Handgun Hunting with Smith Wesson Performance Center 460XVR

(dramatic music) – [Announcer] Yamaha presents
the Whitetail Diaries. Chronicling hunting adventures
of the most plentiful and intelligent big game
animal in North America. Embark on the amazing adventure that is hunting
the whitetail deer. (expectant music) Well, Wade has taken
up the challenge of handgun hunting this season, he started the season
off with a hunt that tested his
patience, but in the end, he harvested a solid nine point with his Smith and Wesson
Performance Center model 629. Well now Wade is reaching
back into his arsenal and debuting the
brand-new Smith and Wesson Performance Center
460 XVR handgun. – The Smith and Wesson
Performance Center 460 XVR, this is a finely tuned handgun. It’s got a five shot capacity, features a 7 1/2-inch
barrel with a muzzle brake. The sights themselves are
fiber optic from HIVIZ, and it basically allows your
for quicker target acquisition. (gun fires) And for me, I’m gonna be
using this in tight confines, and it’s really
gonna help a lot. Overall, I was impressed
with how easy it was for me to fine both my
targets in the field, and on the range with
this exact setup. Every time I shot it
I was so comfortable with everything
about this revolver. I mean it just fit me
perfectly right out of the box. You know, you may personally
look at this gun and say, good God, it’s gonna
kick like a mule. But let me tell you,
it really doesn’t thanks to several features. It’s got a muzzle brake,
and an unfluted cylinder. And it’s basically
been fine-tuned for
those of out there that like these big handguns. It’s got a smooth,
light trigger. It’s gonna help you dial into your shots quickly for accuracy. And I’m telling you, if you
haven’t shot one of these, you need to go do it. You’re gonna get addicted
to it just like I did, so make sure and pick one up, and take up the challenge
of handgun hunting. (ambient music) – [Announcer] Wade heads
out to the pop-up blind set up for the XVR’s
debut in the field. – We’ve taken a pop-up
blind by Cabela’s and we’ve pushed it into
this persimmon tree. I mean literally
trimmed brush around, shoved it up in there,
maneuvered it around, and got it set up. And the reason why is recently
there’s been a lot of rain and tons of forbs and
stuff popped up out there. Primarily these deer have
been eating broomweed out in the middle of this
big flat out in front of us. You’ll see it as we
start gettin’ out there. They’ve eaten most
all of it down. I think they go in and they
nip off a lot of these flowers when it first comes up, or
some little seed bud on there. But that’s what a
lot of these deer were primarily eatin’ on. We took a stealth cam
and set it up by a tree on one of the big trails
they been comin’ here, threw a little bit
of corn out there so we get ’em to stop as well, and got pictures of
two really good deer, and several other deer that were somewhat consistent as well. So we’re gonna ease up here,
sun’s gonna set back over here, the wind’s cuttin’ across here, and based on what we’re seeing
with both our eyes scouting and the camera, is these
deer are just millin’ all out there, so
we’ll probably see deer at all sorts of ranges. Speaking of all sorts of ranges, what I’m gonna be huntin’
with is something new from the Smith and Wesson
Performance Center. This is a 460 Smith
and Wesson Magnum. They’ve had one of these
460s out for a long time with a bigger barrel, but this
has got a lot of new features built into it, and it’s
something that I can’t wait to get out and field test. I think it’s gonna be
perfect for the situation that we’re hunting in. Now, I know my
capabilities with this gun, and it can shoot a lot
farther than I’m personally capable of being able to hold, but what I’ve done is
actually taken a sandbag and mounted it onto a tripod
for lack of a better word, for some of the
longer range shots. So you may see me
free handing this for deer that are walkin’ by, or you may see me loadin’
it up on top of that sandbag for the deer that are
out there 50 to 100 yards because this baby
has some range. And in capable hands, this thing will do some phenomenal things. We’re gettin’ ready to go
chase these whitetail around and see what’ll happen. Let’s hike on in. (peaceful music) – [Announcer] The
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries is brought to you in part by
Yamaha ATVs and side-by-sides. Real world tough. Cabela’s, it’s in your nature. Smith and Wesson
Performance Center. Performance when
it matters most. – [Announcer] Welcome back to
the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. Wade is in a pop-up blind
for the afternoon hunt, field testing the
new Smith and Wesson Performance Center
460 XVR handgun. – One of the number
one things I do every time I get in the stand, any stand in any
hunting situation, I try to see plain in my
mind what’s gonna happen. Where I’m gonna be aimin’ at, you know, what I’m dealing with. What’s it gonna feel like
to draw a bow in here, or raise a crossbow? Where are my aiming
points with everything that I’m gonna be huntin with? What am I gonna see? I just find that really helps
me at that moment of truth ’cause I’ve already kinda
visually played it in my mind what’s gonna go on. Secondly, new stand. I know none of the distances. You get these flat
environments like this, you’ve got lots of
targets out there that I can go and shoot. Don’t know exactly
what I’m lookin’ at because if I got right
big buck, this mature, he was out by that far bush, and I’ve been good
with this rest. I might take him, but I
need to know the distance so I know exactly what
this round is gonna do, how it’s gonna perform so I
know what my aiming points are. We’re gonna shoot
a few distances, put a little scent control
stuff out, wait it out. We’re goin’ with
Evercalm right now. Don’t really feel
like there’s a lot of ruttin’ activity goin’ on. And the cool thing
about a solid like this is (mumbling) put it on a blind, you could put it on a tree. You don’t have to worry about
any bad breakin’ as much. That’s one of my favorite ways to disperse this type
of a scent control. (expectant music) (gun fires) Got him. Got him. Got him. Smoked that guy. (whistling) (laughs) That’s what I’m
talkin’ about right there. Did you see him come runnin’
across that field there? I mean, he came in,
there was two or three other deer millin’ around. I guess they this like
this shade here there. I’m definitely a
little shook up. (laughs) See the gun shaking
a little bit right there. That’s a giant. You see all those tines? I mean one side’s got an
extra tine comin’ out here. He curves in, he’s got
brow tines goin’ that way. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. From the Performance
Center, right there. Smoked that deer. (sighs) Golly. That is so fun. I have really taken to
this handgun hunting and gettin’ involved in
it, and spending time down on the range and shootin’. They just perform so
well in the field. When you can get out there and
practice, and take the time, I mean you can just do some
phenomenal shootin’ with it. I’ve been practicin’ at
all distances, all ranges, with several different calibers. That was pretty cool
right there. (laughs) Give him a second, then
we’ll go take a look. – [Announcer] The
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries is brought to you in part by Engel Coolers, a
legend in reliability. Sawyer Products. We keep you outdoors. Stealth Cam. Join the trail cam revolution. Garmin Rino 7 Series. Wherever you hunt,
make it Rino country. – [Announcer] Welcome back to
the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. Wade is field testing
the new Smith and Wesson Performance Center XVR,
and just dropped the hammer on a giant whitetail. (gun fires) – I mean he ran right
back down this road. It’s broadside right there. Feelin’ pretty good. We’ve got blood all
right through here. It’s sprayin’ out
both sides of him. That’s not blood there. I think he went that way. There’s blood right here, too. Keep the search goin’. I like it better in this
dirt than I do in this grass. Right there, buddy. (laughs) Right there. I mean, (laughs) he’s right
there in the broomweed. (laughing) Look at that. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Look at this buck right here. That’s gonna be the
exit wound right there. Wow. Wow. Look at that. You talk about
character on a deer. I mean, this deer has
all kinds of character. I mean look at this. It’s like a channel with
an extra tine right here. I mean right here
another one curves in up here, goes out here. Look at this brow
tine hookin’ this way, this brow tine’s goin’ this way. I mean, what a stud. I mean this is an
old timer, too. That is a phenomenal buck. Talk about center punchin’ one. We center punched that one thanks to that
Performance Center 460. That’s a new model
that they’ve got, and it just has been
a blast to shoot. What a buck. (laughs) Love the character
of this deer here. (peaceful music) – [Announcer] Congrats Wade,
on another handgun entry into the Yamaha
Whitetail Diaries. – Thank you, buddy. – [Announcer] Wade isn’t done
handgun hunting just yet. He still has one more handgun
to take into the field, his Thompson/Center
Encore Pro Hunter Pistol. – You know, as I
was lookin’ ahead to a hunt I had comin’ up
where I was gonna be huntin’ with the T/C Encore. I’ve hunted with the
Encore for a long time, but this would be the first time that I had a chance to
actually hunt whitetail with the T/C Encore
Pistol configuration. You know the Encore, you’ve got
so many different variables, and so many different
things you can do with it. It’s just one of the most
unique platforms in the world. I mean it is a true
one gun hunting club because you could do
so many things with it, from varmints to big game. (gun fires) The day it’s gonna go down. Our best day ahead with
the way the weather’s been, it’s gonna be this
coming Thursday, that the day that this
cold front is gonna hit. The front, it looked like to me it was gonna hit in the
middle of the night, and then bring in some rain,
and then it would clear up, and it would be a
little bit of wind, but temperatures would
be dropping all day long. The movement should
be good all day. One of those days you could
get up in the stand at daybreak and hunt ’til sunset, or
until you had success. I woke up at three o’clock
lookin’ at the radar, and I was like, guys this
front’s not here yet. It’s delayed. I looked at it at 4 a.m.
and looked at it at 5 a.m. At 6 a.m. we’re literally
still back at the camp, and it’s red and
yellows on the radar, and it’s slowly comin’ down. We’re just like, we can’t, you don’t want to
be up in a tree with lightning
crackin’ around you. So we’re just kinda waiting
it out at that point. Millin’ around and the sky
is just startin’ to break. We’re thinkin’ man, we’re
gonna miss the entire morning, but there’s one thing
that’s goin’ on in my mind, as soon as it quits rainin’
in a lot of situations after a front, those deer
will get up on their feet, and move, and move really good. Once the weather passes
through what we think the bad stuff’s gonna be, we’re
bailin’ off this front porch and jumpin’ in the Wolverine,
blastin’ through the mud, and we’re climbin’ up in a tree. – [Announcer] The
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries is brought to you in part by, Thompson/Center,
America’s master gunmaker. Grovtec. Go hunt, we’ll carry the gun. Arctic Ice. We put the cool in coolers. – [Announcer] Welcome back to
the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. Well after Mother
Nature grounded Wade from going out to a tree
stand early in the morning, the weather’s clearing up and
Wade is headed out to a hunt. – This is definitely a
little bit different scenario than what we usually are
doing in the early a.m., but we knew a cold
front was comin’ into where we’re huntin’ at. It was gonna bring
a little rain, so we were watching that radar. You could see it comin’,
and we just decided there was a possibility
of lightning. You could see the red in
there and the high winds, that we would let
the first wave pass. Maybe try to get up in the stand basically after daylight to be a little bit on the safer side. That’s where my weatherman
was a little bit wrong. There was no lightning. But here’s the thing,
where we’re huntin’ at, historically once the rain quits and this front moves through,
the deer are gonna get up. (mumbling) It’s 7:30 right now. We’re gonna be able to sit as
long as we want this morning, and deer can come filtering
through at any time. (raining) (thunder rumbling) (lighting crashing) Hey, that’s a pretty
good morning sit. We got hampered really bad
by the storms that rolled in, but we knew they were comin’. Made a decision to
kinda wait it out based on what we were
seeing on the radar, slid in here just
after daybreak, when the bad stuff supposedly
had already blown through. We really only dealt
with a little bit of heavy rain a couple times. I mean it was definitely
a fun and exciting hunt, as far as I’m concerned. Don’t always have to get one. This rain’s supposed
to get outta here in the next hour,
hour and a half. The wind’s probably gonna
blow pretty hard today, but this afternoon I
wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t get on their
feet and really move. That afternoon we went back,
grabbed us a bite to eat. Based on the clouds, the way
the wind direction was going, we felt like we could
go up onto a hill, and thought man, this
might be the deal. There’s a big draw and a
drain immediately to our right and behind us that
these deer are using as an incredible
funnel and a trail. We’d been there
for maybe an hour. A couple of does and fawns
kinda meandered through. It had gotten down to
probably about 6:30, which means we were
runnin’ out of daylight. All of a sudden Jeff just kinda
tapped me on the shoulder, kinda gave me a little head nod. I look down there and here
comes a couple of bucks easing up through the
brush, one behind the other. (expectant music) (gun fires) (laughing) That’s the T/C Encore, baby. I love this platform. It’s just so cool to look at. I mean that 10 point
came right up that draw. We’ve talked about
that draw before and how they funnel up
through here like that. I mean, whether I’m
shootin’ the rifle, whether I’m shootin’ turkeys, or whether I’m
shootin’ this handgun, I mean this is fantastic. I love the 308 cartridge
on top of that. If you’re lookin’ for
the one gun, this is it. That’s one nice buck
sittin’ right down there. He’s a main frame 10. He’s got a little kicker
comin’ off over there. He came easin’ up
that draw there. Oh man, it’s been
some fun huntin’ here. We had a rainy day, set up
in the stand this mornin’. I mean it was pourin’
on us, didn’t get one. Saw a good shooter,
knew about this deer, and the wind couldn’t
a been perfect. (laughs) That’s awesome. (laughs) Oh man, that’s
some fun right there. Oh, that’s so fun. That’s bingo! Dead buck. This is what I’m talkin’ about. Big, chocolate antlers. Little kicker comin’ off his
G2 on his left-hand side. And I mean, the T/C
smoked him right there. I put it right on the ab pocket, drop him right in his
tracks, just like that. That was fun. I’ll tell you right now. That’s really cool right there. That kicker. I mean it’s almost like a little lower mule deer fork on him. Tines come in there,
he’s got good mass. Lots of little character on him. Good brow tines. What a great old buck. Thank you, buddy. That was fun. I mean there’s no
tracking or none of that. You spend a lot
of time doin’ that when you’re whitetail huntin’, but we had none of that today. That was a lot of fun. Think I’ll go get the Wolverine
and we’ll get him loaded up. – [Announcer]
Congratulations Wade, on harvesting a great
Texas whitetail. Find your next hunting vehicle at (dramatic music) We want to thank you for
tuning in all season long, and witnessing all of
this year’s entries into the Yamaha
Whitetail Diaries. (wind blowing)

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