – Gah-lee look at that. How pretty is that? (laughing) that’s what we were
lookin’ for all day Pat. After the shot, inside
a blind like that, that’s why I’m wearing
the hearing protection, ’cause it’s gonna echo in there, but I mean, you just
kinda lose consciousness at that distance with all
that dust, sitting down low, what’s goin’ on, but end result, I don’t
know, he didn’t go 50 yards, thank y’all, appreciate it. (triumphant music) – [Announcer] Almost three
years ago we began to introduce Yamaha’s Steve Nessl
to handgun hunting. He started out shooting the Performance Center
629 Stealth Hunter, and took an immediate
liking to it with a goal to first harvest
a whitetail doe, and then move up to hunting
a buck sometime after that. – This is a fun gun to shoot. I don’t even worry about the kick at all. I just try and
keep my grip right. Go out this afternoon
and have a good time. (happy music) She’s here. (gun firing) (laughing) Oh, there she is, and I plowed her
front left shoulder, just like I thought. This thing right here is a whole lot of fun, and it
is very, very efficient. (intense music) – [Announcer] Now, as
we mentioned earlier Steve’s goal was a whitetail doe and then a buck the next year. If you’ve seen this hunt before, we enjoyed it so much we
wanted to share it again as the buck he
encounters on this hunt is the buck of a lifetime
for many hunters. (intense music) (gun firing) (heavy breathing) (bouncing excitedly) (laughing) I know you said
this thing is yours, but this thing is mine. – [Man] (laughing) Oh my
god, what a great shot Steve. (happy music) You could talk for days about
all the different things that are going on with his rack. The (mumbles) and the
blading of the main beams and some of his G2’s and 3’s. He’s gotta little tip on
one of the top of his tines that mushrooms out. It’s just a cool deal. He comes less than two inches
from touching in the front. His comes all the way around. It’s just so cool. Again you could talk
about it forever. You could sit there and
stare at it forever, and I will stare at
it literally forever. I mean, he’s the
deer of a lifetime. He really is. (triumphant music) – [Announcer] Up next, our
own Americana Outdoors’ staff try handgun hunting
for the first time. Stay tuned. American Outdoors
presented by Garmin has been brought to you by Yamaha’s proven off road ATV
and side by side vehicles. Sawyer products, Sawyer,
we keep you outdoors. And by Hi Viz, see what
you’ve been missing. (energetic music) – Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. Handgun hunting has gained more
popularity in recent years. It’s more of a
challenge in a way. You have to get
closer to the animals, and it requires more
woodsmanship skills, like being able to read the
wind and understand the animals. Now, as a cameraman, Americana
Outdoors’ Michael Wersig, has frequently
witnessed how exciting handgun hunting can be, but he’s never done it before, so he’s doing exactly
what he needs to do, lots of shooting practices. (gun firing) – You know, I’m hunting
with a Smith & Wesson Performance Center 460. You know, I’ve never hunted
with a handgun before, so that involved me
going down to the range, and I mean, I spent a couple
hours down there just trying to get comfortable with
what I was gonna hunt with, and I mean, it’s not
the hardest thing to do, but it’s definitely a challenge. (gun firing) (peaceful music) We’re going out this morning. It’s an early season hunt. We’ve got a couple
deer still in velvet. We’ve got one particular
deer we’re going after, and to top it off, I’m
huntin’ with a handgun. I’ve never done that before,
and I am real excited to go out there. I mean I have always
wanted a velvet deer. I had one chance in the
past, it didn’t work out, so I got a second chance, we’re goin’ with the
Performance Center 460. It’s gonna be an awesome hunt. (peaceful music) (mysterious music) We had this one particular
buck kind of on the edge of where these two
draws come together. We set up a pop up in the area, and they just kinda work this
area early in the morning. So, we decided to go
ahead and try for it. (mysterious music) (intense music) (gun firing) (breathes heavily) – Oh my god. (heavy breathing) Oh my, that is freakin’ awesome. The good thing about
the Smith & Wesson Performance Center 460,
they don’t go very far. Oh my gosh, first velvet buck ever, I mean that is the
coolest thing ever. He wasn’t the easiest one. He was not the dominant buck, but he came in,
and he’d walk out, and then he’d get
behind a bunch of trees. It was kind of excited,
and then he got away, excited, he got away, and
then finally he comes in, and he stands broadside,
and I hit him a little high, but it worked out. I am so excited. This thing, it is awesome. That was an amazing hunt. (triumphant music) – Is that not a beast? – [Announcer]
Coming up, Americana
Outdoors’ Jeff Reynolds doesn’t wanna be left out, so he grabs a Smith & Wesson
Performance Center 460 and starts loading. American Outdoors,
presented by Garmin, has been brought to
you by Stealth Cam digital scouting
cameras, proven, Engel coolers, rugged, durable, high performance, marine coolers and by Conquest Scents, hunting
and dog training scents. (upbeat rock music) Handgun hunting requires a significant amount
of shooting practice in order to become
and remain proficient. It’s not uncommon for a
skilled handgun hunter to be able to cleanly take game at ranges exceeding 100 yards with a single shot,
scoped, hunting pistol. – Man, I’m pretty
excited about this. This is my first time ever
trying to hunt with a handgun. I’ve watched Wade
and Tony do it. Michael’s done it. I’ve got to see it done a lot, but I’ve haven’t got
into shooting handguns, but I got to come out
to the range with Wade the other day and shoot
three or four times, just kinda see what it was like. This gun I’m huntin’ with
is a powerful weapon. It’s a Smith & Wesson 460
Performance Center pistol. I’m fixin’ to shoot a couple more times
on the range with it, just to be sure I’m confident, you know I can make a good shot
if the opportunity comes up, but we’re gonna get
our stuff ready, and take a couple of
shots here on the range, and go see if we
can get it done. All right you ready? The one on the right. (gun firing) I’m feeling pretty
good about that. That’s about 30 yards. That’s pretty cool. Let’s fire one more down there, just to be sure, but I’m
feelin’ good about that. (gun firing) Just a hair to the
left, ’bout a inch left. Sweet. Hopefully we can put this
Wolverine X4 to good use. All right. (happy music) Now I got my hot doe. (mysterious music) (intense music) I’ve never shot a deer
with a pistol before. I haven’t shot a pistol
that much in my life. But I think we can get it done. All we need is the big
boy to come in here. (mysterious music) (hammer clicking) (gun firing) – [Man] Stay on him. (gun firing) (intense music) (breathing hard) (mumbling) – Look at all that. Right there he is. (laughing) He
didn’t go 30 yards. Smith & Wesson
Performance Center 460. (breaths heavily) Magnum, can’t
forget the magnum on there. I couldn’t be more excited. This is definitely a thrill. He’s kind of a neat deer. He’s a six point, but
a cool lookin’ rack. The way his horns lean forward. Mature deer, definitely matured. He has rutted up. Man you can smell him right now. Ha, ha (clapping),
thank you Mr. Deer. I appreciate it buddy. (triumphant music) – [Announcer] Well, that’s it for Americana
Outdoors this week. Hey, if you wanna
try handgun hunting, you’ll need to start with a
good and reliable handgun. Check out the full line up of
Performance Center’s handguns at, and you can always
find Smith & Wesson Performance Center handguns at and – And then finally he
says, “I’m on him.” Pow, I shot, and
you know how it is, an accomplished hunter likes
to give a warning shot. (laughing) I clean missed him. I guess I pulled it. I know I was nervous,
I was probably shakin’. Pow, I shot him again. Man, I hit him
perfect that time. He went on the ground. He didn’t go 30
yards in the brush.

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