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Handgun Shooting Stance- 7 Fundamentals of Shooting

hello you guys and welcome to another
week’s episode of tactical Thursday today you can see we’re out at the range
loading some magazines and here’s what I got going for you my goal is to put
together a 7-bit series of the seven fundamentals of handgun shooting would
that being said today we’re gonna start with the foundation stance how do I
square up to the target if I’m gonna engage whether it be at the range your
target shooting you’re in law enforcement or you’re in the military or
you happen to be that CCW carrier that’s just out every day at the shopping mall
and you have to engage on a target because deadly force is authorized
this you’re gonna have to know how to get that stance down okay today I’m
gonna show you guys exactly what you need to do and what works best for me
and hopefully you guys can come up with something that works best for you all right so like I stated there’s
basically um the start of the series is going to be the foundation of firearms
and handgun shooting and that is stance what makes up stance how do I square
myself to the target what are the things that I need to be doing to give myself
the best foundation to have the best chance and probability of having
accuracy at the most basic level of handguns fundamentals so we’ll talk
about the isosceles stance and the Weaver stance those are the most common
there’s a few modified ones in there that people use kind of like a half
isosceles haffley’s Weaver stance um depending on where you will live what
organization you’re a part of or something like that they may have
different names for them but basically I just want to talk about the most common
to the Weaver in a SAS lease now as you’re going to see here in the video
I’m gonna be demonstrating initially the a saucily stance which is what’s most
comfortable for me what works for me and what I feel is the most probable way to
set yourself up for success have you get into a spot where you actually need to
engage your target now as mentioned on the isazo lease when you go to present
your goal is one to square up to the target okay so your targets in front of
you get your feet shoulder-width apart be on the balls of your feet you don’t
want to be leaning back anything like that remember the firearm has recoil
it’s going to be coming back now a nine-millimeter like I’m holding here
the Glock 19 might not have a lot of recoil but at the same time I want to be
on the balls of my feet ready to go okay so once I present that firearm out I’m
extending my arms out towards the target keeping my shoulders Square to the
target I actually have my head slightly forward so they’re actually coming in
front of the shoulders I’m leaning forward and they’re like more of a
attack type position like I’m actually engaging I’m not defensive on this mode
so um I want to let them know I mean business and I’m going towards the
target so when I reach out and present towards the target I got my shoulders
rolled forward pressing into the target which we’ll get into on another video
when we get into the grip and everything but I’m actually doing like a more of a
push-pull sleight method towards the firearm extending my left
support hand engaging that target now I’m the stance that I’m in I’m not
standing up straight I’m not standing here like this or anything that’s kind
of off I’m getting down slightly bending at the knees keeping my shoulders in
line keeping my feet squared up to my shoulders presenting out to the target
so ultimately in the goal with the isosceles is that’s what you’re trying
to do is you’re trying to square up to the target um if you depending on if
you’re law enforcement military you’re gonna have body armor on the front
obviously if I’m facing the target that’s the rare I want the rounds to go
if there’s rounds coming back at me and not at the side where you have less
protection um and ultimately having that body armor squared up should be able to
soak up those rounds providing your body armor set for that second one I want to
get into is the Weaver stance now this is the one that you’re gonna see from
the 70s the 80s how people grew up this is how they were taught how to shoot a
handgun maybe even a firearm because typically our excuse me a rifle um
that’s how most people are taught back in the day now with that being said as
you’re gonna see here in the video if you get into the Weaver stance basically
your support side foot will be forward depending on your if your right or left
handed if you’re left-handed it could be your right foot if you’re right-handed
it’s gonna be your left foot and what you’re doing is you’re almost the way I
explained it the easiest way to explain it is you’re punching your strong in out
to the target grabbing with your hand plane right toward your target now with
that being said the reason I’m not most or at least comfortable with the Weaver
stance is because when I’m pushing out towards the target I’m opening up a side
that’s actually being almost presented to the target that’s going to have less
body so essentially where’s my body armor in
this case it’s facing 45 degrees angle to the right and that’s not where my
target is because I’m engaging out here in front that’s why I’m not most
comfortable with that but what I’m doing when I’m doing that is my feet are
offset basically almost out of 45 you can point them to the target
some people will try to point to the target typically it’s going to be at a
45 type position where your arm extended engaging towards the
target your left arm support arms gonna be bent basically supporting that
firearm while you engage your target again like I said I am NOT a big fan of
that and I rather be Square to the target present out and engage that way
rather than being in the Weaver stance from opening up room for rounds to be
taken or anything like that I want to have the most coverage that I can so I
hope you guys got something out of that video talking about the isosceles in the
Weaver stance those are the foundation to shooting it’s the number one
principle number one fundamental when it comes to getting into firearms and
knowing the fundamentals of how to handle a handgun when you get into a
situation where you need to engage somebody beginning with that there’s
gonna be videos following I’m gonna go through all seven fundamentals we got
six more to go through there each can have their own episode that way you guys
can tune in follow the playlist you’ll see exactly what you need to do and
hopefully you can incorporate each of those out at the range and hopefully
they’ll ultimately make you a better shooter so if you do it please subscribe
like comment on the video get ready for next week we’re gonna be jumping into
grip that’s the next thing to talk about how to hold that handgun when it’s in
your hands subscribe like comment talk something in the comments put something
in there that you want to talk about you know you got questions feel free to ask
me and I’ll get back with you other than that
get ready for Moto Monday coming up and then again a week from today
tactical Thursday you guys stay tuned and I’ll see you next week on tactical
Thursday mo who is my motivation placing me under didn’t get first yeah
no that was nice all silver iktf like o24 smell be blowing that close my guns

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