17 thoughts on “Handgun Reportedly Used In Thousand Oaks Bar Mass Shooting | TODAY

  1. It’s not more powerful actually it’s just got more mass. I’ve seen a Carrhart jacket stop a .45. The bullet actually moves considerable slower than anything else because it’s a heavy bullet. Also lower magazine capacity.

  2. Trump promised “This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.” Did he really mean "This Latin American caravan"? Because, Trumpists keep telling me: "Sure he tells lies. That's OK, because we know what he MEANS is true. So don't listen to what Trump says, listen to what he MEANS (wink, wink – dogwhistle get it)." Anyway, what's up with the CARAVAN man? The INVASION! Haven't heard anything since Tuesday. This is important. Jewish blood was spilled in Pittsburgh by someone worried about this! Is it safe to go out to a bar, say in Thousand Oaks, CA now? Should I bring Migrant Repellent? Is it safe to take down the barricades around my house yet? Support the troops and MANGA man, MANGA-la! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! RUSSIA!

  3. Trump wants to deflect the sober truth that Americans are slaughtering each other in these mass shootings so he makes up stories about illegal immigrants, people coming from other countries to seek refuge in his country and they are the real problem etc.Anything that will distract the American public from focusing too long on these mass shootings and the fact that some took place while he was President and this is one problem that his administration cannot do or will not do anything to curb.

  4. Who was at this bar at this time??anyone who knows the victims? Chime in whats going on??? Is this another govt attack on its own people???

  5. Stop listening to country music! If you stop listening to country music statistics show you will likely not be shot. You’re welcome.

  6. Nice attempt at reporting the story but please have a clue what you are talking besides what the diagram shows.  U.S. Marine is the reason the body count was as high as it was since this time the murderer was U.S. military trained.  Shows why Marine Corps training is so highly respected but frightening when these events happen.  Mr. Whitman down in Texas was another example of this.  Honestly, this murderer could have been using a .22 caliber bullet and still killed as many at that range.   Gun control sounds simple but when the killer can do as much damage with a .22 caliber bullet then what the heck is more gun control going to do???

  7. NBC, the Ultra Leftist Pinko Channel that LOVES ABORTIONS, take a Bow, some of your best work on display here, 12 Post Birth Abortions. Best keep the partying OFF CAMERA !

  8. LOL!! Hilarious! Great performance. Who is going to win this year for the best crisis actor? Twittering my fingers in suspense. Wake up people. You are being had like idiots.

  9. Sad news, but we all know the conclusion. If suspect turns out to be Muslim.Then it will be labelled terrorism. If suspect is a White supremacist of some sort, then it will be blamed on mental health and guns. Period!

  10. "Normal" 9 millimeter? ? , thx for that reporting. ., and we now know that apparently your a "normal" kinda stupid Pete…

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