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Handgun Shooting Stance | The Proper Shooting Stance and Grip

Having a proper grip and stance is critical to your ability to shoot your firearm accurately and safely. Make sure you have a good firm grip with your shooting hand with your finger along the slide. Your thumb should be pointing up and your secondary thumb should be pointing straight forward with a good firm grip. Notice how my hands wrap all the way around the firearm. There’s no empty spaces. This is a proper two-handed pistol grip. Next, let’s talk about a proper stance. So here, you can see the Weaver Stance. My shooting arm, which is the right hand, is fully extended. While my left arm is slightly bent. My feet, my left leg, is directly under my left shoulder. With my right leg canted slightly to the rear. It’s important to be leaning slightly forward. Another popular stance is the Isosceles Stance which means my arms are fully extended, my feet are shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and the weights on the ball of my feet. Again, I’m leaning slightly forward just to be able to manage any heavy recoil. But it’s most important to remember your stance should be comfortable and firm and balanced. Practice your stance a lot. This needs to become second nature to you. And the only way you’re going to do that is if you practice it until you can do it perfectly every single time.

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  1. Good vid my friend! Sounds good too. When I first started shooting, videos like this where my bread and butter. I think it's wise to do a fundamentals check every now and again just to make sure you haven't picked up bad habits. Thanks brother!

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