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Handgun Thugz

Oh oh OH! Cant even move. Get this pistol
to the face! You too, take it! OK? That only took half of his health! You’ve seen him right?
You’ve seen him! Theres like four of these guys. Taking one with me. Oh, oh! Watch me
die again right after I spawn. You cant find noone on this thing. oh oh nonono! oh oh!
oh there you go. oh get that! you’ve seen that right? oh someones shooting at me, someones
shooting at me! watch this, watch this. where they at though? watch it, hes gonna come out
right now. Holy! he got me with the pistol… I gotta start killing some people.. hmph,
he died! ooh get that long shot. oh saved him, saved him. alright better save me. where
he at though. i know there was one, I knew there was one. oh oh, hiding behind the couch.
that’s what i was doing earlier. grenade? grenade? take it! oh take it! nooo!! what?
one health? how you gonna survive with one health? what is this. that’s right revive.
see how you gonna revive me and then i get killed right after! whats the point of the
reviving. got 2 deaths now cause of you. oh this. where they at though where they at.
get this pistol that’s right. back with the pistol. not me, not me! its the same guy as
last time wasn’t it? I got him now hes just gonna sit there, I got you. Stay down! take
the pistol, take the pistol! take it! where he at where he at though! i knew he was up
there. aw come on! OK there you go. i knew he was up there. there you go-there you go!
out of everyone he kills me though. right here. OK
im done with this. oh there’s way too many
of them. oh. bah! better get my pistol out.OK, OK that was bull. he threw a grenade he threw
a grenade! 11 health that’s what he had. that’s the same guy that keeps on camping in that
corner. imma get him…this is ridiculous. i don’t even know where they at. got you!
got you! oh hiding behind a couch gotcha! long shot. didn’t even hit him. i knew it
i knew it! I got a hit on him. hey wasn’t that the guy I told you I was gonna get? its
1-5 he killed me 5 times. Imma get him with the pistol… got him! we better win it though.

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