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Handgun Light Selection and Deployment with Kyle Lamb

I’m Kyle Lamb with Viking Tactics. I wanna talk to you a little bit about having a weapon mounted
light on your pistol as well as using a hand-held light with your pistol. If your law enforcement or military, I highly recommend having
a weapon mounted light because you never know when you’re going to get in that fight and
having the light attached to your weapon system
is going to be much faster not only for deployment of the light but also for while you’re
shooting the light, making reloads, swapping from strong to support hand. Whatever it might be,
it’s going to be a better way to do business. My preferred light when shooting with the weapon mounted light on the pistol is the X300 Ultra. The reason I like this light is because first of all, it’s extremely bright, it doesn’t have a super wide beam, it’s got a little bit more focus to help you get the depth and the distance that you need in a tactical environment. It also has switching
that allows me either to go momentary just
by pushing the back of the light or I can go
constant on by pushing that toggle down or up. For me, I like to use the DG switch which simply is added to
your light by replacing the back cover of your X300 Ultra. This allows me to turn
that light on just by squeezing with my middle
knuckle and allows me to shoot easily, strong hand
or support hand only. I don’t have to think about it, I get that light in the
fight when I need it. The other thing I like about it is, when I’m getting the light out, it’s ready to go, I
don’t have to worry about using that support hand
to do any activation. Some would say that this is bad because you’re going to have white light ADs and what I would say is if I’m going fast, I want to get that light
on as quick as I can. If I’m going slow, I can
definitely get it out of the holster without
activating that light. Once again, that’s the X300 Ultra with the DG switch. Another light that’s weapon mounted is the XC1 Bravo. This is not a replacement
for the X300 Ultra, this is a stand-alone light system that’s made for you guys
that want a concealed carry but can also be
used for law enforcement and military if need be. I like this light because
it’s very compact, there’s so many holsters on the market that allow you to just carry that same light concealed. This way, you have a light with you every day, all day
whenever you might need it. You do a quick tap, it’s gonna stay on. Quick tap, it’s gonna come off. If you put constant pressure, the light’s gonna stay on and then once you release it, the light’s gonna go off. Once again, that’s the XC1 Bravo and that’s what I’m
carrying on my concealed carry weapon systems. This attaches to the Picatinny Rail. If you’re going to carry a firearm like this, without a light attached to it, then I would recommend
using a handheld light so this light, I’ve
added a piece of bungee so I can put that bungee on my hand, not have to hang on to the light. If you’re law enforcement,
this allows you to put it on the back of your hand, do your searches. When it’s time to shoot,
you can simply come up on your pistol and that’s going to be out of your way. And you can go to your
weapon mounted light with the X300 Ultra there. The other light that I really like is the Fury Tactical. And what this allows
you to do is always have that super bright setting. This can be used in any
type of shooting scenario you can think about with a handheld light. It’s got plenty of reach. It’s a little bit wider
but if you want a really exceptionally bright light, the Fury is the way to go. Once again, no matter what system you’re choosing, if you’re law enforcement, you better have a light in your pistol because you’re definitely gonna get in a scrape when it’s dark out. Second of all, if you’re in the military and you’re carrying a sidearm, I highly recommend first
of all, that you put an X300 Ultra on your gun but second of all, get out there and train
with that weapon so you understand how to activate that light and how it’s gonna be an
advantage to you in that tactical scenario. And lastly and probably
most importantly to me is you civilians out there,
carry a flashlight. Either put a XC1 on your pistol, carry a handheld light,
I don’t care what you do. I would recommend both. When I’m carrying an XC1, I always have a handheld light in my pocket as well so check that out. Lastly, get out there and train. Take these weapon systems
with the lights mounted or dismounted, get on the range and train, train, train. Once again, I’m Kyle
Lamb with Viking Tactics. We’ll see you on the range.

8 thoughts on “Handgun Light Selection and Deployment with Kyle Lamb

  1. My daughter is a manager at a movie theater and I've gone, after hours to test different weapon mounted lights and hand held. Anything 600 lumens or greater, really works best, in the larger theaters. Because shit happens when you least expect it. If you carry a gun, carry a flashlight.

  2. Not for self defense., unless u like to go look for a bad guy. I know a lot of law enforcement don’t use flash light on a hand gun and as well as retired spec ops.For self defense u stay or hide get your gun ready if they coming for you and call the cop and let them do their job. You can’t use flash light on day light. Dahh. Anyway it look sexy on gun but no practical use on self defense. If your in the house, just turn on the light and you see better if there is more than one bad guy. If your out in the street and it’s dark, common sense said don’t walk through a dark area. Lastly, I use my truck headlight when I’m driving. Old fashion hand held flash light still the best and it cover wider range than this little pistol light plus their expensive and useless for practical application.

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