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Handgun Safe built by Titan Gun Safe

Hey this is Mike with 
Today I want to introduce to you the most baddass handgun safe Ive ever seen. The Titan Gun Safe is touted at the Fastest
Pistol Safe on the Market, giving you fast access to your firearm when you need it, but
keeping it out of the hands of intruders or your kids. The Patented design uses a all mechanical
combination lock…with no batteries or solenoids that can fail . Just enter your combination you choose, turn
the knob, lift the lid, and your gun is in your hand in seconds. Because of the holster, your finger always
ends up safely away from the trigger The pistol safe can be installed under your
bed, behind your nightstand as I have mine, in your Car RV or boat. It can be mounted vertically or on its side…
and has a feature that holds the lid open so you can access your firearm with one hand. Titan Gun Vault is easy to remove so you can
safely transport your firearm…I take mine camping. Just open the lid, remove your firearm, rotate
and take out the lock arm , close the lid and lift the safe from the bracket. Another really cool feature of this product,
that we are including in this offer, is the Titan Ammo Box This device lets you store your unloaded fire
arm and magazine in separate locked containers, in compliance to laws requiring unloaded weapons
and ammo to be locked in separate containers The ammo box can also accommodate speed loaders
for revolvers.  The gun safe can holster automatic handguns
and revolvers up to 10 inches long and removing one  screw converts the holster to work with
revolvers with bigger trigger guards Each unit comes with the Titan ammo box, 2
mounting brackets, installation hardware, locking arm and bed clamp wit a signature
key and a owners manual. At Discount Gun Products, we only sell products
we use ourselves. I sleep better knowing I can have quick safe access to my firearm should
I ever need it. To learn more about this product, check out
our videos below, and don’t forget to download the product brochure and coupon for $10 off
this product.

3 thoughts on “Handgun Safe built by Titan Gun Safe

  1. Do NOT order any products from this company. Titan Security Products are a dishonest and untrustworthy company.

    They charge a ridiculous price of $400.00 for a poorly designed safe and when a consumer wishes to return the product, they threatened to tack on hidden fees to avoid returning you your money. I did not tolerate this and I hope that any other consumer will not be intimidated or swindled by them.

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