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Handgun Storage – Secret Compartment Furniture at Southington 3 Gun Nation Match

Hey folks welcome the safety solutions Academy
my name is Paul Carlson and I am out here today in southington Ohio at the southington hunt club
for the first three gun nation three gun match of the year secret compartment furniture donated
this end table that has a secret compartment in it for us to use during today’s match you
can see that it has a compartment underneath here that is felt lined and has a false front with
magnetic catches very easy to access a firearm that could be staged inside in your home to
deal with that unexpected potentially lethal home invasion now the folks at secret compartment
furniture again donated this for us to use and folks really enjoyed using it and getting
some experience in accessing a firearm from this kind of the container if a firearm being
hidden yet unsecured might be appropriate for you in your situation make sure you head
over to secret compartment and check out what it is that they have to offer
now sometimes folks might have some questions about how it would be appropriate to stage
a firearm inside a container like this and there are some important things to think about
the firearm would go into this drawer section probably without any kind of a holster which
means that the trigger guard would be uncovered now the issue with that is if this gun is
loaded and you were somehow to interact with the trigger of course the gun could fire there
are some consequence that we have to think about ahead of time to find out if that’s
a way that’s appropriate to store the firearn if we fire the firearm while inside this container
unintentionally we have to understand the fact that we could hurt ourselves or we could
hurt someone else in the middle of an defensive encounter whether you’re injured by yourself
or by an attacker you’re still injured and that certainly doesn’t fit within our goals
of what is we’d like to see happen we also have to understand that when the gun fires there will be a report and that report could tell your attackers exactly where it is that you are at and that is definitely not
a quality outcome there either third when that gun fires or if that gun fires inside
this table you have the potential to have a malfunction that means you be starting this
defensive encounter with a gun that is not functioning properly you need to remediate
that malfunction to be ready to fight with the gun none of those outcomes are ways we
really want to have things go before facing that potential home invasion and so I would
argue that it might be a good idea for you to store this gun with the slide forward
and a magazine in place that way if you somehow interact with the trigger you’re not going
to fire the gun and so this gun right now is loaded with the magazine inserted the slide
forward on an empty chamber I’m going to go ahead and insert it inside the table and put the false
front on top and or inside or in place and will take a look and see how this might work
should we have to access a firearm from this table you can see that the front face of the table
just came right off no problem at all fell right to the ground I was able to rack the
slide of the firearm after I retrieved it and put shots on target relatively quickly simply
brought the gun to the high compressed ready position manipulated the slide and I was ready
to go folks this is a pretty cool piece of furniture if you live in a situation where
you could safely store a gun hidden yet unsecured this kind of a compartment inside some secret
compartment furniture could work out great for you it’s not a place where someone would
expect to find a firearm is likely to be overlooked if someone is looking for that firearm this furniture
is Amish made is handcrafted were talking solid wood from top to bottom over the years
were not talking about particleboard, real quality furniture in the scholastic lifetime
take a look or find my Facebook see if they have some
products that might work for you folks get out there get yourself some training when
you do make sure you keep it simple please stay safe and as always have a great day!

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