5 thoughts on “Handguns, assault rifles on full display at UC for gun rights demonstration

  1. Guns are blankeys for hyperfearful adults overly sensitive to the NRA and Fox news fear propaganda. Gun owners are pathetic Chicken Littles endangering society because they have been convinced the sky is falling

  2. Maybe if those fatties would exercise they wouldn't be so insecure that they think they need a gun to go to Wal-Mart. Pathetic cucks

  3. 1:11 "Why are you, a young adult, walking around a school campus in a country where most school shootings are committed by found adults?"

    At first I thought the reporters did a good job in sraying unbiased, but upon the second viewing, I decided that their use of "assault rifles" is misleading and shows either bias or ignorance.

    I bet $100 that none of the weapons depicted in the segment were capable of anything more than semi-auto fire.

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