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Handgun Training: Training to Perform Under Stress

Hey guys… Ernest Langdon, with Langdon
Tactical – let’s talk about training to perform under stress – how should I do
that? There’s a lot of things you can do First of all, try to practice like you’re
really going to carry – make sure that maybe you train in front of people so
that they’re watching you and you have that external pressure – shoot a little
bit of competition guys go out there and shoot some matches you’ll be surprised
how stressful it is and don’t be afraid to add physical exertion into your
practice sessions – train, do exercises, run do some burpees and work it really
really hard. Guys: train hard, stay safe and #winthefight

1 thought on “Handgun Training: Training to Perform Under Stress

  1. How does Catching herpes have anything to do with physical activity other than the obvious but how does that transfer to the shooting range?

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